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The Gate Of Good Fortune

Chapter 0014 – A Slap On The Face

Chapter 0014 – A Slap On The Face

“Don’t............” Ji Luo Fei felt her soul flying out and scattering away, she herself had seen this aunt, just a short while ago, lifting her hand and changing two Qi Gathering 6th Level cultivators into dried up husks. If her aunt shot the same way, then wouldn’t Ning Cheng also turn into a dried up husk?

Ji Yao He originally didn’t intend to kill Ning Cheng, she felt that the relation between Luo Fei and Ning Cheng was not so simple. Now that Luo Fei was stopping her, she immediately released her hand, somewhat resentfully looking at Ji Luo Fei, spoke, “Luo Fei, this boy had bullied you and you are unexpectedly still helping him by pleading for his leniency?”

Ji Luo Fei impatiently spoke, “No, the present Ning Cheng is different from before, he hasn’t bullied me......”

Ning Cheng secretly sighed, Ji Luo Fei was too honest, if only she said that what Yong Zhang Yan spoke were lies, wouldn’t that be okay? Could Yong Zhang Yan still dare to dispute against Ji Yao He? Ji Luo Fei speaking like this, how couldn’t it be apparent that Ning Cheng had previously bullied her?

“So, before, you really were bullied.” Ji Yao He, although didn’t plan to kill Ning Cheng, her heart was already filled with incomparable hatred towards Ning Cheng.

Ji Luo Fei spoke in panic, “Aunt, I beg you to help Ning Cheng, if Ning Cheng isn’t able to go, and he is alone here, it will be the same as having one foot in the grave. Also, I won’t be able to have calm mind even if I depart here.

That man with the rigid complexion, suddenly spoke, “Junior Apprentice Sister Yao He, you must allow this Ning Cheng to go test his Spiritual Root, if his Spiritual Root isn’t bad, then it isn’t a big matter to take him away.”

“You go test your Spiritual Root.” Ji Yao He spoke coldly to Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng himself knew that his Spiritual Root was very inferior, now in this current situation he and Ji Luo Fei simply couldn’t take control of it. He could only walk towards the Spiritual Root Testing Artefact. In front of the Artefact, he stretched his hand out and touched the palm print indentation on it, simultaneously sending out some Qi into the Artefact.

Three light yellow beams rose to a height of three feet and stopped, the crystal pillar in the centre had no especially thick light beam in it.

The meaning was very clear, he did not have any Main Spiritual Root, only three Support Spiritual Roots, and these Support Spiritual Roots were only slightly better than a murky yellow one.

Ning Cheng actually did not care, he knew that his Spiritual Roots were poor. But he was a bit surprised, as he heard from Ji Luo Fei in the past that he had a three-line Hybrid Support Spiritual Root, and it was even turbid yellow. Although he still had a three-line Hybrid Support Spiritual Root, but it was not turbid yellow, but pale yellow. He did not know if the testing was done wrong or if Ji Luo Fei remembered wrong.

Ji Luo Fei was also amazed when she saw Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Root Test results, she certainly knew that Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Root was a three-line Hybrid Support Spiritual Root, but according to what she knew, it should have been turbid yellow in colour, how did it turn pale yellow? She had never heard that a Spiritual Root could change colours. Although she read in some legends that there were some special things in the world that could help change and improve one’s Spiritual Root, but after all, they were just legends, even on the Yi Xing Mainland there may not exist such a legendary spiritual thing.

“Luo Fei, your aunt will not help you. With his Spiritual Roots even if I wanted to take him and walk together with him, and at last arrive at our destination, the elders would not let him go, it would even implicate me and bring all sorts of troubles. Even if was only me, I would not be able to cut through the Ping Continent and arrive at the Falling Star Academy.” Ji Yao He sighed, as she looked at Ji Luo Fei, who was in a daze.

She was not crazy, even if she was already a cultivator at the Essence Building Realm, if she wanted to go across the two continents alone, then the possibility of falling through was very high.

