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The Gate Of Good Fortune

Chapter 0004 – The Secret Within The Body

Chapter 0004 – The Secret Within The Body

Coming back to the stone house again, Ning Cheng first tried to remember the Cultivation Methods that he learned before. His predecessor originally did not like practicing cultivation, that coupled with his poor aptitude and intelligence in this field, ended up with no progress in cultivation, even more, he did not have the strength to practice. But at the moment, Ning Cheng desperately tried to recall the Cultivation Method of the Ning Clan that was passed down from generation to generation.

Fortunately, although Ning Cheng’s grandfather Ning Hong Chang pampered him, he also forcefully made him practice and drilled into him the basic elements of the Ning Clan’s Cultivation Method

After Ning Cheng repeatedly tried to recall the details of the Cultivation Method from his memories, he finally remembered the First Mnemonics of the Ning Clan’s Cultivation Method, as well as the information about the Acupuncture Points and Meridians through which Qi had to be circulated.

According to what he remembered of the First Mnemonic of the Ning Clan’s Cultivation Method, Ning Cheng cautiously sensed the Qi outside to allows it to enter his Meridians. He had already done this many times in his past life so he was prepared, he was aware of his own talent, if his Qi sensing was good, he would not have to wait until today to gather Qi.

“Buzz....” just when Ning Cheng started to sense and gather Qi, his Meridians gave a sharp sound, this sound could be heard clearly, it was followed by an intense pain that filled Ning Cheng’s body.

The next moment, a thick and strong force dispersed throughout his whole body, almost tearing it apart. But at this time Ning Cheng felt that, if he was even a slightly careless, the Meridians in his entire body would be completely torn apart, and he would end being becoming truly useless.

Ning Cheng was panic stricken, he did not dare to be lax even for half a minute, aggregating his spirit to guide the sudden increase in Qi. According to the First Mnemonic of the Ning Clan’s Cultivation Method that he remembered, he had to guide it through the Meridians in his body by breathing in a specific way. With his careful guidance of Qi along his Meridians, his body, which Ning Cheng felt would soon rupture, began to gradually relax.

As the time passed, Ning Cheng became immersed in the state of circulation of Qi in his Meridians, which felt just like a trace of warm water flowing, as it proliferated his entire body. He was vaguely aware that some of the Meridians that were blocked, began to naturally open. As a trace of this warm feeling passed through the Meridians, traces of impurities were squeezed out from the pores of his body

A kind of warm comfortable feeling rose in Ning Cheng’s body, in a way that he could feel even when his consciousness was shielded from his senses. Ning Cheng could feel that what he was cultivating before when compared to now had some differences. In his memory, practicing meant sensing the Qi from the outside, and then passing it through one’s Meridians, thereby allowing it to be absorbed by the body.

But at this point, he felt that, although he has not even absorbed the Qi from the outside for more than half a minute. But in his body, there already seemed to be a thick quantity of Qi, so when he started cultivating just now, this Qi filled his Meridians. This Qi was like fine threads of hot water, which automatically squeezed out the impurities from his body, and even automatically burst through his blocked Meridians and then circulated through those previously blocked Meridians.

He did not know how long it took, before Ning Cheng felt his whole body tremble, and he suddenly opened his eyes.

The world suddenly became clear, he even seemed to forget that the Qi circulating in his body had disappeared.

A kind of relaxed feeling welled up in his heart, the previous Ning Cheng was a fool, as he had unknowingly succeeded in gathering Qi, and was already a cultivator at the Qi Gathering 1st Level.

Was cultivation so simple? Not at all, if cultivation was so simple, then he wouldn’t have gone so many years without gathering Qi, and at the same time, in the Cang Qin Province there would have been many more people who could gather Qi.

Ning Cheng calculated the time that he cultivated, he confirmed that he had not cultivated for more than a day, but in just one day’s time, he unexpectedly reached the Qi Gathering 1st Level, if he said this to others, no one would even dare to believe it. What the hell was going on?

At this time, Ning Cheng had forgotten about the smell of the impurities that were flushed out from his body, and sat down again to meditate. Not only was he not a fool, he knew how to protect himself. Before his rebirth, Ning Cheng knew that he was not ordinary, as he was gifted with photographic memory along with a heaven defying ability to understand and comprehend, it simply made him an unparalleled existence.

Because such a fearful ability went against the heaven’s will, it made Ning Cheng dare not disclose it. He only wanted to live a simple life, and after his younger sister graduated, he would have gone to seek his own simple life. He was very clear on what this particular ability represented, as long as there was even a little bit of exposure, he would become the focus of attention. From then on, he would not have the freedom to live an ordinary or simple life that he desired.

This was also the reason why Ning Cheng preferred to work at the construction site, as he did not want to use his ability for the sake of money. He knew that, if he picked a second choice, as soon as he started, it would become hard to stop, in the end he would end up being noticed by the people. If not for his encounter with Tian Mu Wan, he would have not even entered the University. The only thing that he did not expect was that he would be reborn in this place after he lost his love.

Ning Cheng was sure that his cultivation and what the others practiced were different, others cultivated by absorbing Qi from the outside, but in his own body there already seemed to be a pure and thick Qi, this Qi allowed him to quickly gather even more Qi, moreover he was even promoted to Qi Gathering 1st Level. Having always been cautious, Ning Cheng was trying to figure out what was going on. His body seemed to have a source, this source provided such a pure and thick Qi, that it even allowed his cultivation speed to soar, it even disregarded his aptitude for practicing cultivation.

