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The Gate Of Good Fortune

Chapter 0013 – Ning Cheng’s Plight

Chapter 0013 – Ning Cheng’s Plight

“This junior is named Ji Luo Fei.” Ji Luo Fei also felt that she and this woman had some kind of relation. If she was not disfigured, maybe this feeling would have been more obvious.

“You really are of the Ji Clan .........” this woman’s voice was trembling, her tone of speaking was clearly not the tone one used to inquire, but was purely emotional.

At this moment, the two Qi Gathering 6th Level men who were of the Xian Clan had already crawled up, and spoke out in panic, “Senior.........”

“To go as far as to hurt my Ji Clan’s people in this way, you are courting death.” This woman’s mood was agitated but had no place to vent, the luck of the two men from the Xian Clan was bad for again speaking out which suddenly made her recall that Ji Luo Fei was seriously injured. In a flash, she turned around, shooting out two black lights.

Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei, at one side were only able to hear two “pu, pu” sound, these two cultivators at Qi Gathering 6th Level simply weren’t prepared and at once changed into two dried up husks. The flesh under their skins, under the bombardment of the two black lights, unexpectedly disappeared within several breaths.

Ning Cheng drew in a cold breath, he had never killed anyone however he had always been courageous, situations which could make him panic were very rare. However, he too was frightened by this woman’s dreadful way of doing things. She had just merely raised her hands and the two black lights shot out which transformed those two cultivators at Qi Gathering 6th Level into dried husks, how terrifying was this? Could this be the might of the Essence Building Realm?

“What are the names of your grandfather and your parents? How did you come to the Ping Continent’s Cang Qin Province?” After she finished killing the two cultivators of the Qi Gathering 6th Level, this woman continued as if she felt nothing, and asked Ji Luo Fei. Simultaneously, she threw a medicine pellet into Ji Luo Fei’s mouth, and Ning Cheng, even though his injury was not light, she, however, looked as if she didn’t care.

Ji Luo Fei, quickly replied, “My grandfather is Ji Yuan Ying, my father is Ji Xuan Zhang, my mother is Xiong Qi Hua. That year, it was grandfather who brought me to the Cang Qin Province, he told me that something bad happened to my parents in Daan forest.”

This woman’s eyes had become red, she couldn’t help but embrace Ji Luo Fei and spoke, “Luo Fei, I am your paternal aunt, Ji Yao He.”

“Paternal aunt?” Ji Luo Fei looked unbelievably towards Ji Yao He. She really couldn’t imagine how she suddenly had such a powerful aunt, this was simply like a dream.

Seeing Ji Luo Fei in a daze, Ji Yao He immediately spoke, “Luo Fei, take me immediately to your grandfather.”

“Grandfather Ji has already passed away.” Ning Cheng had already figured out why this woman had helped Ji Luo Fei and him and immediately replied from the side. At the same time, he began to calm down and felt relieved in his heart, Ji Luo Fei had such a powerful aunt, presumably their escape from the Cang Qin Province would not be a problem.

“Who are you again?” Ji Yao He was just reminded of Ning Cheng’s presence, before when she saw Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei, their relation seemed to be a bit unusual and had no time to ask, but she now remembered and asked.

Ji Luo Fei had just recovered from such a huge shock, and quickly replied, “He is Ning Cheng, Grandfather Ning and Grandfather Ji were very close friends, after Grandfather Ji passed away, he entrusted me to the Ning Clan for a better home.”

Ji Luo Fei’s reply was very simple, she did not say anything about the relationship between she and Ning Cheng, she also did not say that Ning Cheng’s grandfather had also died. She had not yet come to accept her from the heart that she was her paternal aunt, it was somewhat bizarre to her.

Ji Yao He understood Ji Luo Fei’s mood and softly said, “Luo Fei, when I was taken off to the Hua Continent, you were in the Ning Clan, just remember, that your grandfather was my fourth uncle. When I returned a few years ago, the Ji Clan had already disappeared, I looked around and could not find a single member of my Ji Clan. Fourth uncle, who came to the Ping Continent, should have escaped home during the catastrophe. Luo Fei, later your aunt went back to the Hua Continent, otherwise she would have been hunted down.”

“Yes, Aunt” Ji Luo Fei felt her heart warm up after hearing her speak, her aunt had suddenly appeared, she was no longer confused or lost as before.

This aunt, although she did not look like a blood relative, they mutually accepted each other. Ji Yao He’s last words were also a concern for her. But the person who made her feel like she could depend on and also made the deepest impression on her, was Ning Cheng and his remark ‘Listen to me, just follow me.’

“Auntie, Grandfather Ning had adopted me, Ning Cheng is the only remaining person alive from the Ning Clan, he also remained in the Cang Qin Province......” Ji Luo Fei did not finish saying her words, when Ji Yao He came to understand and immediately said, “Don’t worry, I will keep him in mind.”

Ji Luo Fei felt her heart loosen up a bit, her aunt seemed very powerful, since she said that she would protect Ning Cheng, then it would definitely be alright.

Ning Cheng’s heart sank, he was not as simple as Ji Luo Fei. Ji Yao He did not say that she would protect him, but said that she would keep him in mind, there were only a few differences, but it was best to not think about it too much.

“Come up.” Ji Yao He once again brought out the Blue Lotus-shaped Flying Type Artefact and said to Ji Luo Fei and Ning Cheng.

