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The Gate Of Good Fortune

Chapter 0009 – Major Event At The Academy

Chapter 0009 – Major Event At The Academy

There were two people who stood at the doorway, a young man and a woman. As Ning Cheng was already at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level, he with a glance, could see that the man was at the Qi Gathering 4th Level while the woman was at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level respectively. The man had a unique appearance, he had a tall stature but because he also had slender eyes, it made his tall stature become somewhat superfluous.

“You are the handyman responsible for cleaning the Cultivation Rooms, right?” that woman asked. When she saw that Ning Cheng was only at the Qi Gathering 1st Level, disdain flashed through her eyes.

Ning Cheng originally was planning to get out of here, the things that the Elder Mu was fond of, he had nothing to do with it. But just when he was about to leave, the door was kicked open by someone.

“Why did the two of you kick my door?” Ning Cheng simply didn’t reply to the woman and asked them directly.

The slender eyed male, when he saw that Ning Cheng dared to question them back, immediately went forward a single step: “What’s wrong? I kicked your door, could it be that you are out of your mind. Today, not only will I kick your door, I will also beat your face to a pulp, what are you going to do......”

This man didn’t even finish speaking when he already raised his palms up to strike.

“Good, very impressive.” An ice cold voice arrived which caused the slender eyed male’s hands to become abruptly stiff and stopped his hands while they were still in the air.

Ning Cheng had originally seen that the man was about to hit and had already prepared for it, but he didn’t expect that someone else would speak up. Now, he saw who the person was, who had just spoken and found that that person was a girl, who had just moments ago, exited from a Cultivation Room. This woman not only had an ice cold tone, but even her face was devoid of any expression.

If going only by appearance, she wasn’t even a least bit off compared to Jian Su Jie. What made Ning Cheng astonished was not her looks, but rather her cultivation. Unexpectedly, she was already at the Qi Gathering 6th Level.

“Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang.” that slender eyed man had already recognized this girl and hurriedly called out, while clasping his fists. Beside him, that woman at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level also hurriedly went forward to show her respect.

This Senior Apprentice Sister named Zhuang gave a cold humph and turned around and was just about to leave when in that moment, she noticed Ning Cheng. She stopped, and instead of leaving she came over and spoke with wrinkled brows, “Are you Ning Cheng? Ji Luo Fei’s fiancée?”

Ning Cheng replied in a manner that was neither haughty nor humble, and said while cupping his fists: “This one is indeed named Ning Cheng, greetings Senior Apprentice Sister.”

Seeing how Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang unexpectedly recognized Ning Cheng, the slender eyed man quickly said again: “Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang, I had forgotten my Sound Jade Tablet in the Cultivation Room, I had just left and came back not long after, but I was unable to find it. On the Seventh Floor there is no one who is able to enter the Cultivation Room, aside from this handyman......”

This slender eyed man hadn’t finished speaking when Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang interrupted him, “Lu Peng Yun, I presume that you already know about Ning Cheng’s identity. Falling Star 5 Star Academy is about to arrive to recruit the ten best students from the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy. Selection of the best students will soon begin, as a result Gu Yuming is sure to return. Gu Fei wanted to bully Ji Luo Fei but instead was injured heavily by her. After Gu Yuming arrives, Ji Luo Fei is bound to run away, so you came here to teach a lesson to Ning Cheng, in order to use him to humiliate Ji Luo Fei.”

The complexion of the man by the name of Lu Peng Yun, at once, turned pale. He immediately gave a straightforward reply, “Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang, you and Senior Apprentice Brother Gu, are both people that I respect. Senior Apprentice Brother Gu has already returned, Gu Fei was seriously injured by Ji Luo Fei and he is unlikely to let go of this matter.”

“So you say that I should stop meddling in other people’s business, and let you take away Ning Cheng?” Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang said with a soft voice.

This male cultivator cupped his fists and no longer spoke, clearly Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang had spoken exactly what he had in mind.

“Get lost, do not let me see you in the great forests or the large sea, or I will kill you.” Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang said these few words with an incomparably ice cold voice. The man and woman, hearing this, their complexion changed. They hadn’t thought that Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang would not even give face to Gu Yuming.

The two people, however didn’t dare to continue stand there, with a gloomy look on their faces they hurriedly went towards the staircase and left.

