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The Gate Of Good Fortune

Chapter 0010 – Ten Openings

Chapter 0010 – Ten Openings

Ning Cheng followed the many students of the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy to the plaza, here there were tens of thousands of people squeezed into such a small place, and there was still a steady stream of students coming in.

In the middle of the square was an enormous golden ring, behind the ring were a row of chairs. Ning Cheng, by a rough estimate counted at least 100 people sitting behind the ring. Ning Cheng, estimated that on this planet, the people sitting behind the ring were some sort of royalty. Perhaps even the Ruler of the Cang Qing Province was among them, but he was not sure of who the ruler of the Cang Qin Province was.

Ning Cheng stood in the corner, as for the people taking part in this competition, he did not recognize anyone, he was not even aware of the specific circumstances for the selection. At this point he could only hide in the corner and listen to the comments of others

“See that, right in the middle of the first row, the senior wearing a grey robed decorative gown, as well as the two seniors by his side, I heard that they came from the Falling Star 5 Star Academy, I heard that they were masters of the Essence Building Realm.”

“I heard that the students from the 5 Star Academy were very remarkable, but now the teachers for the 5 Star Academy were unexpectedly willing to come here to look at the students, even though their Academy’s rank is higher, they were willing to see the gifted students from our Academy.”

“What do you know? If it wasn’t for the ancestor Lian Hao Yan of our Ping Continent, how would the experts of the Falling Star Academy, who have such a high cultivation level, come here? If not for that, they might even not know that we, at Cang Qin 2 Star Academy, even existed.”

“Stop talking, Dean Yan Yuan Kai is coming out speak. I heard that Dean Yan was at the peak of the True Condensation 9th Level, just one more step and he would be able to step into the Essence Building Realm.”


Ning Cheng has been listening to the people talking, he was especially concerned about the teachers from the Falling Star 5 Star Academy. Sitting in the middle was a middle age man wearing a grey robe. He appeared to be a bit plump, and had smile on his face. As for the man on his left, his face was very pale, there was no expression on his face.

On his right was a somewhat graceful woman, wearing a pale pinkish shaded robe with a gold thread pattern, her hair was tied into a bun, she looked very demure, but Ning Cheng was able to perceive the atmosphere of arrogance around her.

What made Ning Cheng feel a bit odd was that she looked a bit like Ji Luo Fei. Thinking about Ji Luo Fei, Ning Cheng became worried, he came here to see if Ji Luo Fei would come here to participate in the selection. Otherwise in such a huge Academy, trying to find Ji Luo Fei immediately, was not possible for him.

When Dean Yan Yuan Kai stood up to speak, the entire plaza that was packed with tens of thousands of students instantly quieted down. The name and fame of Yan Kai Yuan had impressed Ning Cheng, but he had never seen him. When he first saw the Dean of the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy, he was wearing a brown robe, although he looked very spirited, he was clearly not of a young age, he even had grey hair.

“All the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy’s elites, as we all know, today, I am here to announce some good news. That’s right, the Hua Continent’s Falling Star 5 Star Academy has come to pick ten of our students, these selected students will enter Falling Star 5 Star Academy and continue to cultivate more advanced Cultivation Methods and Magical Techniques. Each and every student who is able to enter Falling Star 5 Star Academy will have boundless prospects in the future. I am very grateful to the Falling Star 5 Star Academy’s seniors for arriving three days earlier than we expected, let’s eagerly look forward to our Academy’s students’ performance.........”

Yan Yuan Kai’s speech was met by waves of warm applause, Ning Cheng also followed everyone and raised his hands to give several claps. He was already clear on what was going on. In an ordinary course of event, when Falling Star 5 Star Academy’s people would come over for recruitment, Cang Qin 2 Star Academy would be sure to have all the students and teachers be present early, how can they still drag their feet. Originally, because these people simply didn’t play by the rules and common sense, they had arrived at an earlier time.

Cang Qin 2 Star Academy didn’t dare make the people from Falling Star 5 Star Academy to wait too long, so the selection event was hastily organized in advance.

