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Chapter 7: The Path of the Strong

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Hezheng’s face was blank with shock. He still could not figure out what had happened. He could not feel any Primordial Qi from this brat. Although the move was amazing, it did not come with sufficient strength, or he would have not been simply shaken to the point where his blood started surging.

He might have been cautious during normal times, but there stood beside him his goddess at the moment, so he could not lose face at all. Fuming with rage, he roared as he was about to rush over when the girl in a blue dress beside him said, “Senior Yu, forget it!”

With a look of shame and indignation on his face, Hezheng said, “Landuo, give me five minutes. I’ll cripple this kid and take this chamber for you!”

Landuo shook her head and said, “Never mind, he got the chamber first.”

Yunxiao’s eyelids twitched slightly as he blurted out, “It’s you?”

A delicate and beautiful face came into his eyes, causing his thought to flutter slightly.

Looking at Yunxiao in amazement, Landuo said softly, “I can’t believe that just because you can’t cultivate your strength, you have started cultivating your skills. The resources of the Li Family are abundant indeed. That was an excellent move. However, skills without strength are for mere show.”

Yunxiao’s expression became a little odd, but he agreed. “You’re right.”

Meanwhile, Hezheng’s face grew darker. He stared at Landuo and asked, “Landuo, do you know him?”

Instead of answering him, she smiled and said to Yunxiao, “So, it’s impossible for you to defeat me. The gap between us will only grow larger. In fact, you are the young master of the Li Family. So, even if you can’t cultivate, you will still have a bright future. Why are you so persistent?”

“Young master of the Li Family?” Hezheng was astonished. “He is that infamous loser of the Li Family?” His expression suddenly turned odd. He had heard of Yunxiao’s reputation, a loser who could never cultivate. Even the grandmasters of the Alchemists’ Association could do nothing to help him.

“So, that kid is that infamous loser. No wonder I can’t feel any Primordial Qi in him.”

“I see. So, he has taken the path of skills. A warrior with amazing skills has a natural advantage in fighting against opponents of the same rank. But, no matter how many skills he has mastered, they are useless in the face of an expert whose strength is ten times greater.”

“Hehe! I heard that this good-for-nothing young master of the Li Family had crazily wooed Luo Landuo before, and was willing to give up only after he had suffered a blow.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter how distinguished he is. Without strength, he is just a piece of trash! Luo Landuo is a famous beauty, so of course she would never fall for him.”

Yunxiao knew she had misunderstood, and he had a strange feeling in his heart. Before Gu Feiyang’s soul had awakened, he did crazily woo her for a period.

He still remembered the words she had uttered so decisively: “My husband must be a hero of indomitable spirit, and he will be a guardian of the state! In spite of your distinguished status, you are, after all, a loser who cannot practice martial arts. Defeat me one day, and only then will I give some thought to your proposal.”

He also remembered what a huge blow those words had brought to him making him abandon himself even more. But now, he was no longer that simple Li Yunxiao…He was Gu Feiyang! He had met so many peerless beauties in his previous life who had knelt and cried and begged him to accept them. If they were holding hands together, they could even encircle the entire Heavenly Martial Realm twice.

For all her delicateness and beauty, Luo Landuo was a far cry from the beauties he had grown tired of seeing in his previous life. As a result, his heart was filled with a weird feeling right now.

“What? A good-for-nothing young master like him tried to woo you? He truly overestimated himself!” Although Hezheng had suffered a minor loss, he was in a good mood as soon as he realized that Yunxiao was a wastrel.

Yunxiao raised his eyes slightly and gave Hezheng a look. The sharp gaze pierced right into Hezheng’s heart like a blade, causing him to shudder with fear and shut his mouth immediately as beads of cold sweat broke out of his forehead.

“I think you’ve misunderstood. Whether I’m a piece of trash or not, I won’t fight you. If there’s nothing else, I’m going to cultivate.” Once he had finished, Yunxiao waved his hand and walked straight into chamber 013 before closing the door.

Landuo was a little taken aback. She narrowed her beautiful eyes as if she was thinking about something.

Hezheng, on the other hand, widened his eyes as a massive storm surged in his heart. ‘What happened? He’s just a piece of trash who can’t even open his chakras, but why did I feel cold all over as if I was falling into an abyss when he just glanced at me? Oh heavens, what a glance!’

He swallowed hard and looked at the closed door of chamber 013, his forehead dripping with cold sweat. Suddenly, he found that he seemed to have developed a sense of fear for Yunxiao, which deprived him of his fighting will when he was facing the other again!

“For your sake, Landuo, I’ll spare him this time. Let’s go!” Hezheng said, still in shock and trying to save whatever face he still had.

Landuo nodded as she turned and was about to leave when she suddenly gave a slight pause, then looked at Hezheng and said, “Senior Yu, what Li Yunxiao said just now is right. Although your Tiger Punch has great momentum, it’s only the form. If you could master its essence, you wouldn’t have been caught so easily by him.”

