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The Gate Of Good Fortune

Chapter 0011 – Listen To Me

Chapter 0011 – Listen To Me

“Now that the Academy is selecting students, we have the opportunity to escape from Cang Qin Province, furthermore it is slightly late, I estimate that the Academy will come to know that I killed Xian Yuan Kui and Yong Li Man......” Ji Luo Fei said in a low voice so that only Ning Cheng could hear, she whispered this urgently into his ear.

Killed Xian Yuan Kai and Yong Li Man? Ning Cheng was surprised, but on thinking about the two names he instantly came to understand something. He did not know if Ji Luo Fei killed these two people for other reasons, but he knew that because these two people were killed by Ji Luo Fei, he would also be killed because of his relationship with her.

When he arrived in the Cang Qin Province that time, he had gone to do some shopping, for the first time he had almost died in the hands of Xian Yuan Kai. He understood that Ji Luo Fei killed Xian Yuan Kui so that he could not look him up again for revenge. As for Yong Li Man, although Ning Cheng did not know, but he knew from his name that he was connected to the Cang Qin’s Royal Family.

Even if the Cang Qin’s Royal Family was not involved, if the matter of Ji Luo Fei killing just Xian Yan Kui spread out, she would definitely end up dead. Even if they did not end up killing Ji Luo Fei, they would still come back for him, apparently because they feared that with her ability she would end up escaping, because of this the Cang Qin’s Royal Family and Xian Clan would end up venting their anger on him.

“Thank you, Luo Fei.” Ning Cheng came to understand this point, and said while immediately holding Ji Luo Fei’s hand in a grateful manner.

Ji Luo Fei did not feel anything when Ning Cheng grasped her hand. Even when she was carrying Ning Cheng back home before, she did not feel anything. Although Ning Cheng had revived on her back, but it was not unusual for her. Whether Ning Cheng was dead or alive, she would have taken Ning Cheng away from the doors of the prison. For her, this was just gratitude, not for Ning Cheng, but for Ning Cheng’s Grandfather.

Before when she brought Ning Cheng to the Cultivation Tower, it was only a small part of repaying her debt of gratitude, even if she was soon going to leave the Cang Qin Province, she was only concerned about Ning Cheng, and had no other emotions in her. But now, when Ning Cheng spoke those words from the heart, it made Ji Luo Fei feel slightly shocked, she felt a deep gratitude from Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng had changed, the Ning Cheng from before, even if she gave up her life for him, when she just thought about it, he would absolutely wouldn’t be able to say those words, and now the image of the previous Ning Cheng in her mind had completely changed. At this time when Ning Cheng held her hand, she even felt her face getting hot.

Ji Luo Fei felt her heart tremble, Ning Cheng was much more calm than her, pulling Ji Luo Fei’s hand he said, “Don’t be nervous, come with me and listen to me.”

Looking at Ning Cheng calmly moving through the crowd, Ji Luo Fei’s eyes were completely red, and followed behind Ning Cheng in an extremely obedient manner.

Don’t be nervous, come with me and listen to me. A simple sentence, but to Ji Luo Fei it felt that she could completely rely on it. Her cultivation level was obviously higher than Ning Cheng, but she was able to feel some comfort and protection from the words of Ning Cheng,

Her home was destroyed when she was very young, and was adopted by the Ning Clan, to put it nicely, her status was that of his bride. Saying it bluntly, her status as a child bride or the position of a maid, it made no difference. Although Grandpa Ning didn’t see her as an outsider, the rest of the members of the Ning Clan did not see her as their daughter-in-law, rather most of them saw her as a small servant girl at best.

Even the previous Ning Cheng, took her to be a female slave girl, putting her even beneath the maids. Every time Ning Cheng saw her, his face would fill up with disgust.

Ning Hong Chang was the head of the Ning Clan, so it was impossible for him to be always be able to take care of Ji Luo Fei.

Since from the time she could remember, she did all the things by herself, she had no one that she could rely on.

Ning Cheng was obviously younger than her by a year, but when Ning Cheng spoke those words, it let her feel that Ning Cheng was very tall, someone she felt she could rely on. Only people who never had anyone to rely on, only they would be able to understand this feeling. The image of Ning Cheng, at this moment seemed to have completely reversed in her heart.

Of course, Ning Cheng did not think too much, although he knew that Ji Luo Fei was more familiar with the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy, but he was very clear, the ability to escape and deal with some critical situations, Ji Luo Fei’s capability was lower than him in this matter.

Ji Luo Fei followed Ning Cheng through the crowd and in about seven or eight breaths seemed to have reached the edge, seeing Ning Cheng sneak into the rows of giant trees, Ji Luo Fei immediately thought that Ning Cheng was going to escape through the door leading to the “Fighting Pot”. She was going to remind Ning Cheng, that since today the Falling Star 5 Star Academy was conducting the selection of students, the door leading to the “Fighting Pot” must have been sealed and guarded, it would be better to go through the main entrance. But at this time, a team of seven or eight security guards unexpectedly appeared in front of both of them.

The group had seen that Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei were heading in the direction of the small door, as they tried to stop them immediately, and they even seemed to come over.

Ji Luo Fei’s heart sank, she thought that they might have been exposed, when the guard sergeant came over. She made up her resolve, that even if she died, she would help Ning Cheng escape.