“You, take care of yourself.” After seeing that those two had left, Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang looked at Ning Cheng and spoke, with her face devoid of any expression.

Ning Cheng was somewhat depressed, especially because he was continuously saved by two women, this really made him feel awkward. Now at present, whether it was Jian Su Jie or this Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang, both had said “take care of yourself”, these exact four words.

Seeing Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang turning to leave, Ning Cheng hurriedly called out and asked, “Many thanks to Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang for extending your helping hand. I would like to ask a question to Senior Apprentice Sister, in the end, what is the matter between Luo Fei and Gu Fei?”

Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang turned and gazed at Ning Cheng silently and then gave an irrelevant reply, “You do not deserve Ji Luo Fei.”

Finished speaking, she unexpectedly did not pay any more attention to Ning Cheng, and turned around to leave.

Ning Cheng thought that this might be the reason why Ji Luo Fei hadn’t come to find him for more than ten days, thinking about it he at once, became somewhat worried. He picked up his speed, and ran down several steps, and earnestly asked, “Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang, please tell me how Ji Luo Fei was injured by Gu Fei, this Ning Cheng will endlessly be thankful to you.”

Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang stopped, only after sweeping a glance at Ning Cheng, she said, “Ji Luo Fei, to win a Qi Gathering Stone, fought continuously for ten rounds at the “Fighting Pot”. Gu Fei saw that Ji Luo Fei, after fighting ten rounds, her Qi was almost exhausted, moreover she also did not have any friend to accompany her. So, he challenged her with a bet of a Qi Gathering Stone. Ji Luo Fei under the threat of losing at the “Fighting Pot” had no choice but accept another round. The result, because of insufficient Qi, Luo Fei was seriously hurt. But Gu Fei had also underestimated Ji Luo Fei and as a result, his injury was even more heavy......”

She paused for a moment, and once again looked at Ning Cheng, “If I guessed it correctly, Ji Luo Fei should have given that Qi Gathering Stone to you for use so that you could advance to the Qi Gathering 1st Level.”

Ning Cheng did not refute her statement, Ji Luo Fei had indeed given him a Qi Gathering Stone but he still hasn’t used it and only stored it by his side. There was no relation between him advancing to the Qi Gathering 1st Level and Ji Luo Fei’s Qi Gathering Stone.

“Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang, you said that Gu Yuming is Gu Fei’s elder brother, and after he returns, he will look for Ji Luo Fei for revenge?” Ning Cheng again inquired.

Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang didn’t directly respond to Ning Cheng’s inquiry, taking herself into consideration, she said, “Ji Luo Fei, after defeating Gu Fei, again gained a profit of another Qi Gathering Stone; however, she didn’t kill Gu Fei. Because she was already heavily injured and she had no one to accompany her, the “Fighting Pot” forced her to leave behind one of her Qi Gathering Stones.”

“Why is that?” Ning Cheng wasn’t the slightest bit aware that his voice had become quite loud.

Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang slowly narrated: “Because Ji Luo Fei had already finished ten rounds, her time had already concluded. Gu Fei challenging her was classified as an unexpected round and so “Fighting Pot” demanded the site expenses.”

“Site expenses for a round of fighting is a Qi Gathering Stone? Not only that, “Fighting Pot” forced Luo Fei to repay?” Ning Cheng felt his heart burning with anger, this was simply taking advantage and bullying intolerably. He could even imagine Ji Luo Fei’s helplessness at that time.

Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang’s tone was flat when she spoke, “After Gu Yuming returns, he is bound to look for excuses to kill Ji Luo Fei. If you want to survive, then leave here as soon as possible and you won’t suffer any harm.”

After she finished saying this, she increased her pace, and quickly disappeared along the stairway.

Ning Cheng suppressed the fury in his heart, this time, he did not go out from the side door. He wanted to immediately depart from the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy and even if it was considered as committing an offence, he did not care.

When Ning Cheng had first followed Ji Luo Fei to the Cultivation Tower’s Third Floor, there were many people there. Today, when Ning Cheng once more walked down to the Third Floor, he found out that there were only a handful of people. Not only this, those several people were also hurriedly rushing down the stairway.