“Is this a Flying Type Artefact?” Ning Cheng asked in a shocked voice, as he had some understandings about the Artefacts. He had read and memorized the thin leather book that was passed down in the Ning Clan, he knew that in the Yi Xing Mainland, the cultivators could use Artefacts, and these Artefacts also had different grades. Talismans were the Artefacts of the first grade, jewels could be fitted on the Artefacts used and would be of a higher grade, also if the jewels had a spirit, then it would become a Soul Artefact and would have mystical powers.

Ji Yao He lightly said, “Yes, this is a top grade Flying Type Artefact.”

Looking at the Blue Lotus-shaped Artefact under his feet, Ning Cheng was very excited, these things were like legends, and he was actually able to see such a thing. If he could practice cultivation to such a level, then maybe one day, he could really fly in the air. Without power, he did not even have any such mechanism, the Flying Type Artefact totally depended on the person’s power to fly.

“Luo Fei, was you face ruined by the Xian Clan? I will return and exterminate the entire Xian Clan.” When Ji Yao He said about exterminating the Xian Clan, her tone immediately became cold and fierce.

Ji Luo Fei quickly said, “You should not, when I was still very young, it seemed that the Ji Clan was facing difficulties. the subordinates of Grandfather Ji gradually decreased inexplicably, and finally one night, there was a man who rushed into the Ji Clan. That night I was disfigured, when Grandpa Ning finally was able to catch up, Grandfather Ji, before dying, told him to take me away.”

While Ji Luo Fei was speaking, the Lotus came back to the challenge arena of the Cang Qin Academy.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Yao He, this is?” Wen Ji Liu saw Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei with Ji Yao He, and asked in a puzzled way.

Ji Yao He pointed to Ji Luo Fei and said, “This is my niece Ji Luo Fei, she followed my fourth uncle and wandered into the Cang Qin Province, she is the only one left, I want to take her back to the country.”

Wen Ji Liu did not talk much, with a stiff face he said, “Since Junior Apprentice Sister Yao He has found her niece, you must take her home with you, so one of the ten people here have to be swiped next.”

The ten seeded students who were standing on the stage, when they heard those words, their hearts suddenly thumped. Now those ten people finally understood, that although they were seeded, in fact they had to be selected by them. Because these people were from the Falling Star Academy, they simply did not want to waste their time on these challenges, they just wanted to finish it as fast as possible and go back.

Now that they casually said that they were going to swipe out one of the ten. No one wanted to go ahead, only a fool would give up the opportunity to go to a 5 Star Academy for cultivating.

Ji Yao He swept her eyes over the ten people, and suddenly pointed to Gu Yuming and said, “You go down.”

As a cultivator at the Essence Building Realm, when Ji Yao He said that Ji Luo Fei was her niece, obviously Gu Yuming felt an extreme shock in his mind, it can even be said to be fear. Whether this was because she felt Gu Yuming’s fear or not, it could not be said, she just pointed at him and asked him to leave the group of 10 people standing there.

When Gu Yuming heard her, he suddenly got into panic, if not for the 5 Star Academy, then if he wanted to reach a higher level, it would be absolutely impossible.

Thinking about this, he simply cupped his fists and said, “Members of the Falling Star Academy, this junior of the Cang Qin Academy here is one of the top disciples of the Academy, to go to the Falling Star Academy is this disciple’s life dream. Junior hopes that the several seniors here do justice .........”

Gu Yuming had not finished speaking, when he saw a shadow to his side, and then felt that he was kicked out of the stage.

“She told you to get lost, so get lost, why is there so much nonsense.” With his body in the air, Gu Yuming heard Wen Ji Lue’s ice cold voice.

“Aunt, also Ning Cheng.” Ji Luo Fei, just now realized that even if her aunt was Falling Star Academy’s teacher, wanting to casually go with her aunt as one wished was not a simple matter. Therefore, she hurriedly reacted when Ning Cheng spoke. Before, her aunt only guaranteed Ning Cheng to be all right, but didn’t say Ning Cheng could also go with her.

Falling Star Academy’s decision, there weren’t any people who would stand up to go against it. Even if Cang Qin Province’s King and Cang Qin Academy’s Dean were here, they would be the same and not dare to retort.

Hearing Ji Luo Fei’s words, Wen Ji Lue however, wrinkled his brows, immediately looking at Ji Yao He, spoke, “Junior Apprentice Sister Yao He, you found your niece, it is still possible to accept her, we also don’t need to test her Spiritual Root. However, this boy, if his Spiritual Root is not anything great, then wanting to take him away, I’m afraid it would be out of question.

Ji Yao He also frowned, there wasn’t any chance to speak. Sitting beside the Cang Qin Academy’s Dean, a man stood up. This man had a brown face and his face looked as unsightly as the rust born from a piece of a broken iron.

“Seniors from the Falling Star Academy, this junior is the Cang Qin Academy’s Vice Dean, Yong Zhang Yan. I also know this Ning Cheng, before he relied on the position of the young master of the Ning Clan, scolding Miss Ji Luo Fei unjustly whenever he came in contact with her, not only that, he completely considered her as the Ning Clan’s slave girl.

The Vice-Dean, after saying the few sentences, once again cupped his fists and then sat down. Basically, he didn’t mention about Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Root, he was certain that Ning Cheng must test his Spiritual Root to go to Falling Star Academy.

Ji Yao He stood up, with an ice-cold complexion, looked coldly towards Ning Cheng and spoke, “Boy, was it really as such? Daring to take Luo Fei as a slave girl and you are unexpectedly still alive?”

Ning Cheng was immediately speechless. Before his rebirth, he was indeed as such, but how would he explain that?

“You are courting death.” Seeing Ning Cheng unable to explain, Ji Yao He immediately knew what Yong Zhang Yan said was true and so, she suddenly waved her hand towards Ning Cheng.

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