Before Ji Luo Fei could speak, Ning Cheng suddenly whispered to her again. “What is the name of the Vice Dean of the Academy?”

“Chang Yan Yong.” Ji Luo Fei blurted out subconsciously.

Ning Cheng suddenly raised his voice and said, “But why did he pick us for running errands, alas, we can only blame ourselves for being too close to the ring, what a pity .........”

Although Ning Cheng spoke in a regretful voice, but on the contrary, he showed an expression of surprise on his face, at the same he sped up towards the head sergeant of the security team.

When the security team saw Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei unexpectedly come towards them, they stopped, they had intended to stop and inquire Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei but when they saw Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei were, instead running towards them, they just stood where they were and did not move.

“Head Sergeant and several sergeant brothers hold on......” Ning Cheng obviously stopped in front of the few people and loudly called out to them.

“What’s the matter with you?” Asked the head sergeant leading the team, who was also a cultivator at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level. When he saw Ning Cheng calling out to him and his brothers, he forgot to ask about where Ning Cheng was heading to.

Ning Cheng removed a dark wooden plaque and showing it to the captain of the guards said, “Seeing that there are several of you here is nice, however, would the several guard brothers here help us out, it would be a great favour. I am a disciple of Elder Mu, the Vice Dean asked my master to assemble a team of security guards and stand by the doors of the Cultivation Tower, it was my master who let the two of us come here. But now is a crucial moment that Falling Star 5 Star Academy is selecting students, in this challenge match, I really do not want to leave, ayah, never did I thought that you would come at the right moment. You’ve got to come quickly with me to the entrance of the Cultivation Tower, hold on, I’ll give you the instructions that Vice Dean Yong wrote to you, when the time comes, you can directly hand it over to the Vice Dean Yong.......”

“No can do, we have to go to the south-west gate, there is no way for us to help you.” looking at the wooden plaque in his hands, he immediately interrupted Ning Cheng and said in a positive way.

Saying that, he returned the wooden plaque to Ning Cheng. This wooden plaque had a carving of two words, Cultivation Tower, it proved that the wooden plaque was genuine.

Ning Cheng quickly followed with an anxious cry and said, “But I even have the instructions written by the Vice Dean, is it not the same as an executive order? You first have to come with me to the Cultivation Tower and wait ......”

After speaking for a while, Ning Cheng let out a relieved sigh, he was afraid that the guy would recognize that the wooden plaque belonged to the cleaners of the Cultivation Tower.

“You have your own instructions, we also have our own orders, you Academy students are sloppy and casual, did you think that you can just grab a few people from Cang Qin Guards, I think it would be better if you go back, don’t try to be smart.” Said the captain of the guards as he walked away in disdain. He was looking down on Ning Cheng, this kind of guy had no idea about military discipline.

By the time the two people finished their talks, they had already arrived at the door of the bustling market. From what Ji Luo Fei anticipated, it turned out to be quite good, there were two people who were guarding the small gate, but it was not the middle aged guard from before.

Seeing the two guards blocking the door, Ning Cheng showed an unhappy face and said, “Open the door, I want to go out.”

The dialog between the Head Sergeant and Ning Cheng, these two security guards had heard clearly, and they knew even what Ning Cheng was going to do. Seeing the unhappy expression on Ning Cheng’s face, the two security guards knew Ning Cheng wanted to see the competition, but was now being sent away, it would really be strange if they were cool about it.

One of the guards was about to speak, but suddenly he saw the face of Ning Cheng suddenly flush with joy and rushed in front of the guard and spoke, “Guard brothers, are you not here to guard? For guarding a gate, two people or a person is the same, one of you can help me do a favour and take a trip with me while the other one can stay here .........”

“I’m sorry, we were ordered to guard this place, we are simply unable to leave.” The other guard said simply.

Ning Cheng’s face fell again, but this time it was only for a moment, and then he said again, “You are guarding this gate here, you would certainly not allow anyone to go through it, right?”

“Yes.”, the other guard who was just asked replied in a simple way.

“Then if we want you to open the door, you would certainly not open it, right? For example, just like I asked you to open the door a moment ago, right?” Ning Cheng continued to ask, as if he was guiding the sheep to the wolf.

The guard who was just asked was going to say yes, but then he saw the smile on Ning Cheng’s face which seemed to harbour evil intentions, his heart suddenly thumped. This student clearly did not want to handle the matter, so he would just blame them for not opening the door, unexpectedly this student was very cunning.

However, they knew that the origins of many of the students of the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy were not ordinary, so the students being this bold, was not something that surprised the guards.

“Well, you are right, Senior Apprentice Sister, let’s go back.” Ning Cheng pulled Ji Luo Fei and turned around to leave.

“Wait, will you let me see the token.” This security guard understood that Ning Cheng had some insurance which could potentially be disastrous to them, and hurriedly called out to Ning Cheng to stop. He took a step down, he knew that Ning Cheng had a token with him, just now the Head Sergeant had also taken a look at it.

Ning Cheng did not move from his position, “Why do you want to see that token? Just a moment ago when we asked you open the door, you were not willing to open it. This is your responsibility, I also do not blame you, but why do you want to see my token? If every soldier that I meet wants to look at my token, then I should just hang the damn token on my neck just as well. Let’s go, Senior Apprentice Sister.”

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