“You are not staying on the Seventh Floor cleaning the Cultivation Rooms, what are you doing by coming down?” Ning Cheng was just about to go down from the Third Floor when Elder Mu’s sudden voice arrived at his ears. Ning Cheng was frightened, he had just a moment ago, seen that Elder Mu’s stone room was closed. How did it open in a flash?

Ning Cheng reacted instantly, he quickly bowed and replied, “I wanted to go take a look at what was going on.”

He absolutely didn’t know what kind of situation had occurred, but the people in the Cultivation Tower were all going out. Now that people were only going out and not coming in. Apparently to Ning Cheng, it seemed that something major had happened.

“You really have got big nerves.” Elder Mu coldly said. After that, unexpectedly, he didn’t say anything. Instead, he returned to his stone room and at the same time, the door of the stone room closed.

Ning Cheng was drenched in a cold sweat, he didn’t understand what Elder Mu meant by him having big nerves. Was it because he had left without leave or because he was going through the Great Staircase? No matter what, Elder Mu only spoke and did nothing more, not even criticizing him, this made Ning Cheng frightened and at the same time, he felt that something was strange.

Fortunately, Ning Cheng immediately thought that he was unlikely to stay here and this made his heart calm a bit. As soon as he goes out and finds Ji Luo Fei, then they would immediately depart from here.

Only after coming out of the Cultivation Tower, did Ning Cheng see that the entire Academy was bustling with noise and excitement. Many Cang Qin Academy’s students were rushing towards the same place, Ning Cheng pulled aside a boy who was at the Qi Gathering 1st Level and asked, “May I ask where are all these people are all going to?”

This boy at the Qi Gathering 1st Level looked doubtfully at Ning Cheng and asked, “Are you not of Cang Qin Academy?”

“Of course I am, it’s only that I just recently came out from closed door training, therefore I am not very clear, that’s all.” Ning Cheng replied confidently.

That boy at the Qi Gathering 1st Level looked at Ning Cheng somewhat doubtfully, it would be a wonder if he believed that this guy who was at the Qi Gathering 1st Level was in a closed door training. However, he still replied, “Hua Continent’s Falling Star 5 Star Academy is going to select ten disciples from our Academy, today is the start of the competition for the selection of the best disciples, so how could it not be bustling with excitement?”

“Wouldn’t that competition be very fierce?” Ning Cheng was aware of this matter, when he had originally entered the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy with Ji Luo Fei, he heard the broadcast regarding this matter and not long ago, Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang had also mentioned about it.

“Intense? Cang Qin 2 Star Academy has innumerable talented disciples. Hua Country’s Falling Star 5 Star Academy will only select ten from them, you say if it will be intense? Senior Apprentice Brother Qiu Ying Guang, Senior Apprentice Sister Jian Su Jie, Senior Apprentice Brother Hou Zhuan, Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang Tianya, ............. anyone can casually name more than ten.” A student at the Qi Gathering 1st Level who was standing by the side heard them talk and immediately interrupted.

Thinking that Ning Cheng was also a student. He shook his head, sighed and spoke, “Ah, if only the Falling Star 5 Star Academy selected a few more from our Academy, that would be good.”

The student whom Ning Cheng had previously pulled over, gave an inconceivable look to Ning Cheng and spoke, “Could it be that you don’t know how this ten-person quota came about? In the past, although Cang Qin 2 Star Academy’s students were still able to go to Falling Star 5 Star Academy, but in the past, only one or two were picked, that’s all. This time, Falling Star 5 Star Academy themselves took the initiative to select, because of our Ping Continent’s first Essence Building Realm expert, ancestor Lian Hao Yan achieved great merits in the War of the Three Continents. Only then, this kind of treatment was given.”

“Of course, ancestor Lian Hao Yan’s cultivation level went through the sky, I heard he was already near to the border of the Profound Congealing Realm. After he made his contributions, his first request was for Hua Continent’s 5 Star Academy to select ten disciples from all Ping Continent’s 2 or more Star Academies. Otherwise it was very unlikely that my Cang Qin 2 Star Academy would get ten quotas, not to mention that Falling Star 5 Star Academy’s teachers even personally came to recruit.” After the boy who was on the Qi Gathering 1st Level finished speaking, immediately a loud chime was heard.

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