Seeing how Ji Yao He reacted this quickly towards Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Root Test result, she anxiously said, “Aunt, if Ning Cheng cannot go, then I also cannot go. I would rather have Ning Cheng being taken away from here first, I will stay here......”

“Nonsense.” Ji Yao He snapped back and knit her brows, then she turned around and stared coldly at the Cang Qin Academy’s Dean and the pale faced King of the Cang Qin Province, and said, “Ning Cheng will remain in the Cang Qin Province, but if even a hair on him is touched or he is injured in any way, then I will come back and exterminate the entire Cang Qin Province.”

Ji Yao He saying that she would eradicate the entire province was obviously shocking, but the Cang Qin’s ruler who was just warned by her stood up respectfully and cupped his fists in front of him and said in a very respectful manner, “Please rest assured seniors, Ning Cheng is also one of my people from the Cang Qin Province, and no one will unreasonably harm him. If someone tries to unreasonably harm him, I will not just idly sit by.”

Ning Cheng’s heart sank again, this kind of word play he had already seen too much. Ji Yao He played it before, and now the King of Cang Qin Province was playing it. Although he said that no one would harm him unreasonably, that only meant that if they found a legitimate reason, then anyone can hurt him. What’s more, the guy even said that he would not sit back idly and watch, who knew what it meant?

Ji Yao He nodded in satisfaction, then turned to Ji Luo Fei and said, “Luo Fei, it’s alright now, certainly there will be no one now who would hurt Ning Cheng.”

Ji Luo Fei was obviously worried about Ning Cheng even when Ji Yao He downplayed the threat, when she heard Ji Yao He talk like that, she became more anxious and said, “Auntie, they will certainly make life difficult for Ning Cheng, I beg you please help Ning Cheng ......”

When Ji Yao He heard Ji Luo Fei’s words, she frowned, in fact, she could feel that between Ji Luo Fei and Ning Cheng, there seemed to be emotions that went beyond ordinary. Ning Cheng not only had a distinct three-line Hybrid Support Spiritual Root, but it was even pale yellow, in this life Ning Cheng had no future, for Luo Fei and Ning Cheng to be together, it would only end up ruining Luo Fei. She had not tested out Luo Fei’s qualifications, but Luo Fei was already under 20 years old and was at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level, so her qualifications were definitely not too bad.

At this moment, she would rather walk out in front, and kill Ning Cheng in front of the people from the Cang Qin Province.

If Ji Yao He could think of such things, then of course, the crafty little Wen Ji Lue could also think of such things, but since he had nothing to do with it, he was not willing to say more than a few words.

Seeing Ji Luo Fei was about to speak once more, Ji Yao He raised her hands and placed them on Ji Luo Fei’s body, Ji Luo Fei immediately passed out.

With Ji Luo Fei held in her hands, Ji Yao He looked at Ning Cheng and said in a cold voice, “No matter what relationship exists between you and Ji Luo Fei, that is now a thing of the past. From now on, you are not allowed to even think of Luo Fei, she no longer has any relationship with you.”

Having said this, she turned towards Wen Ji Lue and the other man and said, “Two brothers, I’ll head out first, I will be waiting on the airship for you.”

Ji Yao He immediately took out the Blue Lotus shaped Flying Type Artefact, and disappeared from there along with Ji Luo Fei.

Wen Ji Lue also didn’t want to continue waste his time in selecting the students, for him, this was already a great harvest, he was able to find such a genius disciple. So when Ji Yao He was gone, he said, “Cang Qin Academy’s selection of disciple ends here, the nine students standing on the ring, I am giving you an hour, so that you can handle your own affairs. After that, immediately assemble here. Once you go to the Falling Star Academy, at what time would you be able to come back, even I am not sure about it.”

The selected students were clearly very excited and quickly left the ring, they were going back to prepare, then they would leave the Cang Qin Province of the Ping Continent. Although the continent that they were going to was just adjacent, it was almost considered as an Intermediate Class Continent, even the Spiritual Qi there was also very abundant, there were even a large variety of treasures available in that place. What’s more, who wouldn’t want to go a continent’s 5 Star Academy?

