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The Gate Of Good Fortune

Chapter 0016 – Little Nun An Yi

Chapter 0016 – Little Nun An Yi

Although he was able to get off Gu Fei’s plot of killing him off his chest, but his injuries were also fierce. However, because he had a strong desire to live, Ning Cheng still went faster and faster, he did not care that his injuries were hurting, he only wanted to run away with all his might, he even circulated the Qi throughout his body to the extreme, he did not even let a single drop of his blood to fall down.


Gu Yuming stopped when he saw a large pool of blood beneath his feet. Obviously he came to the conclusion that two men had fought here, there were even torn pieces of clothes scattered on the ground. The cloth pieces were also drenched in blood, but he knew that these were not the clothes of Gu Fei, but of Ning Cheng.

Gu Yuming nodded with satisfaction, looking in the direction in which the blood disappeared, he stopped. He knew why the blood was this spread out, it was not because Ning Cheng escaped, but rather Gu Fei wanted to play with Ning Cheng, letting Ning Cheng run and then allowing him to taste death was something that he wanted to do.

After he understood this, Gu Yuming no longer ran, but just simply walked along the path splattered with blood, he even did not check the circumstances of the surroundings. With Gu Yuming’s cultivation, if he had been a bit more careful, then he would have certainly found out that Ning Cheng had gone in in another direction, but he did not even think to consider this. After all, according to him Ning Cheng was just a cultivator of Qi Gathering 1st Level, while Gu Fei was at Qi Gathering 3rd Level, how would he able to change directions, if he could it would really be odd.

Ning Cheng ran to his extreme, but he was also getting dizzy, in the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, his eyes had begun to go dark, Ning Cheng knew that he had pushed his body to its extreme limit. He was also well aware that he was still absolutely not safe, he was certain that Gu Yuming would find him, it was just a matter of time.

“Bang” Ning Cheng staggered a bit, as he tripped on a stone and fell into a ditch on the roadside. Ning Cheng was already sleepy but when fell into the cold water in the ditch, he immediately became sober. He quickly grabbed at the weeds on the road side, wanting to use them to climb up and continue to run, but it was as if he was a completely burnt out oil lamp, he simply did not have any strength, just by making the slightest effort, he ended up falling down into the water again.

But with a strong will to live, it let Ning Cheng to once again catch the weeds on the edges of the ditch. Just when Ning Cheng was vigorously climbing out of the watery ditch, a big ten feet long snake rapidly approached Ning Cheng.

When Ning Cheng saw the serpent’s oily green eyes, his heart filled with despair. This had nothing to do with his will, if it was a student then he could at least beg to let him live, but he wouldn’t be able to flee from this fast snake.

Looking at the big snake Ning Cheng felt that it could swallow him whole, he immediately took out his belt and lashed out at the snake that was coming near him with all the strength that he could muster, which sent the snake flying. After it landed, it did not dare to come over, clearly it understood that the person it tried to sweep over was extremely difficult to handle. It hurriedly shifted its body around and disappeared in a flash.

Ning Cheng relaxed, it was only then that he saw a little nun wearing a deep blue gown sitting on a rock. That small nun was incomparably beautiful, she had a few incense scars on her hand, but unexpectedly her cultivation level was also at Qi Gathering 3rd Level. At this moment, she opened her eyes and watched Ning Cheng attentively with her two enormous eyes, she hesitated a moment before timidly speaking, “Are you okay?”

Ning Cheng, somewhat gloomily looked at this little nun and spoke, “Young grand master, do I look like I a person that has nothing better to do?”

Hearing Ning Cheng call her a young grand master, this little nun’s face became very red, she hurried went forward and pulled Ning Cheng up. She stuttered a bit while speaking, “I am not a grandmaster, do you......”

Ning Cheng didn’t want to waste time and as this little nun was refusing that she was a grandmaster, he immediately said, “Will you do me a favour, help me escape from this place, someone is trying to kill me.”

“Why?” The little nun was clearly anxious to learn about Ning Cheng’s predicament.

Ning Cheng wanted to say that it was not the time to ask why, but as he became more and more aware of his surroundings, he just simply replied in a weak voice, “I saw a couple of Late Stage Qi Gathering bandits forcing a little nun to become their concubine, I was able to save the nun but later the several bandits came to kill me, and they soon are going to ......”

“What is a concubine?”

“It is a woman who marries someone who is already married.”

The little nun listened carefully, several Qi Gathering bandits wanted to catch the nuns and make them into their concubines, was she also not a nun. Understanding this point, the little nun did not ask anything again, she quickly helped Ning Cheng get up, Ning Cheng also did not care that his whole body was also drenched in water.

Ning Cheng felt relieved in his heart, and after gathering some strength to speak, he said, “The bandits are collaborating with the Cang Le City. The farther you go, the better it would be......”

Finished saying, Ning Cheng finally felt relieved and fainted


Gu Yuming stopped, he felt something was amiss. He walked a long way but saw no more bloodstains and moreover, he could not find any of their traces at all!

He once again turned around and went back to where the bloodstains, stopped and bent over to look carefully, suddenly a bitter feeling rose up in his heart. This bloodstain abruptly stopped here, there were no other signs, it was as if they disappeared into thin air.

Gu Yuming’s heart somewhat panicked, he rapidly turned around, one more time walking towards that bloodstained area. After carefully looking at the scattered pieces of clothes which Ning Cheng abandoned, he again looked all over the place for a long time. Immediately, closing his eyes, he pondered for quite a while, after which he opened his eyes and choosing a direction, ran fast towards it.

