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The Gate Of Good Fortune

Chapter 0006 – Concealment Technique

Chapter 0006 – Concealment Technique

Ning Cheng was stunned by his own notion. He forcibly stopped his cultivation. He was merely a cultivator of the Qi Gathering 1st Level, as for his level of comprehension of the cultivation, it could be said that he was at the most primitive level. If someone else had said that his amateurish knowledge of the Qi Gathering 1st Level, was even better than the Ning Clan’s Cultivation Method, even he himself wouldn’t believe it.

Even if the Ning Clan’s Cultivation Method were of the Ordinary Rank, it had come into existence after being revised according to the experiences of many people, under countless years of time. Why was he able to identify the shortcomings of this Cultivation Method, and also able to correct them?

Despite wanting to give it a try again, Ning Cheng still held back the idea. He knew that the practice of cultivation was without an end, even without modifying the method, one could still cultivate to the Qi Gathering 2nd Level. His understanding the Qi Gathering 1st Level was already shaky, now if he again advanced to the Qi Gathering 2nd Level, he truly wouldn’t know how to explain it. Although he wanted to urgently improve his cultivation level, but before that, he wanted to find a suitable reason or an appropriate method that would help him.

What’s more, he was also able to find a more suitable Qi Meridian for the Cultivation Method which was in itself, very strange. Because of this kind of matter, he didn’t dare to proceed as he was not clear about it.

However, Ning Cheng was becoming even more excited, even if he didn’t have the ability to modify the Cultivation Method, he wouldn’t need to worry about his poor aptitude of being unable to cultivate. Within his body, there seemed to be an incomparably large source for practicing cultivation, if this kind of situation always continued, even he did not know up to what extent would he be able to increase his cultivation? Perhaps up to the True Condensation Realm or maybe even the Essence Building Realm.

Not continuing with the cultivation practice, Ning Cheng began to study that thin leather book that contained the Ning Clan’s Cultivation Method. Although this book contained an Ordinary Rank Cultivation Method, it had detailed information from the Qi Gathering 1st Level to all the way up to the Qi Gathering 9th Level. Furthermore, there were even some detailed comments and notes written by the Elders of the Ning Clan regarding the methods. To Ning Cheng’s surprise, on the back of this cultivation book, there were also some simple magical arts.

These magical arts, apart from the Fireball Technique and the Wind-Edge Technique, there was also the Imperial Wind Technique. Originally, Ning Cheng was very interested in the Imperial Wind Technique. The Imperial Wind Technique was introduced for the cultivators at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level and it allowed one to traverse through the air for almost a few dozen feet. If he had not caught sight of the Concealment Technique, then he would definitely have cultivated the Imperial Wind Technique.

Reading the introduction of the Concealment Technique made Ning Cheng feel that, at the present, this was what he needed the most. The Concealment Technique allowed cultivators to conceal their cultivation level, this clearly made Ning Cheng excited. He had a heavy secret within his body, for the time being no matter what kind of secret it was, his rapid cultivation speed was a fact. If he could hide his cultivation level, then what would there be anything to worry about?

Ning Cheng wasn’t happy for long, before becoming disappointed again. This Concealment Technique was merely an Ordinary Grade Magic Art, even if he cultivated it to its peak, according to its information, it could only conceal up to three levels below. Even if he accomplished it, he would only be able to cheat those at the Qi Gathering Realm, wanting to cheat those cultivators who were at the True Condensation Realm or above was impossible.

Cang Qin Province’s True Condensation cultivators, although few, they still existed. He recalled from his memories, that Cang Qin 2 Star Academy’s Vice-Dean was a cultivator of the True Condensation Realm.

Even after knowing that, Ning Cheng had already decided to learn the Concealment Technique. Ning Cheng was already at the Qi Gathering 1st Level, moreover he had photographic memory and in addition to that, he also had a very powerful comprehension ability. Despite this being the first time that he had been in contact with a Magic Technique, he completely understood the Cultivation Method within an hour.

Just as Ning Cheng began to cultivate the Concealment Technique, after some period of time, a gentle stream of Qi rose from his Dantian. Within his mind, yet once again, there appeared some new directions for the Concealment Technique.

However, this time, Ning Cheng didn’t stop, he only hesitated for a bit. Out of nowhere, the mnemonic chants for the practice of the Concealment Technique appeared in his mind. He felt the mnemonic chants which appeared out of nowhere in his mind, were even better than the chants for the Concealment Technique which he had previously read. Or rather, the Cultivation Method which appeared in his mind was a new Concealment Technique which was created after modifying and improving the base of the original Concealment Technique.

Ning Cheng was not clear about what was going on, he vaguely sensed that this and the earlier golden explosion had some kind of relation. He decided to cultivate according to the modified Concealment Technique and if he found anything wrong, he would then immediately stop.

However, after Ning Cheng began to cultivate, he did not find anything wrong. The Qi within his body’s Meridians began circulating freely, without any sluggishness.

Soon, Ning Cheng was once again immersed in the cultivation of the Magic Technique.

When Ning Cheng woke up, he found that he had already made a small accomplishment in the cultivation of his first Magic Technique. Ning Cheng tried using the Concealment Technique that he just learned to try and hide his own cultivation, unexpectedly it was quite easy and the Qi fluctuations were completely concealed, without any delay.

“So good.” Ning Cheng subconsciously blurted out. He didn’t know whether this Concealment Technique was a good thing, or him being able to automatically correct any Cultivation Method was a good thing.

Ning Cheng had just said these words, when he heard Ji Luo Fei’s voice from the outside, “Since you are not cultivating, then come out to eat.”

