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The Gate Of Good Fortune

Chapter 0001 – A Close Call

Chapter 0001 – A Close Call

“Bang ......” a sound emerged, as a rusty iron gate was opened, the echoes of the iron gate opening, which was rising in spirals unceasingly, were blocked by the ancient building.

After a few dozen breaths of time, a drooping young man was dragged by his arms by two prison guards. He was being dragged out from behind the gate. This drooping young man, did not appear to be breathing, and even his thin arms were just bones. From his ragged clothes, which were besmeared with blood, it could be seen how much devastation and suffering this young man had gone through.

“Peng” This emaciated man was thrown onto the floor by the two prison guards, kicking up some dust, then there was no movement.

“This kid should be dead, right?” Asked a stout jailer while staring at the motionless young man on the floor.

Another jailer humphed, “He should be dead, who let him act recklessly and blindly, even dared to be rude to Miss Jian. Now it is good, not only was the Ning Clan destroyed, he himself seems to have fallen out in the same way, he simply got what was deserved.”

“Old man, speak carefully, we are the ones who have to drag him out.” The short and stout prison guard hastily warned the other.

Listening to this short and stout prison guard, the old guard with a shrinking hairline, went to the person lying on the ground, ready to pull him up.

At this time, a somewhat weak and delicate voice cried out, “Two elder brothers, I would like to take my husband away.”

The two prison guards who were just speaking to each other, saw a woman standing at the side dressed in coarse cloths, although this woman was dressed in coarse linen, but they could vaguely see that she was in good shape. The only disappointing thing was that her face had been disfigured. It was covered slightly by her messy hair, letting people not willing to look at her for a second time.

The two prison guards recognized this woman, she was one of the two people from the Ning Clan left alive.

The entire Ning Clan was exterminated, the only ones left alive was the old housekeeper and the young woman standing in front of them. Ning Gao was the housekeeper of the Ning Clan’s residence, but when the Ning Clan’s residence was raided, he had already left the Cang Qin Province to go out on an errand, thus he escaped. But this woman was not only Ning Clan’s daughter-in-law, but also the fiancée of the emaciated man who was just thrown out by the prison guards, and was called Ji Luo Fei. Because she was staying in the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy, she also had escaped unharmed.

Of course, this also was because Ji Luo Fei and the Ning Clan were not officially affiliated, the only reason she married into the Ning Clan, was because the heads of the Ning and Ji Clans were close friends. She was betrothed to Ning Cheng during her childhood. But the Ji Clan had a rather bizarre fall, leaving only the disfigured Ji Luo Fei behind. Even so, Ning Cheng’s grandfather Ning Hong Chang still allowed her to marry into his house. After making the preparations for Ning Cheng to start gathering Qi, the two of them would have gotten married.

Unfortunately, the aptitude of Ning Cheng was extremely bad, even after many years of trying to cultivate, he was unable to gather Qi, not only that, he even openly cursed at the disfigured look of Ji Luo Fei. Fortunately, Ji Luo Fei was a homeless daughter-in-law, and had always resigned herself to adversity, so she never said anything. This time when she came back from the Academy, she was informed that the Ning Clan was destroyed. This was the first time she had come to the prison. Originally, she wanted to ask if Ning Cheng could come out, but she never thought that Ning Cheng who, at present, had no breath, would be thrown out of the prison by the guards.

Ji Luo Fei seeing the expressions of the two prison guards, did not wait for them to speak up, and pulled out a dozen silver coins, quickly handing them over, she spoke “Two elder brothers, my husband’s already gone, I......”

“OK, OK, drag him away, put this ugly here to die.” That short and stout prison guard took the silver coins, and said while impatiently waving his hand.

Originally, they were the one who had to handle the corpse of Ning Cheng, actually it was unthinkable for them that somebody would handle it for them, moreover even give them silver coins, this kind of good deal, they certainly would not reject.

Ji Luo Fei hearing this, hurriedly took Ning Cheng and placing him on her back, quickly picked up her speed and soon disappeared from the entrance of the prison.

“That Ji Luo Fei, if had not been disfigured, then she would have been a real beauty.” Looking at the figure of Ji Luo Fei, the other prison guard said while tossing up a silver coin in his hand, with an appraised tone.

“Don’t talk nonsense, whether that Ji Luo Fei’s figure good or bad, she is a person from the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy, even if she is ugly, she is beyond us.” The short and stout prison guard patted the shoulders of the prison guard who had just been speaking and walked to the inside of the prison through the iron gate. With another loud bang, the iron gates closed once more.


Ning Xiao Cheng caught a whiff of an exceedingly pleasant and delicate fragrance. When he first opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was a spotless white neck. The next moment, Ning Cheng was able to sense, that he was being carried by a woman, and that delicate fragrance was coming from this woman’s body.

No that’s not right, he remembered being rejected by Tian Mu Wan. His mood was extremely bad and he had ended up walking onto a highway bridge. Then, from the horizon came a yellow light which caused him to lose conscious, and then......there was nothing after that.

Could it be that he did not die? What was going on here in the end?

Ning Xiao Cheng was just thinking of this, when all sorts of myriad information swarmed into his mind, he had unexpectedly reborn.

What really made Ning Xiao Cheng feel really shocked, was that the body in which he was reborn into belonged to someone called Ning Cheng.

