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Chapter 26: Your Taste Is Really Strange

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Xiao Ying sold her stocks for ten times the price.

The 100,000 yuan worth of capital in her hands had increased to one million overnight.

However, she would not be complacent.

Her goal was far more than that.

The entire stock market was warming up compared to how it had been the past few days.

Everyone thought the stock-market shocks of the past two days were just a false alarm.

Those who had not sold their shares were relieved, while those who had were regretful.

Xiao Ying did not continue to invest in the stock market when the situation was good.

After taking a few glances, she noted down the prices of the best stocks and turned the computer off.

She was running out of energy.

The amulet had yet to recover from last night.

And Xiao Ying had to think of a way to get close to Cheng Yang.

She was going to visit the Xiao family today.

Otherwise, there was really no other option.

She ran to Cheng Yang’s study and was about to knock on the door.

Only then did she realize that Cheng Yang’s whereabouts today had not been given to her by the amulet.

Obviously, the amulet must have noticed it too.

“Master, this must be the effect of you directly absorbing his aura.”

Xiao Ying paused for a moment before knocking again.


Cheng Yang also found it strange when he saw Xiao Ying walking straight to the study without hesitation on the surveillance camera.

This girl seemed to know where he was and was not worried that he was not in the study.

Xiao Ying had learned her lesson last time. She pinched her nose before entering.

“Brother, can I borrow a book from you?”

This was the method she had thought up to get close to him with.

“I’m not smoking.”

Cheng Yang spoke helplessly. He was afraid that she would run out of oxygen if she held her breath for too long.

His smoking addiction was not very intense to begin with. Last time, he had only been thinking about Xiao Ying’s suspicious points.

He had only smoked because he couldn’t figure it out.

Only then did Xiao Ying lower her hand and take a deep breath.

The amulet began to absorb energy freely.

However, this energy was different from usual. There was a portion missing.

The amulet felt that the energy was gone. After checking, it realized that the person who was taking the energy was Xiao Ying.

To be exact, it was Xiao Ying’s spirit body.

Just as the amulet was about to tell Xiao Ying, he saw her expression and knew that she had noticed it too.

Xiao Ying had noticed even earlier than the amulet.

She had noticed it almost as soon as Cheng Yang’s aura entered her body.

It enveloped her entire body.

This strong, unfamiliar smell made Xiao Ying feel uncomfortable.

However, her spirit body felt unusually comfortable.

She felt more comfortable than ever and greedily increased the absorption.

Even the amulet could not compare to her absorption speed.

Slowly she stopped stealing energy from the amulet.

After figuring out the aura absorption trajectory of the amulet, she personally went to absorb it.


Xiao Ying couldn’t help but cry out in alarm when a violent aura suddenly surged in.

Cheng Yang also looked over. “What’s wrong?”

Xiao Ying hid her laughter and pointed to the nearest book on the bookshelf. “I didn’t expect big brother to have this book. I am very surprised.”

“You like that kind of thing?”

Xiao Ying, who could not even see what book it was, nodded.

The expression on Cheng Yang’s face suddenly became strange. “Then choose one to read.”

Realizing that something was wrong, Xiao Ying quickly turned her head to look and was stunned.

On this side of the bookshelf was a row of books for men.

“Prevention and Treatment of Prostateitis”

“It’s Not Scary to Get Prostate Disease.”

“The Reason Why Men are Cold”

“The Danger of Losing Sex Early”

“The Importance of Sex to Men”

Xiao Ying finally understood why Cheng Yang’s expression was so strange.

Feeling awkward, she looked at him suspiciously.

In her previous life, he had not married and did not have a girlfriend.

After all, with Cheng Yang’s status, any small affair could cause a storm.

“My body is normal.”

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