Unfortunately, Ning Cheng knew very little about the practice of cultivation, he only knew some information which was obtained from his predecessor’s memory, it can even be said to be extremely poor. His predecessor was definitely not a very good person, if his aptitude for cultivation was good, he would not have waited until now to gather Qi. But the way he practiced was so simple, the only possibility he could think of was that something might have happened during his rebirth.

Ning Cheng remembered that a yellow light had pierced through him that came from the horizon. Could this mysterious yellow light have a relationship with his cultivation speed?

Leaving aside the things that he could not understand, Ning Cheng emerged from his house, and started to clean his body. When Ning Cheng had just finished cleaning his body with the water from the well, he discovered that some of the scars on his body had faded and even his skin seemed to have a fair complexion.

Ning Cheng, although could not gather Qi, he was still a student of the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy, and also a member of the Ning Clan, as a result he did know something about the practice of cultivation. He knew that cultivators recovered from their wounds quickly, but it was definitely not as fast as him. The scars on his body were very clear yesterday, but today when he reached the Qi Gathering 1st Level, they had faded down a lot, which was a bit unusual.

There was a sound of rushing footsteps, these footsteps were obviously rushing towards the yard where he was, which made Ning Cheng startled in his heart. He had lived here only for a few days, but no one had ever come over, now that he could hear the sounds of footsteps, he knew that their aim was obviously him. Ning Cheng simply had no time to ponder, as he hastily got inside the house, took out some clean clothes and wore them rapidly.

Ning Cheng had just worn his clothes, when a somewhat anxious looking Ji Luo Fei pushed the door and entered.

“Why did you come back?” seeing Ji Luo Fei, Ning Cheng sighed in relief. Because he had offended Xian Yuan Kui before, his heart was somewhat restless.

Ji Luo Fei seeing that Ning Cheng was all right, secretly relaxed, and said with a flat tone, “I heard that you offended Xian Yuan Kui.........”

Ning Cheng thought Ji Luo Fei would start to criticize him and did not let her take the initiative and said, “It was he who provoked me, even if this sort of thing happened one more time, I would still come to the rescue.”

Let a little boy get trampled to death in front of own eyes or save him, Ning Cheng, without a doubt, would not have just stood and watched, refusing to take any action. For him, if he had let the little boy get trampled to death in front of his own eyes, then later, he would not be able to let go of the guilt that he would have surely felt.

Contrary to what Ning Cheng thought, Ji Luo Fei unexpectedly said in a slow tone, “Xian Yuan Kui’s status in the Cang Qin Province is not ordinary, if you continue to stay here then you will definitely die, huh ....”

Ji Luo Fei stopped there, and looked at Ning Cheng intently, after some time she said, “You were successful in gathering Qi? This smell inside the house, is it due to the impurities from your body?”

Ning Chen knew that Ji Luo Fei already smelled the odour when she came in, but she did not say it to his face. Now that she sensed his Qi, she just blurted it out.

“Yeah, I just returned from having felt something, just cultivated a bit, I did not think that I could gather Qi successfully, it was really lucky.” Ning Cheng replied with an awkward and somewhat embarrassed smile.

Ji Luo Fei after listening to Ning Cheng’s words, did not answer immediately, instead stared at Ning Cheng and sized him up from top to bottom for a while. Ning Cheng wanted to ask Ji Luo Fei, when suddenly he felt his heart tighten, he understood the meaning of Ji Luo Fei’s words.

Ji Luo Fei was with him a few days ago, with his body in that condition, it would have been somewhat difficult to even restore his health, how was it possible for him to arrive at the Qi Gathering 1st Level? It was obvious that he had a secret, if Ji Luo Fei could see it, then why can’t other people not tell the difference? He had just gotten out of prison, surely everyone knew about it.

Although Ning Cheng did not know what the secret in his body was, however would others think that, they might just split him up to examine this so called secret.

“Luo Fei, I have already reached the Qi Gathering 1st Level, and thus I would also like to go to the Academy.” Ning Cheng soon understood his situation. For him, this time, only the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy could save his life. If he stayed outside, it was quite possible for him to be killed off any time.

Ji Luo Fei was still apprehensive with what secret Ning Cheng’s body held, but after listening to Ning Cheng’s words, she put those thoughts to one side. Ning Cheng always called her ‘girl’, now unexpectedly it had changed to ‘Luo Fei’. Does suffering really make a person grow so quickly?

She reacted quickly, now was not the time to think about these things. She then says, “I came back to let you temporarily go to Academy. Since by all means, you have a personal presence on the outside, I think they cannot overlook you in the same way. But you are not a student of the Academy anymore, so you will not be able to attend the classes of the Academy. Elder Mu, head of the Academy’s Cultivation Rooms, is very good, he helped me a lot. I told him about your matter, you can go there to give Elder Mu a hand, and work as the Academy’s handyman”

“I don’t have a problem.” Ning Cheng immediately accepted, as long as he could preserve his life temporarily. Ning Cheng knew that there were secrets in his body, but he believed that with his cultivation speed, he would soon have the ability to protect himself.

Ji Luo Fei nodded, “Go to the Cultivation Rooms to help, at least if your Qi gathering is successful. I came back with a piece of Qi Gathering Stone this time, wanted to help you out with your Qi Gathering. I did not think you would succeed in gathering Qi, it could not be any better. We will wait here for a few days, and then go to the Academy.”

Ning Cheng was very clever, he understood why Ji Luo Fei came over immediately, Ji Luo Fei knew that him successfully advancing to the Qi Gathering 1st Level was definitely unusual, and thus took the initiative to stay for a few days. In the future, even if people would come to know that he could gather Qi, it would be assumed because of her help.

Ning Cheng was just about to thank her, when he saw Ji Luo Fei’s face seemed a bit wrong, it was pale and white.

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