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The Eternal Supreme

Chapter 600


600 Chapter 600-invitation

Bi tan glanced at the calabash Little King Kong and said indifferently, ” “Young master Yun, we’re also very interested in the northern heaven frigid Star Iron, but we don’t have enough treasures on us. If young master Yun is interested, you can come with us to the island of freedom. Island master Hong will definitely be willing to purchase it in person.”

“I’m not interested in anything else except Water-type mutated elements,” the calabash guardian deity said. Also, if I follow you to Freedom Island, do you think I can sell it for a good price? If you want to trade, ask your Island Lord Hong to come here himself.”

“Hmph, you don’t know your place!”

Bi tan snorted coldly. He looked at the rest of the people and revealed a sincere desire to make a deal.

Yang Ping asked,”these ice jade beads are indeed good stuff. Even if it’s a martial honor like me, it’ll be of great help if I take it.” I wonder how the two of you would like to switch?”

one ice jade bead for a seventh-tier material, ” bi tan said. it must be an exchange of the same tier.

This price was fair and reasonable, but it was boring to exchange too little, and he couldn’t afford to exchange too much. He even felt that it wasn’t worth it.

The only one who was tempted was Yunxiao. If he could exchange these ice jade beads for them, they would be enough for him to increase his strength by several stars. He could not help but ask Little King Kong gourd to say, ” “Are the two of you willing to use metastones to exchange for it? after all, metastones can be used to conveniently purchase various raw materials for refining weapons from the various Chamber of Commerces.”

that’s fine, ” bi tan said. this ice jade bead is not an ordinary seventh-rank item. After all, it’s five million medial-grade primordial stones for one bead.

Aunt Jiu laughed. ordinary seventh-tier materials are worth between two to five million. If you only sell one of these ice jade beads, it should be worth this price. But these thousands of Pixiu ... Hehe. Her meaning was clear. The rarer something was, the more expensive it would be. With such a large stock, it was not worth the price. By giving him this advice, she was also doing Yunxiao a favor and expressing her goodwill.

how much is it in total? ” the gourd Little King Kong asked. give me a whole number. I want them all.

“What? All of them? Can you eat it?”

Bi tan was shocked and blurted out, but he immediately thought of the northern heaven frigid Star Iron in the other party’s hand. Any bit of it would be enough to buy what he had, so he didn’t say anything else. After thinking for a while, he said, I have a total of 2500 ice jade beads here. If young master Yun needs them, you can take out 12 billion medial-grade primordial stones.


The calabash Little King Kong agreed immediately, and his straightforwardness stunned everyone. however, I don’t have that many vitality stones on me. I need to exchange for something.

“It’s fine. I’ll wait for young master Yun,” bi tan said.

Yunxiao had about ten billion primordial stones on him, and if he took them all out, he would immediately become a poor man again. After some hesitation, he took out a thumb-sized piece of skyshine metal and put it in the hand of the gourd Little King Kong.

this is it, ” the gourd warrior said. it could have been auctioned by any Chamber of Commerce, but it’s too late. Let’s bid on it now.

The Tenshou Imperial Gold was like a piece of ingot in the hands of the gourd Little King Kong. Other than its golden color, there was nothing else to be seen.

“Oh? What is this?”

Geng Xing’s curiosity was piqued, but he didn’t respond.

Aunt Jiu’s expression changed drastically, and she lost her composure. “Young master Yun, can you let me take a closer look?”

“Naturally,” the gourd little guardian deity replied.

Aunt Jiu strode forward. She was such a dignified and Noble lady, but she did not care about Fengyi, which made everyone speculate. Aunt Jiu’s finger touched the Tenshou metal, and her pupils suddenly shrank. She said in a serious voice, ” “I wonder if young master Yun would be willing to sell this to me in private. The price will definitely satisfy young master Yun. Although the Mei family is not a big family, we have been cooperating with the merchant Union for so many years, so we still have some financial resources.”

“Ninth aunt, you’re in the wrong here,” li Feiyu said unhappily. Since you’ve already identified it, you should tell everyone what it is and let everyone compete for it. ”

“That’s right, wouldn’t this be keeping us in suspense!” Everyone was dissatisfied, but at the same time, they were extremely curious about that small piece of metal.

I’m just making a deal with young master Yun, ” aunt Jiu said. it’s up to him whether he agrees or not. She looked at Yunxiao with anticipation.

alright! Yunxiao hesitated for a moment before he said, ” but these ice jade Pixiu ...

“Don’t worry!”

