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The Gate Of Good Fortune

Chapter 0007 – Ning Cheng’s Work

Chapter 0007 – Ning Cheng’s Work

“Of course it is a broadcast......” Ji Luo Fei saw Ning Chang standing there mumbling to himself, and said helplessly. The Cang Qin 2 Star Academy’s broadcast was not introduced too long ago, because the Academy wanted to join the ranks of a 3 Star Academy, apart from reinforcing their external strength, the Academy’s facilities were also upgraded and improved.

Because of this, the Duelling Platform outside the Academy was also constructed, the Academy also paid a heavy price to set up this broadcasting service by calling a high level Array Master to help set it up. Not only that, the Academy also sold Sound Transmission Jade Tablets. These Sound Transmission Jade Tablets can easily distribute the news of important matters within the scope of the Ping Continent. The sound transmission setup of this Sound Transmission Jade Tablet, was constructed using various Sound Transfer Arrays.

“Are you a country bumpkin? You don’t even know what a Broadcasting Array is.” said a long haired boy who passed Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei from the side, when he heard the talk between the two. His voice was full of disdain and ridicule.

Ning Cheng came to an understanding, that the sound he heard was not broadcasted through the air as he thought, but through other ways. At this point when he heard someone speak in a sarcastically tone, he tried to respond back, but Ji Luo Fei pulled his hand and said, “Forget about others, let’s go.”

“I must say, aren’t you the only ugly female disciple, surnamed Ji.” The boy who spoke recognized Ji Luo Fei and continued to ridicule her in an unbridled fashion.

Ji Luo Fei’s face was calm, her face was tranquil, as if the one who was being ridiculed was not she. Ning Cheng contained his fury in the innermost depths of his heart, and was led away by Ji Luo Fei. He knew that in this place of cultivation, if he tried to stir up a fight, then more than ten people would come to kill him in a second.

“Gu Fei is really useless, he was not even able to defeat such an ugly person.” as Ji Luo Fei and Ning Cheng left, the boy behind them sneered and said loudly. His aim was very clear, and that was to provoke Ji Luo Fei.

Ning Cheng could feel that Ji Luo Fei was suppressing her anger in the innermost depths of her heart, at this moment, Ning Cheng almost could not bear not turning back to seize the sarcastic guy and beat him up violently.

“His name is Zhu Chen Jun, and he is also at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level, but his cultivation level is somewhat higher than me.” Ji Luo Fei gave a light explanation while turning a bit pale at the same time.

Ning Cheng did not speak, he knew that his strength was inferior, Ji Luo Fei reminded him that the words that he wanted to say would be utter nonsense. If he was powerful, Zhu Chen Jun would not dare speak in such a way in front of him. After listening to Zhu Chen Jun’s words, he was thinking about who this Gu Fei person was, it seemed that Ji Luo Fei had fought with this Gu Fei once before, he did not know if Ji Luo Fei’s injuries before were because of this matter.

The Cang Qin 2 Star Academy’s area was very large, Ning Cheng also knew that the purpose of Ji Luo Fei bringing him to the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy, was for the sake of saving his puny life. So he thought the Ji Luo Fei would certainly find a secluded place for him to take shelter, he did not expect that Ji Luo Fei would lead him to the very front of an ancient tower like structure.

The tower looked very majestic and grand, moreover the tower seemed to have many people inside it. Although it was said to have tower shape, but only the shape is somewhat similar. More precisely it was similar to a tower but the top was flat.

On the middle of the tower-shaped construction, a few large words were written, ‘Cang Qin Cultivation Tower’.

“Just follow me inside and do not speak anything.” Ji Luo Fei warned Ning Cheng, then walked in first.

Although the tower like structure from the outside looked enormous, but when Ning Cheng followed Ji Luo Fei and entered through the ground floor, he didn’t imagine that the inside would be several times larger than the outside

Ji Luo Fei directly brought Ning Cheng to the Third Floor, and walked towards a black door in a remote corner.