Within the time it takes for half an incense stick to burn, he once again stopped, then stared blankly at the shallow pond beside the road. After a short period of time, he suddenly jumped into the middle of the pond, immediately grabbing a completely burnt corpse.

The moment he grabbed the body, he understood completely, that this was definitely not Ning Cheng’s body, but his brother Gu Fei’s.

Gu Yuming’s eyes turned red, a horrible and hideous killing aura filled his heart.

“Splash” Gu Yuming forgot that he was still standing in the lake, with anger in both his heart and mind and suffering from such a huge psychological shock, he actually fell into the lake.

But then he suddenly leapt from the lake to the shore, with his heart aching he howled out, “Ning Cheng, I, Gu Yuming, vow that till I swallow you whole, I will never rest......”

It was completely unexpected, he did not expect such an ending, his younger brother who was at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level was unexpectedly killed by Ning Cheng. This was absolutely impossible, surely someone must have helped Ning Cheng, otherwise how could he counter against Gu Fei who was at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level.

Regardless of how Ning Cheng did it, Gu Fei was already dead and he could not die again.


Ning Cheng woke up at night and heard an owl’s screech along with several unknown sounds which he felt to be somewhat gloomy and dreadful. In the darkness around him, he could only feel something icy cold and hard beneath him.

Where is this? Could it be that I already died and went to hell? Ning Cheng felt around the surrounding with his hands and felt only hard and ice-cold stones all around.

“Are you awake?” While Ning Cheng was guessing whether he was dead or not, the little nun’s voice promptly arrived. The little nun was unexpectedly besides him.

This moment, Ning Cheng smelled a burst of faint fragrance, and then immediately with a relieved voice, spoke, “Thank you, little grandmaster, I did not expect nuns also liked using scents on their bodies.”

The words were spoken in order to relax the atmosphere as well as to let him feel the joy of still being alive. He did not die, Ning Cheng, of course didn’t want to go to hell. He longed for being able to return to the Earth after death, in fact he knew that he was only deceiving himself. Even though he was re-born here, it was also possible that it was because of that yellow light. This kind of life after death, Ning Cheng did not want to risk it.

“I haven’t, ah!......” the timid little nun’s voice arrived again.

Ning Cheng suddenly realized, he had occasionally smelled this kind of fragrance on Tian Mu Wan’s body. Tian Mu Wan clearly didn’t like using perfumes, this clearly was the fragrance of her own body. Thinking till that point, Ning Cheng hurriedly changed the subject and spoke, “Little grandmaster, there are night owls and wild beasts roaring around, are we inside the woods? Could this be Daan forest?”

“I am An Yi, not a little grandmaster.” the small nun spoke her name and then explained, “This is not the Daan Forest, the distance from here to Daan Forest, even if you rode a beast it would take you many months and would still be very far.”

After Ning Cheng had spoken a few words, An Yi’s expression and her tone naturally also rose up. She was no longer looking timid.

Ning Cheng sensed that his injury had recovered a lot, he knew for certain that An Yi had healed him, and he immediately spoke, “An Yi, I am called Ning Cheng. Many thanks for saving me, if not for you, I would have certainly ended up dead. Before when I spoke of the bandits grabbing nuns, I was just deceiving you, I want to apologize to you.”

An Yi smiled slightly and said, “I know I was very stupid, not knowing my priorities in that situation, I ought to have immediately escaped instead of questioning you at that time.”

“Is there anything to eat?” After coming out of the Cultivation Tower, Ning Cheng had continuously been in a highly tensed situation one after the other. Afterwards, he even ran all the way, he was already famished. Now under safety, he immediately felt he couldn’t endure his hunger.

An Yi took out two wheat flat cakes and gave them to Ning Cheng, “I have several flat cakes, you can eat it.”

Ning Cheng at once, swallowed down those two wheat flat cakes and after drinking from An Yi’s water canteen, with a hushed tone, he spoke, “An Yi, where did you come from? How could you appear in this neighbourhood?”

Hearing Ning Cheng’s question, An Yi’s expression immediately turned sad. Even though Ning Cheng didn’t see it, he could feel the change in An Yi’s demeanour.

“If it is inconvenient to talk, then it’s better not to talk. In a person’s life, inevitably, there will be several matters which are inconvenient to talk about, I am also the same. Previously, I also saved a person. That one time, there were several students in a mountain area, collecting folk songs when a flash flood burst out in the mountains. I rescued a girl student, afterwards we became friends, but there were many eventful matters which I haven’t told her. She also had many eventful matters which she hasn’t told me, this is very normal, you need not put it in heart.” Ning Cheng already knew that this little nun was very truthful and also very pure. One would wonder how was she able to survive in this place, and that too alone.

An Yi blinked her big eyes and asked, “Ning Cheng, what is ‘collecting folk songs’?”

“Collecting folk songs.......” Ning Cheng thought of something good to say, “It is eating till you are fully satisfied without doing anything, then finding something impractical to do. Or to say, wanting to go to someplace fun and then finding a pretext, that’s all.”

“I am not collecting folk songs, I was always with my master, but I ended up separating from my master. I wanted to find some medicinal herbs, to allow my master to live for several more years.” when An Yi spoke of separating from her master, her voice again became sad.

Ning Cheng didn’t find it strange, the small nun who was also at Qi Gathering 3rd Level, it would have been odd if she didn’t have a master.

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