After the applause stopped, Yan Yuan Kai spoke once again, “Now, we would like to ask Falling Star 5 Star Academy’s Elder Wen Ji Lue to come and speak about the main rules of the selection competition.”

A man sitting in the middle, wearing grey robes, stood up and walked towards the middle of the huge ring. Face beaming with smile, he spoke, “To become Cang Qin Academy’s students, you all ought to be Cang Qin Province’s most gifted cultivation talents, if not, you would be unable to enter here. However, at my Hua Continent’s Falling Star 5 Star Academy, the entrance requirement is hundred times more difficult than here. Now, I, a delegate of the Falling Star 5 Star Academy, am here to recruit some students, but there are a few requirements. First, the person must not be too old, we do not want people who are too old. Second, we won’t consider any person that doesn’t have a Main Spiritual Root or if the Main Spiritual Root is muddy yellow and third, if I find someone unpleasing, then he/she is also unlikely to be considered.”

After speaking the few sentences while still smiling slightly, this man named Wen Ji Lue didn’t speak any more and went back to his seat.

Cang Qin 2 Star Academy’s students all started discussing one after another amongst themselves, but nobody dared to speak out loud. At Cang Qin 2 Star Academy, even if the teachers found students to be unpleasing to their eyes, it was not possible for them to say it out like this. But now, when Wen Ji Lue directly went out and said that anybody who was not pleasing to their eyes would not be considered. Even if your natural aptitude went against the heavens, if you were not pleasing to their eyes, you still wouldn’t be able to enter the Falling Star 5 Star Academy.

Yan Yuan Kai was Cang Qin 2 Star Academy’s Dean, but even he didn’t dare to retort in the slightest to Wen Ji Lue’s words. When he saw that Wen Ji Lue had already descended, he hurriedly stood up once more and spoke, “Now, I announce some of the other rules for the selection, the Academy will pick out ten core students. Each student can accept three challenges, challengers must be twenty years of age or below and have a Main Spiritual Root with cultivation level of Qi Gathering 3rd Level or above. The winner will continue to stay on the stage.”

In the audience, after hearing these conditions, the students all burst out in discussion. Even if the Spiritual Root was better, they should be twenty years of age or younger and have a cultivation level of Qi Gathering 3rd Level or above, this condition alone almost eliminated 99.99 percent of all the students.

Ning Cheng had an agile mind, he could easily understand what was going on. Falling Star 5 Star Academy clearly were impatient to being here, they came to Cang Qin 2 Star Academy for selecting the students because it was a compulsory matter for them. Who would be so patient as to wait for each and every student to finish? Even several tens of days might not necessarily be enough for it.

Yan Yuan Kai, as if he didn’t hear the noisy clamours, continued to speak, “The ten core students are Qi Ying Guang, Gu Yuming, Jian Su Jie, Zhuan Tianya, Yong Ying Rui, Hou Zhuan, Xie Shao Xi, Zhong Yi, Yong Rui Li and Dan Xiang Ling.”

The ten students whose name were announced, were not out of people’s expectations. These ten students were, all along, Cang Qin 2 Star Academy’s most powerful, the only controversy was that of Yong Rui Li who was at the 3rd Level of the Qi Gathering Realm. However, Yong Rui Li was the princess of the Cang Qin Province, it was believed that no one would dare to go on the ring and fight her for the quota. In case she won the fight for the selection, then it was okay but if Yong Rui Li lost, then the one who challenged her would not be able to survive for long in Cang Qin Province.

Speaking of these ten students, among them, the only one that was poor, was Hou Zhuan. Hou Zhuan was born in poverty and not only that, his parents also had died prematurely, at present, he was alone at Cang Qin Academy. However, his natural aptitude was astonishing, only eighteen years of age and was already at the Qi Gathering 5th Level. Apart from Qiu Clan’s Qiu Ying Guang, he was unmatched.

Because, this selection process was held very suddenly, those ten students arrived on the ring without having made much preparations, they stood in the ring, ready to accept the challenges.

Falling Star 5 Star Academy’s Wen Ji Lue slightly nodded, clearly the Cang Qin Academy’s Dean’s speed of handling things was very satisfactory to him.