“Elder Mu lives here, here are the Academy’s Cultivation Rooms where the students cultivate, and Elder Mu is the one who manages this tower, when you see Elder Mu be respectful......”

Ji Luo Fei was just warning Ning Cheng when the black door opened. With thinning hair, face full of wrinkles, and even eyes that were not able to open fully, an old man stood at the doorway and said, “Since you already came, then come in.”

His voice was crisp and resounded clearly, if Ning Cheng had only heard this voice for the first time, he would definitely not think that it belonged to an old man, but to a young man in his twenties or thirties.

“Elder Mu, he is Ning Cheng” Ji Luo Fei entered the room first and gave a respectful salute to this man.

Ning Cheng also followed Ji Luo Fei’s suit and said “Ning Cheng greets Elder Mu.”

“Qi Gathering 1st Level, it is just barely adequate to come help, how is his Spiritual Root?” asked Elder Mu after glancing at Ning Cheng with lacklustre eyes.

Ji Luo Fei hurriedly says, “Ning Cheng, although has no Main Spiritual Root, he does have a Three Line Hybrid Support Spiritual Root”

“What colour is it?” Elder Mu asked again.

Ji Luo Fei replied with some fear, “M...Muddy Yellow .........”

Ning Cheng did not know what Spiritual Roots were, he just knew that a Spiritual Root was a representation of his qualifications, if his qualifications were poor, then presumably even his Spiritual Roots would be unlikely to be able to help him grow.

Just as Elder Mu asked Ji Luo Fei about Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Root, this time after Ji Luo Fei replied, Elder Mu just snorted and said, “He is here to clean up the Cultivation Rooms, it does not have any relation with the quality of your Spiritual Root. Well, this is not your thing, you can go.”

“Yes, this junior will go.” said Ji Luo Fei after she heard Elder Mu’s words. She hastily bowed in a salute and backed out, not even saying a word to Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng felt something was wrong, before Ji Luo Fei said that Elder Mu treated her well, the only reason why he was able to come here to do odd jobs, was because it looked like Elder Mu wanted to help Ji Luo Fei. But towards Ji Luo Fei, Elder Mu did not seemed to give much regard, such being the case, why did Elder Mu help him.

After Ji Luo Fei left, this Elder Mu looked like the sun had just died and said to Ning Cheng in a cold voice, “There is no one cleaning the Seventh Floor’s Cultivation Rooms in the tower now, go and clean it up, from now on you are responsible for the Seventh Floor.”

Ning Cheng was confused, responsible for the Seventh Floor? This old man just only said one sentence, that he was responsible for the Seventh Floor, and did not speak any other words, who knew what did he want? Plus, where would he even live?

“This is for you, go to the Seventh Floor by yourself, I am busy with something, if it is not important then leave and do not disturb me.” Elder Mu says while he threw a wooden plaque towards Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng just caught the Wooden Plaque when he felt an enormous force pushing on him, he could not help but be pushed out of the room. The next moment, the black door already closed.

“This Elder Mu does not seem like a person with good speech, might also not be a good person.” Ning Cheng secretly said in his mind, and also did not dare to continue to come forwards to inquire about this Elder Mu.

Written on a piece of paper were some very simple instructions, every day in the early mornings, when the students have not yet arrived to cultivate, he must reorganize and clean the Cultivation Rooms on the Seventh Floor. If there were any abnormalities, then it was necessary to report them immediately. The Wooden Plaque was the master key to the Cultivation Rooms, as long as there was no one staying in the Cultivation Room, it could be opened with the Wooden Plaque. If you breach the regulations, you would be penalized harshly.

Ning Cheng looked at the few simple words, and became somewhat puzzled. Breaching the regulations? He doesn’t even know what the regulations were. Besides, what did he mean by abnormalities? Who did he have to report to? Cleaning, what did he have to clean?

