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The Eternal Supreme

Chapter 602


602 Chapter 602-Martial Emperor takes action

Aunt Jiu dodged to the side, leaving a few afterimages behind. She dodged the sword light and floated up into the air. A large amount of dust surged up from below her body and condensed into a yellow dirt ball that was a few feet long and wide in front of her. It emitted a shocking wave of vital energy. Once it exploded, the entire courtyard would be destroyed.

“It’s better for you to summon your puppet. Otherwise, with your cultivation level, let alone fighting with me, I’ll crush you into pieces with a single move.”

Ninth aunt’s eyes were cold and filled with killing intent.

Hmph! Yunxiao snorted. do you still want to have a fair fight with me? Then what’s with the divine sense that’s locked onto me?”

I’m just reminding you out of goodwill, ” aunt Jiu said angrily. I don’t want you to die unconvinced. Since you don’t need it, you can go to hell. Dust earth technique, kill!”

The small ball in front of her spun rapidly, throwing out a large amount of dust, which formed tiny tornadoes and attached to the ball, as if they had more than a dozen braids. The surrounding space was thrown into chaos, and the rustling sound of sand being sifted came from all directions as the tornadoes pressed toward Yunxiao.

Yunxiao had at least several ways to deal with the move in front of him, but he did not dare to use them because he had concerns. This was because li Feiyu was standing beside him. He was very likely to be a formidable opponent in the two meetings. Furthermore, this person was known as the four prodigies of the North Region. He was also very knowledgeable. If he were to recognize his moves, it would be extremely troublesome.

“The mortal world gazes at Ying Haoyue!”

die! Yunxiao shouted. The northern heaven cold star sword appeared in his hand, and a powerful weapon charm fluctuated, colliding with the fluctuation produced by the small ball. Then, a sword beam flickered as the thousand expedition art was performed.

that’s a Suan ni ninth grade profound armament!

Aunt Jiu was taken aback. At a glance, she saw the sword in Yunxiao’s hand and immediately judged its grade. From the sword’s light and color, she understood that it was a divine weapon made of Northern heaven cold star Iron.

The two waves of energy overlapped and penetrated each other. The sword light followed closely behind and directly entered the small ball. In an instant, the small ball was split into two halves, and a large amount of dust scattered in the air. Under the misty atmosphere, the two halves exploded.


As expected, the powerful force instantly annihilated the surroundings. The entire courtyard was covered in dust. The buildings and various decorations inside were instantly turned into powder and disappeared.

Aunt Jiu’s attack was still too powerful. Yunxiao raised his sword to block it, and the aftermath broke through his sword momentum and shook his body. His body glowed with a golden light as he resisted the huge force, but he was still forced to retreat.

Li Feiyu had already flown up into the sky. When he looked back, his heart trembled. He hurriedly wiped his eyes, thinking that he had seen wrongly. When he looked again, Yunxiao had returned to normal.

Li Feiyu’s heart was filled with suspicion. There was clearly a golden light just now, as if the other party had transformed, but the dust that was stirred up by the Qi was too strong, so he didn’t dare to confirm it. In order to probe Yunxiao’s true strength, he had only had the strength of a martial Grandmaster from the beginning to the end. But the sword just now had brought out the great power of a ninth-tier Mystic artifact. Not only had it split open the domain of a martial honor, but it had also cut off ninth aunt’s dust attack, doing something completely impossible.

And how did he withstand the aftermath of ninth aunt’s move? was it the golden light just now? However, he couldn’t see it clearly, which made him suspicious.

“Jade shadow Qi swirling sword returning to soul!” 𝙞𝖓𝚗r𝐞𝒶𝓭.𝑐𝘰m

Yunxiao cried out softly, and a sword beam rose up from the dust. Although there was no domain, it presented a sea of sword Qi that was not inferior to the domain at all. Although he was unable to pry into the core of the thousand expedition noble art, there was no one else in the world who had a better understanding of the way of the sword than him, so he could at least simulate 70 – 80% of it.

Aunt Jiu was also shocked. She could not believe that the other party could compete with her without using a puppet. But what was even more shocking was the ninth-tier Northern heavens cold star sword. Even if she used a ninth-tier Mystic weapon, it was extremely easy for her to be devoured by the weapon rhythm. How could the other party, who had a mere martial arts Grandmaster cultivation, use it so casually?


She suddenly shouted and raised her slender hand to point in the air. A finger light shot out and collided with the sword Qi of the thousand expedition art. The power of the collision spread out, but she was shocked to find that she didn’t have the upper hand!

you said you’d fight and you said you’d stop. This may be the plum Valley, but I’m not a member of the valley!

Yunxiao was inexplicably angry, and he felt a little aggrieved. After his rebirth, he had been dealing with these minions that he would not even look at in the past. Furthermore, he had been suppressed and beaten by them at every turn, and they would scold him at will. An indescribable irritation welled up from the bottom of his heart.

In the depths of his soul, the demonic Dragon suddenly opened its eyes, which flickered with shock. Circles of black patterns began to appear on Yunxiao’s skin, spreading from his body and covering his entire body.

It was the sign of demonization from before!

“Gu Feiyang, wake up!”

Yunxiao! the demon Dragon suddenly shouted. He had already sensed that something was wrong with Yunxiao.