“The challenges can begin.” Cang Qin Academy’s Yan Yuan Kai clearly understood Wen Ji Lue’s thoughts. They didn’t want to stay at this broken place, so the sooner it finishes, the better. Therefore, he didn’t dare to waste time by saying much nonsense.

“Lu Peng Yun wants to challenge Zhong Yi.” Yan Yuan Kai had barely descended from the ring when a tall student jumped over on to the ring. Ning Cheng recognized this person, he was exactly the one from before who had tried to find him for trouble, Lu Peng Yun and also at Qi Gathering 4th Level. The one he challenged, Zhong Yi was also at Qi Gathering 4th Level, except Zhong Yi was much younger than him.

Zhong Yi was not very tall, looking at him being at Qi Gathering 4th level, and also be selected as a core student, it meant that he definitely was not as simple as he looked on the surface.

“Hold on.” Just when Zhong Yi wanted to come forward to accept the challenge, Falling Star 5 Star Academy’s Wen Ji Lue once again spoke up.

After he finished speaking, he waved his hand and a ten feet tall crystal pillar appeared in the corner of the ring, “You, first go and test your Spiritual Root.”

Lu Peng Yun clearly hadn’t thought of having to test his Spiritual Root, fortunately, he was not a stranger to the Spiritual Root Test. He stretched out his hand and put it below the hand mark on the testing crystal pillar, and forced out a bit of his Qi into it.

Immediately, a thumb thick yellow light rose along the crystal pillar and after rising continuously till a height of one meter, it finally stopped. To the sides of this thumb thick yellow light, there were two thin muddy yellow lights, however, those two thin muddy yellow lights only rose till two-thirds of a meter.

Lu Peng Yun took his hands off the crystal pillar, he had a somewhat proud expression on his face. He had a Main Spiritual Root and not only his Main Spiritual Root was not muddy yellow colour, it could already be considered to be of pure yellow colour.

But before he could continue to be pleased with himself, he felt a powerful force slap his body. The next moment, he, similar to a kite with a cut string, flew out from above the ring and landed heavily on the hard ground beneath the ring.

“A trivial meter, with a yellow coloured Spiritual Root, also thinks of entering Falling Star Academy? This is the first and the last warning, next time, anyone who dares to use this kind of Spiritual Root to come waste our time, it won’t just end with a slap.” Wen Ji Lue spoke with an ice cold voice, there was no longer that smile from before on his face.

Some students had wanted to go up, but due to this severe intimidation, they didn’t dare to go. For a moment, there were no one who dared to go up on the ring.

Ning Cheng was also intimidated. but he was intimidated for a different reason than these people, he was intimidated because he saw Wen Ji Lue casually throwing out a ten feet tall testing instrument. And he had only seen Wen Ji Lue patting down between his pockets, that’s all, this was really too magical. Could this be the legendary Xumi space? Where one can put huge amounts of stuff inside?

Not all the students were intimidated by Wen Ji Lue. After a brief moment of silence, a male student jumped on to the ring, and with a clear voice, spoke, “Jiang Tu challenges Yong Rui Li.”

All people, including Ning Cheng, were immediately attracted to this Jiang Tu, he not only dared to go on the stage after Wen Ji Lue’s severe words, moreover, the one who he challenged was Yong Rui Li.

Yong Rui Li was a royal princess, although her cultivation level was low, but who would dare go challenge Cang Qin Province’s princess? Granted that if she won, at most they would only be lightly punished, but if in case she lost, that would be the same as their total destruction. Not saying about one’s own small life, even their whole family would end up having to share the same fate.

“Do not look, quickly follow me.” A soft voice arrived as at the same time a gentle hand grabbed Ning Cheng’s hand.

“Luo Fei.......” Ning Cheng had been in the process of thinking what Jiang Tu was relying on to dare challenge Yong Rui Li, but unexpectedly, Ji Luo Fei had found him. Only, Ji Luo Fei’s hands were somewhat shivering, clearly some bad situation had occurred.

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