Hezheng’s face was lividly mixed with red, his eyes full of shame and anger while his heart harbored an intense hatred for Yunxiao.

As soon as Yunxiao entered the cultivating chamber, he glanced about and found it to be a space 100 meters squared in area. It was empty but for the two chunks of black ironstone placed in a corner, each about a meter tall and with the rough shape of a man. They were obviously the targets of martial arts practice, for they were covered in marks from fists and palms, as well as dents and scratches from swords and knives. One of them was badly damaged, having lost its proper shape.

“These two black iron stones must be over a hundred years old!” Yunxiao gave them a glance of admiration and ran his hand across their surfaces for a moment. Regardless of time or place, there were always warriors who were not afraid of hardship, who poured in all their effort in cultivating as they advanced along the path of the strong.

“Ha!” He gave a low cry. “Now is not the time to be emotional about these things. I must regain my strength as soon as possible! As long as I unclog my meridians and condense Primordial Qi, I reckon I will return to the peak of the Nine Heavens Realm in ten years!”

From the condensation of Primordial Qi to the peak of the Nine Heavens Realm, no matter how genius an individual was, it would take at least a hundred years to achieve it. No one but Gu Feiyang would dare to make such a statement even if they were the reincarnations of Martial Sovereigns, because he was not only a Conferred Martial Sovereign, but also a ninth-tier sovereign-grade alchemist!

A rapid crackle rang out from within him as his body bent backward in an incredible pose. His hands and feet joined to form a perfect circle, and then his muscles and bones began to transform subtly. In addition to the great pain, there was a strange force flowing back and forth within him. It was different from the Primordial Qi he used to know; the force that flowed through his muscles and blood vessels was a pure physical force!


After enduring for the span of seven breaths, he finally lost his grip and was bounced off the wall. He opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood, his head left reeling. However, there was a smile on his sorry-looking face. “Haha! Under ten times the gravity, the effect of the Moon and Sun style really doubled! In less than three days, I will be able to attain the physique of an apprentice warrior, and at that time, I’ll have at least sixty percent chances of success in breaking through my meridians!”

Just as Yunxiao was cultivating in seclusion, the news that he had defeated Yu Hezheng with one move had spread through the entire tenfold gravity zone. Everyone was pondering over the matter. Although he had the suspicion of resorting to advanced martial skills, the fact that he had defeated a peak-level apprentice warrior who had opened seven chakras with the physique of an ordinary man still deeply shocked those who heard it, and even overturned the perception of some apprentice warriors. The students who were there at the time all gained something after much reflection, and Li Yunxiao’s figure was imprinted on their minds.

Landuo and Hezheng left the gravity zone a day later. However, as Hezheng was leaving, he stared venomously at the door of chamber 013, wishing he could swallow the man inside.

Three days later, the door of chamber 013 finally opened, and a man covered in blood walked out of it.

The students waiting for their chambers in the public area were all horrified. Who was this man? His face was unkempt, but when the other students left here, they were no less messy. The question was that not only did he look miserable, his entire body was covered in blood, making him look extremely terrible!

A thick layer of hardened blood covered the surface of his body like a suit of bloody armor, sticking out like a sore thumb! And from his body came wafting out a pungent smell of sweat and blood, causing all the students to feel their stomachs churning, while some female students even started to vomit as they could not stand it.

Apart from the pair of bright eyes, he did not look like a man at all!

Under the horrified glances of the crowd, Yunxiao walked straight into the teleportation array and disappeared from the tenfold gravity zone. What no one noticed was that when he first arrived here, he had to pause after every step while panting; but when he left, he looked relaxed as if he was walking on flat ground.

“Who was that? I can’t believe he tortured himself until he looked like a ghost! Did he have to work so hard?”

“You don’t know? If I remember correctly, that was Li Yunxiao, who had defeated Yu Hezheng with one move!”

“What? It’s him! Tsk! No wonder he can defeat a peak-level apprentice warrior even though his meridians are all clogged up. So, he has been cultivating so desperately!”

“Hehe! That’s the power of love. Luo Landuo promised him that she would give him a chance to woo her if he could defeat her.”

“Hmph! Luo Landuo is pretty, but with his status as the Li Family’s young master, it shouldn’t be a big problem for him to have a few beautiful girls of the same rank, right?”

“Who knows? But, no matter how hard he tries, he can never defeat Luo Landuo. Regardless of how advanced his martial skills are, he is only a clown in the face of absolute power.”

“Indeed! Luo Landuo is one of the top five experts among all the freshmen! I heard that she reached the Origin Realm last month and became a real warrior!”

“Stop lamenting and start cultivating hard, young man! A loser and a girl have already surpassed us!”


Suddenly a cry of alarm echoed out. Everyone looked up and saw the student who was about to enter chamber 013 standing before the door with a blank face.

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