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The Gate Of Good Fortune

Chapter 0003 – Cang Le City

Chapter 0003 – Cang Le City

Cang Qin Province’s Capital, Cang Le City was very prosperous. Ning Cheng could recall many images of Cang Le City from his memories, but for the present Ning Cheng, this would be the first time for him to actually see and walk in Cang Le City. Cang Le City to Ning Cheng gave off the feeling of vicissitudes of life amidst prosperity, just like an old man whose strength was leaving him slowly, he walked somewhat unsteadily.

Cang Le City’s streets criss-crossed freely, with each main street being very spacious on both sides, these streets intertwined together much like a spider’s web.

On both sides of the street, there were a variety of shops and stores. Many of these stores were selling things which Ning Cheng had not even heard about, let alone seeing. Most of the shops were engaged in sale and purchase of various fierce beast materials, low level Spiritual Grasses, and there were also some stores that sold weapons. Some of the stores were high-end, they sold various Artefacts and Medicinal Elixirs.

As for those restaurants, ordinary clothing shops and brothels, they were just too many to count.

There were all kinds of buildings in the Cang Le City, not only loft buildings, but there even was a castle built with a western architecture theme. The buildings were mixed together, which made the entire Cang Le City to appear somewhat nondescript.

Ning Cheng, to have a clear look, came to a stop in front of the doorway of a shop who sold unusual weapons, he saw a very unusual long knife which was being sold for a price of one gold coin. But with all of Ji Luo Fei’s possessions, that were given to him, added up, it only amounted to 50 silver coins. One gold coin was equivalent to 100 silver coins. This meant that even with all his possessions, he could only buy half of an ordinary long knife.

For those shops who sold various Artefacts and Medicinal Elixirs, Ning Cheng did not even go to check them out. He knew that these shops seldom collected gold coins, these shops used Qi Gathering Stones as payment. A Qi Gathering Stone can be exchanged for 100 gold coins, even if he still lived in his family home, a Qi Gathering Stone, for Ning Cheng, would have been a luxury item.

Similarly, there were some hunters, who carried weapons, mixed into the crowd, walking on the streets. These people generally had a hint of bloody smell on them, this made it clear that they usually roamed outside and faced danger all year round. Although these kinds of people looked aggressive, but such people were quite popular in the Cang Le City. Mainly because they were very generous, and would very rarely ask to lower the price.

Since these type of people lived a precarious life, except in the case of some who were qualified to practice cultivation, most of these hunters were inebriated with the wine that they drank today. They used all their gold coins to enjoy their life, not only did they come and go out of some high-end brothels, they also spilled a lot of gold coins on the prostitutes of the Cang Le City

Ning Cheng was moving around while still lamenting in the myriad and flourishing streets, when a burst of sharp cry came from the end of the street. A young man dressed in white cloths, riding a white one horned beast, roared while he rushed from a distance. From afar, he looked like a bolt of lightning over a white shadow.

The people on the streets immediately dodged to both sides, to avoid being hit directly and be sent flying by the one horned beast. This mass of white instantly came in front of Ning Cheng’s eyes, Ning Cheng’s reaction was very quick, since his body was almost restored, he was able to react almost instantaneously when he saw the white shadow.

Ning Cheng had just turned, when at the same time, he saw on the middle of the street, a panic stricken little boy. At this time, the people on the street had responded quickly, but because of the little boy’s slow response, it was apparent that he would not be able to avoid the incoming one horned beast.

Ning Cheng put his hands behind the back of the little boy and rapidly pulled him back up, as he rushed to the edge of the street. While Ning Cheng was making his way to the street’s edge, the white one horned beast roared past the side of Ning Cheng, the whipped up wind caused Ning Cheng’s eyes to water.

Seeing that the little boy was safe and sound, Ning Cheng sighed in relief, in his heart he thought that the one horned beast was not a wild beast, it was very likely because the rider had lost control while running on the street.

It was at this time that the beast which was running madly just a while ago stopped suddenly, and not only that, the beast turned, and unexpectedly walked and arrived in front of Ning Cheng.

“Dare to ruin my interest, die......” said the white man sitting on the back of the one horned beast as he took out a whip and lashed out at Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng immediately wanted to escape, but he found that he could not escape the whip which was in front of him. The long whip brought up an invisible force, which suppressed him, making it too late to be able to dodge or avoid it.

Ning Cheng’s heart sank, he didn’t even have the time to question it, when another force lifted him up. The next moment, the whip streaked across his eyes, as even the front part of his robe was lifted up.

Someone had saved him, Ning Cheng immediately realized it soon after it happened, at the same time he also realized that this white one horned beast which was running madly on the main street a moment ago, was also doing so in deliberation. This beast’s owner went so far as to hit people for amusement, and him pulling the boy away seemed to have dampened the other party’s pleasure.