Knowing nothing about these, Ning Cheng only came to understand that the Cultivation Tower had Seven Floors, his work was on the Seventh Floor, he didn’t even know where he was supposed to eat or sleep.

Ning Cheng wanted to find Ji Luo Fei to ask about this, but he did not know where Ji Luo Fei went. The Cang Qin 2 Star Academy was so huge, that even if he turned around in a circle, he would not be able to see it completely.

According to what Ning Cheng thought, Ji Luo Fei, after she brought him to Elder Mu, should be waiting for him outside, but when came out of Elder Mu’s chambers, he did not see Lu Luo Fei.

Ning Cheng did not go out to look for Ji Luo Fei, he was well aware that the less he showed himself the better it would be for him. Ji Luo Fei knew that he ended up offending Xian Yuan Kui, the status of Xian Yuan Kui in the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy was not low, or even the person who saved him, Jian Su Jie, even her status in the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy was also not low, otherwise the matter would not have reached Ji Luo Fei’s ear.

Ning Cheng climbed by himself to the Seventh Floor of the Cultivation Tower, he imagined that the Seventh Floor would be much smaller, in accordance with the construction of the tower. The Cultivation Tower only has a total of Seven Floors, the top was always expected to be small.

On the Seventh Floor, Ning Cheng counted a total of eighteen Cultivation Rooms. Ning Cheng did not spend much time on clearing up his understanding, as long as there was a red light lit in front of a Cultivation Room, it meant that there was someone cultivating in there. If there was no light lit in front of the door, it meant that there was no one using the room. The students cultivating on the Seventh Floor were obviously few, there were only three Cultivation Room doors on which there was lit a red light, all the others did not have a red light in front of them.

Ning Cheng tried to use the Wooden Plaque by embedding it into the grooves on the front door of an empty Cultivation Room, and the door of the Cultivation Room automatically opened. Ning Cheng immediately saw the inside of the Cultivation Room, this cultivation area was also very large and the Cultivation Room was also divided into two separate areas.

Outside one area there was a small cultivation ground, he did not know what kind of Magic Techniques were practiced here, as the ground was in total disorder and there were even some traces of being burnt by fire.

Ning Cheng exited this Cultivation Room, and went on to check out the rest of the empty Cultivation Rooms. These Cultivation Rooms were not the same, some of them had puddles of water on the ground, many had a variety of burns, and some were even full of dead plants.

After looking in general, Ning Cheng already came to know what things that he was supposed to do, it was to clean the empty Cultivation Rooms every day. Saying it bluntly, he was now a cleaner.

Turning around in a circle, Ning Cheng found his accommodations in the corner of the Seventh Floor, it was just a small stone room of only a few square feet. The Elder Mu also lived in a similar stone room below, but compared to him, his stone room wasn’t even one tenth in size of his.

Inside the small stone room in addition to a bed, adjacent to it, there were some cleaning tools. A giant broom, a hand shovel, and a few dustpans, these were the objects that occupied a tenth of the floor space in the small room.

But Ning Cheng was relieved, at least he had a relatively safe and hidden place, although the Cultivation Tower is relatively busy, but at least his residence is relatively remote. The only thing he wanted to know urgently, was where could he eat and wash himself.

To ask Elder Mu, Ning Cheng did not dare to, he did not want to face him who could easily change his face from a positive happy one to a deathly cold one in an instant. Because of this, he deliberately went to the sixth floor, to the small stone room with a black door in the corner, this was the room of the cleaner in charge of the sixth floor, after knocking on the door, a thin man appeared who was much taller compared to him.

Seeing that the tall man had a look of impatience in his eyes, Ning Cheng hurriedly asked in a polite way, “I have just arrived, and have been placed on the Seventh Floor for cleaning the Cultivation Rooms, I would like to ask where could we eat a meal?”

“Who told you that you could have something to eat in the Cultivation Rooms?” The tall thin man replied with disdain, and with a bang, closed the door again.

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