This selection of the students from a general assembly was unworthy of its name nor did it made any sense. They said that they would fairly choose from the selected students, they might as well say that a few people from the Falling Star Academy came to the Can Qin Academy, selected a few random students and then left the Academy early. Unfortunately, the tens of thousands of Cang Qin Academy’s students were just helpless and could only disperse.

Ning Cheng knew, that from now on the only person he could only rely on was himself. Fortunately, this was the ending time of the assembly, pressing forward, Ning Cheng hid himself in the midst of the students, he wanted to hurry towards the outside of the Academy, he wanted to leave as fast as possible.

“Ning Cheng, why did that ugly Ji girl decide to protect you? Why do I see you as an anxious homeless dog now?” Ning Cheng had just stepped out of the gate of Cang Qin Academy, when he heard a harsh voice filled with sarcasm.

“Gu Fei, what are you gonna do? Did you forget what Ji Luo Fei’s aunt said just now? The two elders from the Falling Star Academy have not gone yet.” This voice belonged to a girl, Ning Cheng saw that the one who helped him was Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang. At the same time, he also knew that the person who just ridiculed him was Gu Fei, Gu Fei’s brother Gu Yuming had some vendetta with Ji Luo Fei, he knew that now since he could not even touch her, so as a result he wanted to vent out on Ning Cheng and make his life very difficult. At this time, he saw a familiar face which was sinister and vicious walking towards him, this was none other than Gu Yuming.

Gu Fei’s stature was not high, at most he came up to Ning Cheng’s chin, but he had an extremely savage and ferocious look on his face, although he did not dare to kill Ning Cheng, but he also swore not to give up.

“Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang, this is a vendetta between Gu Fei and Ning Cheng, maybe they should have a fight at the Duelling Platform. People like us should not intervene, right?” Gu Yuming had come, after being pushed down from the ring, he kept a close eye on Ning Cheng all the time.

Gu Fei listened to his brother’s words, raised his eyebrows and said, “Yes, that Ji girl is really ugly, she even dared to cheat me of my Qi Gathering Stone. Initially when I gave the Qi Gathering Stone to her, I wanted her to accompany me to bed, but she went back on her promise, now that ugly Ji is not here, I can only find and vent my anger on someone with the surname Ning.”

“Oh, Gu Fei, you say Ji Luo Fei is so ugly, do you dare to?” A cynical female voice sounded, Ning Cheng knew the woman this voice belonged to, she had come together with Lu Peng Yun to cause trouble for Ning Cheng, ultimately resulting in Senior Sister Zhuang to drive off the girl who was at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level

“I was counting on turning off the light for the same......” Gu Fei hadn’t finished, when he heard the sound of a snap, his face was slapped by Ning Cheng. After that Ning Cheng quickly took a few steps back, and rapidly began to retreat.

Several teeth and blood flew out from Gu Fei’s mouth after his face was slapped black and blue.

At this moment, almost all the people were shocked into silence, Ning Cheng, did this guy wanted to die that badly by the hands of Gu Fei? He even went ahead and directly slapped him, was his brain dead?

Gu Yuming face turned sour, but he did not come forward. He was confident that Ning Cheng’s sneak attack, although succeeded, if they really started fighting, then his brother Gu Fei could easily kill Ning Cheng.

Gu Fei reacted instantly, he suddenly wanted to kill Ning Cheng because he attacked his face, “How dare you attack me? I will kill you, you bastard.”

Ning Cheng disdainfully looked at Gu Fei and said, “You want to kill me? Come on. Just now didn’t the King of the Cang Qin Province ordered, that whoever tried to kill me in an unjustified way, he would not let them out lightly. Does that mean you don’t even put the King in your eyes? I am also a person of Cang Qin, is this how you think about the hierarchy here? How would you even defend against foreign enemies like this?”

Gu Fei abruptly stopped, he was jolted by the words of Ning Cheng, although he wanted to kill him. Ning Cheng was right, the King made the commitment in front of a lot of people, and if he arbitrarily went and killed Ning Cheng, how would he be able to justify it?

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