“Wake up your sister!”

Yunxiao roared as rings of demonic energy burst out of the northern heavens cold star sword, enveloping him in a black demonic energy. In the light of the sword, an extremely terrifying black aura flickered. “Sword-art-star-obliteration!”

The northern heaven cold star sword turned completely black. With a slash, the black demonic Qi and the cold light of autumn water were faintly visible. The sky was split in half, and the crack tore towards aunt Jiu!

“This Tao Wu!”

Both aunt Jiu and Li Feiyu were shocked by the strong demonic aura emanating from Yunxiao’s body!

Aunt Jiu, who was a martial honor, shuddered under the might of the sword. Fear gushed out from the bottom of her heart.

“You don’t know the immensity of heaven and earth, how dare you act so atrociously in the plum Valley!”

An explosion rang out in the air, coming from one of the divine senses that had locked onto Yunxiao. Suddenly, a golden beam fell from the sky and rushed into the black Devil Qi, producing a violent rumbling sound as if the sun had pierced through the night. A Martial Emperor of the ninth heaven realm appeared inside the devil Qi, and with a gentle palm strike, he instantly destroyed the sword technique!

The Martial Emperor’s cold eyes were fixed on Yunxiao, like two sharp blades stabbing into his heart.


A distant Bell rang in his heart. The dynasty Bell emitted rays of golden light that radiated onto his body and began to suppress the demonic Qi.

Yunxiao’s heart trembled. He hurriedly calmed his mind and slowly eased his manic aura. Although he had not lost his mind just now, and his self-consciousness was still intact, he had been affected by the manic emotion, which was definitely not something that should have happened to him.

As the power of the dynasty Bell rang, the black patterns on his body gradually faded and returned to normal in the blink of an eye.

Li Feiyu was dumbstruck. The might of that sword strike was no longer below that of a martial Supreme. Even he felt a great threat, and the change in Yunxiao’s body made him misunderstand it as some kind of powerful cultivation technique. His eyes began to show fear and solemnity.

He originally thought that although the other party had some trump cards, he would definitely not be his match. But, after the sword attack just now, which was full of demonic energy, he had completely raised Yunxiao to the same level as himself, and he did not dare to underestimate him.

“You’re so young, yet you’ve learned some crooked cultivation techniques. Do you think you can be so impudent everywhere? Today, I’ll discipline you on behalf of your family!”

The Martial Emperor’s killing intent rose, and the emperor’s might of the nine Heavens rumbled down on Yunxiao.

Yunxiao’s face flickered slightly. These martial emperors were all self-righteous and liked to use their Emperor Qi to oppress others as if it was very enjoyable. He wished he could slap them away, but unfortunately, although he was not afraid of this kind of Emperor Qi, he could do nothing about it.

“Discipline young master Yun? I’ve just arrived and I’ve already heard such an exciting thing. I really want to see who’s the one who’s spouting such crazy words!”

A cold voice came from the distance. The sky suddenly changed color, and a powerful pressure quickly flew over.

“Not good, someone has broken into the valley!”

Along with the panic-stricken voices in the plum Valley, there were Warriors who kept screaming.

The Martial Emperor powerhouse was shocked and looked over in horror. Suddenly, the bright sky turned dark, and only the four poles shone with an auroras that connected their heads and tails. A few golden symbols glowed in the sky, surrounding the four poles and the entire sky as a huge seal. Then, a move came crashing down.

In the sky, a figure could be seen, but his face could not be seen clearly. He could only say, ” “Heaven-earth seal!”

“Not good! Ninth aunt, run!”

The Martial Emperor powerhouse was shocked to find that this move had used the entire sky and earth as a seal. There was almost no way to escape from the four corners. Everyone who was enveloped by this seal was locked by the powerful spatial power. They could not even move, let alone escape.

Whether it was aunt Jiu, li Feiyu, or that martial sovereign, all of them trembled as they tried to block the attack with all their might. However, it was like a Mantis trying to stop a chariot. Under the might of the heaven and earth, they were like ants and grasshoppers that could be crushed at any time.


As the seal fell, it caused a shocking tremor. A person was sent flying from the ground into the nine Heavens, spurting blood along the way.

As for aunt Jiu and the others, they were not injured at all. The one who had been sent flying was the Martial Emperor. At the same time, a man appeared in the sky. He glanced around, then took a step forward and came to Yunxiao’s side, saying anxiously, ” “Shi Xuanji, young master Yun, are you alright?”

He always felt that calling him young master Yun was very awkward and awkward. It was fine if he paid attention to it normally, but it was easy to slip up at critical moments. Fortunately, Yunxiao looked like a teenager, or it would have been even more difficult for him to change his mind. His Supreme reverence for Gu Feiyang made him not dare to have any blasphemy.

It was mo Xiaochuan.

Yunxiao shook his head slightly. I’m fine. Why are you here? ” he asked. Don’t hit people for no reason, what if you kill someone?”

Mo Xiaochuan’s face darkened and he said awkwardly, ” “I’ll pay more attention to this Kasaya in the future. I held back just now, so that person shouldn’t have died, right?”

He raised his head and looked up at the sky, but the martial sovereign did not fall for a long time. Could it be that he was sent flying into the starry sky outside of this region?”

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