The reason that he was so shocked, was because originally his name was also Ning Cheng. It was only because he used to have frequent nightmares, in which he would see himself being brought to very strange places, plotted against and thrown to prison, and getting tortured to death. Although it was only a dream to him, but Ning Cheng still changed his name to Ning Xiao Cheng.

He did not expect it to turn a full circle, where he would be called Ning Cheng, and actually be reborn into the same environment that he had witnessed in his dreams.

Ning Cheng wanted to lift his hand, to wipe the cold sweat from his forehead. Turning to look at the woman who was carrying him on her back, he didn’t have much to say.

“I’m sorry, I don’t have the strength to walk.” Seeing this woman turn to take a glance at him, Ning Cheng said apologetically. Making a woman carry him, he was feeling truly uncomfortable.

“The Ning Clan is already dead; it seems you were still lucky enough to be alive.” This woman spoke with a calm tone, it seemed that even if Ning Cheng were to really die, she would still have this kind of tranquillity and calmness.

Ning Cheng became silent, just now he had been rearranging some of his fragmented memories. He would now once again be called Ning Cheng, the sole heir to the Ning Clan in Cang Qin Province. His name was now Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng, anyways, was also his original name.

The Ning Clan was a medium-sized aristocratic family in the Cang Qin Province, but their numbers were too small. The parents of Ning Cheng went to the Mingot Sea to seek for magical treasures when Ning Cheng was still small, but they never came back. Ning Cheng followed his grandfather Ning Hong Chang and lived a prosperous life in Cang Le city, the capital of the Cang Qin Province.

Although the Ning Clan’s residence was large, there were not many people living in it. Ning Cheng, of course, became the head of the mansion, because Ning Hong Chang did not always manage Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng did all kinds of bad things in the Cang Le City, and Ning Hong Chang was the one to bear them. Cang Le City was a city filled with the Royal Family’s relatives, although Ning Hong Cheng was a senior statesman in the Cang Qin Province, but compared to these relatives of the Royal Family, he had quite a poor standing.

Finally, one day, even he could not put up with the basket of evil that was Ning Cheng. He had gone so far as to even offend the Cang Qin’s Jian Clan’s beloved daughter Jian Su Jie, not to mention that Su Jie’s family was untouchable, Jian Su Jie’s fiancé was the Qiu Ying Guang. Someone the Ning Clan did not dare provoke.

Ning Cheng thought of this, and sighed. The result of his deeds, of course, was being locked up and tortured in prison, his grandfather Ning Hong Chang, in order to protect him, depleted his connections and wealth, and as a result, not only was he not able to save him, on the contrary the whole Ning Clan got dragged into it. He heard about this news from the mouths of the prison guards, that the Ning Clan was destroyed completely because of him.

After Ning Cheng cleared up these matters, he sighed again in his heart, this world didn’t make any sense to speak of, as here the one who had the strength was always right.

Meanwhile he also understood who the woman carrying him on her back was, the woman with the disfigured face was his fiancée, named Ji Luo Fei, she was somewhat similar to a child bride back on Earth.

The Ji Clan were foreign to the Cang Qin Province, because the relations between the grandfathers of Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei were good, they helped Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei to get close. Later, the Ji Clan inexplicably declined, leaving only the disfigured Ji Luo Fei. But Ning Cheng’s grandfather Ning Hong Chang wanted Ji Luo Fei to have a better home, once Ning Cheng was ready to begin cultivating Qi, he helped the two to immediately get engaged.

Ning Hong Chang tolerated Ning Cheng in other matters, but in the matter of taking Ji Luo Fei as his bride, he did not yield. Originally, Ning Cheng was very dissatisfied with the disfigured face of Ji Luo Fei, he did not hit her but frequently scolded her, but Ji Luo Fei just smiled and bore it, never refuting what Ning Cheng said.

But Ji Luo Fei and Ning Cheng were different, she was qualified to practice cultivation. Not only that, with the Ning Clan’s help, she was even admitted into the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy, and was already at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level. In the Cang Qin Province, as long as a person was able to cultivate Qi, they were called cultivators. Once any cultivator advanced to the Qi Gathering 4th Level, their status would immediately shoot up.

At this time, Ji Luo Fei had brought him back to a very small black stone house. Although it was a small black stone house, the area around it was not small, unlike some others. There was even a small yard, the yard also had a deep well.

“How was Ning Clan completely destroyed?” Ning Cheng suddenly asked. Even if it was related to his actions, Ning Cheng must clarify this matter. Although he guessed that it was because of Jian Su Jie and Qiu Ying Guan, but he had to find out for himself.

“You did your own things, why ask me?” Ji Luo Fei’s answer was simple, putting Ning Cheng down at once.

She poured a cup of water and feeding it to Ning Cheng said: “I’ll go boil water for you to bath, there are some things you should forget, as it will not do you any good.”

Ning Cheng looked at Ji Luo Fei boiling water, and did not continue to ask questions, he understood the meaning of what Ji Luo Fei said. With his ability, the more he knew, the more he was likely to die. Even if he doesn’t know anything, in this place, it was another thing to be able to survive.

He did not know what Ji Luo Fei added in that cup of water, but Ning Cheng felt that after he drank the cup of water, he regained some strength.

Ning Cheng was sitting on an old wooden bed, while thinking about his own situation, he was thinking of his younger sister Ning Ruo Lan. At the same time, he also did not understand why Tian Mu Wan did such a thing to him, according to him, Tian Mu Wan was absolutely not that kind of a snobbish girl.

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