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The Gate Of Good Fortune

Chapter 0012 – Not Of This World

Chapter 0012 – Not Of This World

This guard, after hearing Ning Cheng’s final words, his complexion turned somewhat ugly. He hesitated for a moment, but still went to open the gate and spoke, “The gate is already open, if you want to go out, then go, if not, I will have to close the gate again.”

If only Ning Cheng dared to take a step back, the guard would have closed the gate immediately. Anyway, Ning Cheng wanted the guard to open the gate and the guard had already opened it. Since Ning Cheng, himself was unwilling to go out, in that situation, even if he went out, the blame might not necessarily reach him.

Ning Cheng helplessly walked forward, he resolutely glared at the two guards and wearing a bad mood, walked away from the Academy through its small back gate.

From the time Ning Cheng moved towards that squadron of guards’ till going out of the small gate, Ji Luo Fei’s heart was continuously filled with worry. It was completely unexpected to her that Ning Cheng would surprisingly dare to be so bold and brazen as to do this kind of act by using only a cleaner’s wooden plaque. In case something had happened, then both of them would have ended up dying tragically. Because of those several guards, if any conflicts had occurred between them and those guards, they would no longer have been able to go any further.

After they walked out through that small gate, Ning Cheng was not at all impatient to leave, rather he stopped. Pointing his finger at the two words displaying “Fighting Pot”, he spoke, “Luo Fei, in the future, if I am able to succeed in cultivation, I will eradicate this Fighting Pot.”

Although Ji Luo Fei’s ability to adapt to changes was not as good as Ning Cheng’s, but she definitely was a clever and smart person. When Ning Cheng spoke of “Fighting Pot”, she immediately came to understand that Ning Cheng knew about her situation with the Fighting Pot, it warmed her heart immediately.

“Let’s go, this is not a place for us to stay for long. I am not familiar of this outside area, Luo Fei, you lead the way.” After going out of the Cang Qin Academy, Ning Cheng felt his whole body relax and turning around, said to Luo Fei, with a smile.

“Okay.” Ji Luo Fei nodded. Knowing this time, she couldn’t hesitate, she accelerated her pace, passing through the bustling marketplace. After a short amount of time, she took Ning Cheng to a very remote alley.

Despite being on the run, Ji Luo Fei’s heart was continuously having doubts, how could Ning Cheng have become this calm and steady? She hesitated for quite a while, but still decided to ask Ning Cheng. She hadn’t even opened her mouth, when Ning Cheng asked, “Luo Fei, I have been wondering, there were almost a hundred thousand people at the huge square public plaza, how were you able to find me?”

Furthermore, he still hadn’t asked everything. He also wanted to know where was she when he was at the Cultivation Tower? Why hadn’t she tried to come find him?

Ji Luo Fei hesitated slightly, thinking of a reply, suddenly she felt Ning Cheng pulling her aside, following which a white light struck the place where she was just standing. Ji Luo Fei’s complexion changed, she saw that there were two men standing ahead in front of her and Ning Cheng.

Seeing the two men, one tall and one short, Ji Luo Fei’s heart immediately sank. She knew these two men, both were the Xian Clan’s hired thugs and had a cultivation level of Qi Gathering 6th Level. She basically felt that it was impossible to escape because she was at Qi Gathering 3rd Level and Ning Cheng at Qi Gathering 1st Level, this ability, compared to them was too low.

“Oh, a puny Qi Gathering 1st Level cultivator was able to react so fast.” Said the tall man who had seen Ning Cheng reacting somewhat faster than Ji Luo Fei. Contrary to what one might expect, he was a bit startled.

Ji Luo Fei only then, recalled that her reaction had been slower than Ning Cheng’s. However, at present, she wasn’t in a mood to think over these matters. Immediately, spoke impatiently, “Ning Cheng, you run away quickly, I will hold them up for a moment......”

“A mere Qi Gathering 3rd Level kid dares to speak of stalling us. Killing Young Master Yuan Kui and still thinking of running? Think about it yourself, how do you want to die and then you might receive a smooth death.” The tall man said in a disdainful manner.

Ning Cheng passed through a short moment of panic, after that, on the contrary, he began to calm down and spoke: “Luo Fei, you know of my aptitude. It would be better if you run away and remember to take revenge for me later, I don’t want to believe that there will be no one to avenge me after my death.”

The two thugs from the Xiao Clan simply did not wait to let Ning Cheng finish his words, and began raising their hands, several Wind Edges sealed up the entire street where Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei were standing in. At the same time, the two people each took out an Artefact, but did not proceed to attack with it, apparently these two wanted to catch them alive.

Ning Cheng did not reach out to these people, in this fight, he did not know has far was the difference between him and these people at the Qi Gathering 6th Level, as this was not a level that he could reach yet. He did not want to let Ji Luo Fei suffer, but even if they wanted to avoid some of the Wind Edges it would be very difficult.


“A six-foot white gold Spiritual Root .......” All the people sitting behind the ring immediately stood up, the Falling Star 5 Star Academy’s elder who was wearing a grey robe, had an excited expression on his face which was difficult to conceal.

At this time, a challenger stood in front of the Spiritual Roots Testing Artefact, his hand was placed on the detection Artefact, there appeared a whitish gold column inside the crystal of the testing instrument which was about six feet in height, this whitish gold light beam was about as thick as an arm of a child. There were no small light columns next to this whitish gold light, there was only a golden circle at the bottom of this whitish gold light beam.

“Haha, I did not think that there was such a genius in the Cang Qin Academy, good, good, this trip was not in vain. By the way, what is his name?” Wen Ji Liu was incomparably excited, as he asked Dean Yang Jiang.