When Ning Cheng heard Ji Luo Fei’s voice, only then did he come to realize, that he had stayed in the room overnight and now it was already morning. Regarding cultivation, time really was of little value, he did not have the feeling that the night had already passed.

“What went wrong with your cultivation?” after Ji Luo Fei saw Ning Cheng come out, she immediately stood up in amazement once again, she couldn’t feel any Qi fluctuations from Ning Cheng’s body. In other words, she, at the moment, couldn’t see Ning Cheng’s cultivation level, to be said exactly, according to what she sensed, Ning Cheng basically had no cultivation at all.

Ning Cheng only then reacted, he thought the reason must be because he had used the Concealment Technique, and immediately said, “I feel my level is still not stable, sometimes there is a response from my Qi and sometimes there is no response.

Even if Ji Luo Fei was his fiancée, Ning Cheng still did not want to reveal his secret. He was aware that if he hadn’t followed the modified Cultivation Method for the Concealment Technique, then it would have been fundamentally impossible for him to achieve success in it, especially in a single night. This kind of method correcting secret, was simply too formidable. If he was an expert, it wouldn’t be a problem but the crucial point was that he had only just recently came in contact with cultivation.

Ji Luo Fei’s cultivation level was quite low, she didn’t know anything about this kind of situation. She frowned and after a while said, “Although you are able to gather Qi now, your cultivation level is still not fully stabilized. Use the Qi Gathering Stone for some days, it ought to stabilize your level. Before that, eat some food.”

Ning Cheng saw that the breakfast was already prepared and placed on the small wooden table, and at once said, “Thank You.”

Both had a lot on their minds so they ate their breakfast in silence. Finished eating, Ning Cheng proceeded to return to his room to cultivate, Ji Luo Fei also didn’t ask.

A few days passed by, Ning Cheng, in the past few days, had wholeheartedly devoted himself to cultivating the Concealment Technique. As for the Fireball and Wind Edge Technique, he only memorized them and didn’t cultivate. He knew that trying to cultivate these kind of Magic Techniques inside his room was not suitable.

On this day, Ji Luo Fei saw that Ning Cheng seemed to have stabilized his cultivation level at the Qi Gathering 1st Level, only then she said to Ning Cheng, “Your Qi Gathering 1st Level ought to be stable now, we will go to the Academy today.”

“Okay.” Ning Cheng didn’t have any hesitation, even if Ji Luo Fei hadn’t said anything, he intended to remind her. The past few days, Ning Cheng always felt that there were some people secretly sneaking around this small stone house, if not for Ji Luo Fei being here, maybe someone would have already come and taken him away.


Cang Qin 2 Star Academy in the Cang Qin Province had an exceedingly high status, so much so that it’s status was said to be even a bit higher than the Cang Qin Province itself. Because the Academy’s Vice Dean, Yong Zhang Yan was a member of Cang Qin Province’s Royal Family, Cang Qin 2 Star Academy was also considered to be the other half of Cang Qin’s Royalty.

In the memory of Ning Cheng, Cang Qin 2 Star Academy was quite big. Because Ning Cheng originally, didn’t always go over and also loathed the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy, so, at present, Ning Cheng didn’t have a clear memory of it. Now that he had followed Ji Luo Fei to the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy, only then did he become aware of the reason why the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy was regarded as the highest power in the Cang Qin Province.

Cang Qin 2 Star Academy’s architecture was somewhat similar to a western-like castle grounds which covered an incomparably large area with large swaths of forest. Looking from a distance, it looked extremely imposing. Ning Cheng knew pretty well about the Cang Qin Province’s Capital City and he was sure that the Cang Qin Province’s Capital City was not equal to this Two Star Academy.

Standing at the gate of the Academy, Ning Cheng could clearly feel that the Spiritual Qi here was many times denser than other places.

In front of the Academy’s gate, was a public plaza of several hundred feet, and in the middle of the huge public plaza, there was a huge elevated stage.

Seeing Ning Cheng stare at the huge elevated stage, Ji Luo Fei lightly said, “That place is the Duelling Platform, if the cultivators of the Academy have any resentments, disputes, gambling or even Life or Death grievances they can settle them on the Duelling Platform. Previously, there was no Duelling Platform here. Because, all the 3 Star and above Academies have this kind of a Duelling Platform, and the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy also wanted to compete with the 3 Star Academies, as a result they built this Duelling Platform.”

After she finished speaking, Ji Luo Fei repeatedly warned Ning Cheng, “After you help out in the Cultivation Rooms, as much as possible, don’t come out, also don’t provoke and start a feud with other people. Otherwise it would become quite difficult to avoid going on to the Duelling Platform.”

Ning Cheng was puzzled and asked, “If other people tried to find me for a duel, am I not allowed to fight?”

“You can’t.” Ji Luo Fei gave a concise answer, and after she finished, did not wait for Ning Cheng to speak again and had already entered through the Academy’s gate.

Ning Cheng immediately followed after Ji Luo Fei and entered the Academy when a clear, distinct voice reached their ears, “......... Cang Qin 2 Star Academy will select ten disciples to participate in the selection for the Falling Star 5 Star Academy.........”

Ji Luo Fei didn’t seem to hear it, however Ning Cheng almost stumbled. This sound, he absolutely didn’t mishear, this was definitely a sound broadcast.

“What are you standing there for?” Ji Luo Fei turned around and asked, seeing Ning Cheng stand in a daze.

“Is this a broadcast?” Ning Cheng stood at the original spot and mumbled, he seemed to have returned to the place where he previously used to live. If this was not Earth, then where did this broadcast come from?

This was a magical place, where one could cultivate, where one could even display all kinds of Magic Techniques. But if Ning Cheng had a choice, he would still choose the Earth. At least there, was his younger sister, his only family.

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