After Ning Cheng understood this, his heart immediately sank. This place was not Earth, and it seemed like a completely reasonable thing to just go overboard. He saved the little boy, but at the same time, offended the white robed man who was looking for pleasure.

That white robed man on the one horned beast seeing Ning Cheng being pulled away by a person, immediately became angry. However, when he saw the one who had saved Ning Cheng, his anger immediately extinguished, even his tone became genial as he said: “So it is Su Jie, ah, this is just an outcaste....”

The white robed man sitting on the one horned beast spoke, as he jumped down from the beast’s saddle.

“Xian Yuan Kui, you and I don’t have a good relationship, me rescuing the outcaste also has nothing to do with you.” A clear, crisp but cold female voice sounded, while simultaneously Ning Cheng saw a young girl, who wore a very gentle and graceful pink dress.

Ning Cheng knew that it was this girl who had saved him. However, Ning Cheng actually did not go forward to express his gratitude, he knew this woman. Her name was Jian Su Jie, it can be said that she was the enemy of the Ning Clan, the Ning Clan and his family was destroyed because of her.

Looking at this beautiful ice-cold face before his eyes, Ning Cheng couldn’t recall how his predecessor had been discourteous to her, but he truly remembered that Ning Cheng actually liked her very much. Although his predecessor also had a good family background, however it was reasonable to say that it was very unlikely that he wouldn’t be aware that he and Jian Su Jie were poles apart from each other, and even if he was fond of her, he could only keep it in his heart and absolutely would not engage in any indecent thing.

Besides, compared to Jian Su Jie, his predecessor was an idiot, moreover it was completely impossible to repair the cracks between him and Jian Su Jie now. Compared with Jian Su Jie, even if Ning Cheng did not say anything indecent, was it difficult to imagine what would happen if he approached her? It looked like his predecessor was indecent towards Jian Su Jie, and was finally thrown into prison, it was not something that was strange in this place.

The white robed man called Xian Yuan Kui having abruptly bumped into Jian Su Jie here, felt his face immediately become red. But then he recognized Ning Cheng, “Hey, aren’t you Ning Cheng? You did not die? Elder Sister Jian, this boy ......”

Xian Yuan Kui eventually did not dare call out to Su Jie call again, as his words were yet again interrupted by Jian Su Jie, “You don’t need to worry about that, and don’t let your beast run wildly around in the crowded streets.”

Having finished speaking, Jian Su Jie turned and stared coldly at Ning Cheng, “If I were you, I would go crouch in a corner like a tortoise, and not have the face to go out shopping in the streets.”

Ning Cheng sneered in his heart, but did not pay much mind to Jian Su Jie, as he turned around to walk.

“Not knowing how to appreciate favours.” Xian Yuan Kui seeing Ning Cheng unexpectedly ignore Jian Su Jie, immediately lost his cool, and cursed at his back.

Jian Su Jie was used to seeing the appearance of Ning Cheng trying to curry favour from her, but at this time seeing him not even paying attention to his saviour, she immediately frowned. However, she did not have to say anything as Xian Yuan Kui had already said what she wanted to say, she just turned and left in another direction.

There was no longer any ideas in Ning Cheng’s heart of being able to survive in this place, if one couldn’t cultivate, then one would not have the strength, resulting in not much hope of being able to live. At this point, how could he have the mood to go shopping? He wanted to cultivate, even if he was unable to cultivate, in order to survive he had to cultivate as his life depended on it.

“Dad, he is the one who saved me.” A crisp voice sounded out from the side, Ning Cheng turned his head to see the young boy who he had just saved from getting trampled under the beast’s feet. Ning Cheng, because of the things just now, had forgotten about the little boy, he didn’t think that this young boy would still remember him.

At this time, the little boy was dragging along a middle-aged man whose entire face was covered with scars. This middle-aged man was obviously the father of the young boy.

Ning Cheng thought that the middle-aged man wanted to say thanks, thus he stopped, and was ready to say a few kind words to him. No one thought that when the middle aged man saw him, a look of panic would emerge in his eyes, he quickly bowed to Ning Cheng and said, “Young Master Ning, I am sorry, this child naively collided with the Young Master, I’ll take him away......”

After that, he did not even wait for Ning Cheng to reply, as he pulled the little boy up and got away fast, and soon disappeared among the crowd.

Ning Cheng touched his thin face, and shook his head, he did not know the middle aged man, but could feel that he was afraid of him as the Young Master.

But such a trivial matter, Ning Cheng did not mind, for him, the most important thing now was to practice cultivation. If he could not cultivate, he would have to try other methods, or leave the Cang Qin Province, for surviving he must search for other methods.

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