Dean Yang Jiang replied in a very polite voice and said, “Senior, that young one is called Jiang Tu”

“Good, Good ......... Jiang Tu, afterwards, you will be Falling Star 5 Star Academy’s student, you need not go up for any more fights, just now who did you challenge?” Wen Ji Liu immediately became fond of Jiang Tu and so immediately asked who was the one he challenged.

“It is Yong Rui Li.” Jiang Tu replied honestly.

Wen Ji Lue nodded slightly, and spoke to Yong Rui Li who had come up, “You are already eliminated, you can go down.”

Yong Rui Li’s complexion turned extremely ugly, but she had no choice other than to bow respectfully after which she departed sadly from the ring. She was very clear that even if she was Cang Qin Province’s Princess, in front of this grey-gowned person, she was not anyone important.

“Jiang Tu, do you want to be my personal disciple?” after Yong Rui Li left the ring, Wen Ji Lue asked Jiang Tu in a very pleasant manner.

Jiang Tu hurriedly bows again and replied, “Jiang Tu meets the master.”

Wen Ji Liu laughed, took out a small leather bag and gave it to Jiang Tu and said, “This is a gift from your teacher to you.”

“Senior Brother Wen, you really are generous, you are even willing to give up a coin filled bag. After Jiang Tu returns to the Academy, perhaps even the other elders of the Academy will want to accept him as their disciple.” Spoke the pale faced man from the Falling Star 5 Star Academy who hadn’t even spoken a word till now.

Wen Ji Liu did not mind it even a bit, “You are just envious of me, there are a lot of students here, you can find one yours- ah maybe you can find a satisfactory disciple to take back.”

Wen Ji Liu was certainly proud of the words he had spoken out, apparently he did not expect that Cang Qin Academy would have a disciple with such Pure Spiritual Roots.

However, the other two individuals from the Falling Star 5 Star Academy released their auras. They were cultivators with their cultivation levels in the Essence Building Realm, those people in Essence Building Realm can even be called as Gods. Moreover, the pale faced man could easily tell that there was no one here that was worth his interest, but the woman who was wearing the pink shaded dress with gold threading’s suddenly stood up.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Yao He, what is it?” Wen Ji Liu and the other man who were also at the Essence Building Realm were able to sense the unusual behaviour from her and hastily asked.

This junior apprentice sister called Yao He coldly snorted, she even took out a Blue Lotus shaped Artefact, then she jumped onto the Artefact and immediately flew off from above the ring.

“Flying Type Artefact.” the Cang Qin Academy’s students suddenly became restless, in their view, an Artefact capable of flight was even more rare that a Pure Spiritual Root.


Ning Cheng’s one hand was pressing on his bloodstained abdomen, and another hand was supporting Ji Luo Fei, his heart was as cold as ice. He knew that today, it would be absolutely impossible to escape, however, he wasn’t sure that after death, would he be able to return to the Earth or not. His younger sister wouldn’t be able to find him no matter how she searched, she should be very worried, right? Ning Cheng looked at the dark blue sky, and thought of Ruo Lan.

While Ning Cheng was stupidly gazing at the distant sky, Ji Luo Fei knew resisting would mean more humiliation and nothing more. This moment, she forgot about the incoming fate of death and suddenly asked, “Ning Cheng, before, you said you couldn’t marry me because I am very ugly, right?”

Ning Cheng suddenly smiled and replied, “Luo Fei, you are not ugly. It was because we are not people of the same world.”

Furthermore, Ning Cheng did not say that, at present, he would somewhat prefer being together with Ji Luo Fei than any of the pretty and beautiful women. Besides, excluding his younger sister Ruo Lan, his heart was closed like the ocean to any beautiful women. You wouldn’t know at what time they would suddenly show you a knife and that too, without any reasons. Even Tian Mu Wan, that kind of gentle and graceful girl, was not excluded from this, let alone other people.

Ji Luo Fei was silent, she didn’t know what Ning Cheng meant when he said that they were not from the same world. She thought Ning Cheng spoke that because she would leave the Cang Qin Province in the future, therefore, was not one of the people of the same world.

“What about now? We are going to die anyways.” Ji Luo Fei’s voice had just fallen when a long whip had already swept over. Both she and Ning Cheng together didn’t have the capability to resist it, they could only watch that long whip as it swept over.

“Bang, Bang” two muffled sounds echoed, at the very next moment a long whip lashed towards the men at the Qi Gathering 6th Level who were standing in front of Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei. The whip flew with an immense explosive force inside it and smashed the thin man onto a giant boulder with a loud explosion and immediately the thin man at the Qi Gathering 6th Level threw up a mouthful of blood. At the same moment, the other Qi Gathering 6th Level man also met with a similar explosion, and in the same manner was smashed on to the side of the giant boulder and sprouted a mouthful of blood.

“Senior......” the two men at the Qi Gathering 6th Level had serious injuries, so much so that even their Meridians were also damaged, they were very shocked. Simultaneously, those two became aware that the one who had thrown out that whip had a cultivation level which surpassed theirs by far.

Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei felt a heavy pressure, but only saw a woman standing in front of them radiating hostility.

Ning Cheng was the first to recognize this woman, she was the female elder from the Falling Star 5 Star Academy who had come to recruit students. But why would she suddenly appear here? And even extend a helping hand in such a situation?

“What is your name?” This woman looked at Ji Luo Fei who was leaning on Ning Cheng and just spoke one sentence.

Ning Cheng worked his mind, he felt that the woman standing before him and Ji Luo Fei had some similarities, does she and Ji Luo Fei have some kind of relationship?

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