Seeing that he had agreed, aunt Jiu was overjoyed. I’ll buy all these ice jade beads as a meeting gift for young master Yun. Please come to the Mei family to discuss the details after the transaction is over.

in that case, I can’t refuse, ” Yunxiao said. let’s do it this way.

Yunxiao agreed because he thought of Mei Dong ‘er’s matter. He did not know the whole story yet, so it was good to do his ninth aunt a favor for the time being. After all, it wasn’t the time to make the deal. If he realized that something was wrong, he could just cancel the deal.

Everyone was confused, but the only thing they knew was that the thumb-sized metal in Yunxiao’s hand had a great background, and even those who specialized in appraising treasures were tempted.

Aunt Jiu said to bi tan, ” I didn’t bring too many vitality stones with me. I only have two billion. Can it be considered as a deposit? ” If the two Sirs are still worried, I can also use other things as collateral.”

“Ninth aunt’s words are naturally credible. There’s no need for collateral,” bi tan said.

“In that case, thank you both,” aunt Jiu said. The two of you just need to stay in the city Lord’s mansion for a while, and I’ll have someone send the primordial stones over.” She gave some instructions to the beautiful maidservant beside her and the beautiful maidservant hurriedly left.

Yunxiao stepped forward and put the box of more than two thousand ice jade beads into his bag, then returned to stand behind the gourd Little King Kong with an expressionless face.

It was just that the gazes of the crowd on him were getting more and more complicated. He was afraid that many people had already remembered him.

The other people also began to take out their own items one after another. They made a few sporadic transactions, but there were no stunning items. On the other hand, the two from Freedom Island were very enthusiastic about trading, which was also due to the lack of resources on the island.

Aunt Jiu was a little absent-minded at first, but after the beautiful maidservant brought over the primordial stones and handed them to bitu, she bowed and was about to leave, as if she was eager to get Yunxiao’s piece of skyshine que gold.

Geng Xing smiled bitterly. He couldn’t force her to stay, so he said, ” Yangping, send aunt Jiu and young master Yun away. I’ll continue to preside over this.

“Then I’ll have to trouble you, Lord yang,” said ninth aunt.

“I came here with young master Yun, and I would like to visit ninth aunt as well. May I trouble you?” li Feiyu also stood up.

Aunt Jiu’s brows furrowed slightly, clearly unwilling to do so. However, li Feiyu’s identity and status made it impossible for her to refuse, so she could only say,”You’re very welcome. I’m looking forward to young master Li visiting us often.”

“Definitely, definitely,” li Feiyu laughed.

Looking at their departing figures, many people present could no longer remain calm. The hall was filled with restless auras, and the treasures on Yunxiao’s body were too much for them to miss. 𝐢𝚗𝚗𝑟𝙚𝒶𝗱.𝒄o𝑚

Yang Ping sent the three of them to the outside of the city Lord’s mansion. A luxuriously decorated battleship was already floating in the air, waiting for them. The level of the battleship was not high, but it was dressed very elegantly and fresh, like a woman’s boudoir, emitting a sweet fragrance.

“Only a few people in the world can board ninth aunt’s Phoenix boat. I can go in and take a look today,” li Feiyu said with a smile.

“Young master Li, if you want to see it, you can come at any time,” aunt Jiu said with a chuckle. This mistress is just a means of transportation, not Noah’s ship, so what’s there to see?”

Li Feiyu’s brows suddenly furrowed, I heard that Noah’s ship has appeared and found a master. I don’t know if it’s true. Has ninth aunt heard about it? ”

Yunxiao’s heart stirred as he listened quietly.

Ye Fan had obtained Noah’s ship. Although most of the people who knew about it were dead, there was no secret in the world. It was only a matter of time before it spread.

I’ve heard of this before, ” aunt Jiu said. but this is not the first time the news of Noah’s ship has spread. Every time it turns out to be a scam.

“But this time, it’s a bit too exaggerated, as if it’s true. It also seems to be related to the Tang tribulation of the four extremes sect,” li Feiyu said.

Aunt Jiu pondered and said,”Oh?” Could it be that Tang Jie has obtained Noah’s ship? Aunt Jiu, you should know that the Yang key to Noah’s ship has always been in the hands of the merchant Union. Could it be that the four extremes sect is in charge of it this year?”

Li Feiyu sighed and said,”AI, this is exactly what’s giving me a headache. I’ll need too much time and energy to figure out what’s going on.” I feel that the heavenly martial arts realm is becoming more and more unstable. If the rumors are true, then this is the second major event after the collapse of Mount Meru in the southern region.”

young master Yun, ” he said, looking at Yunxiao. have you heard of it? ”

Yunxiao gave him a strange look, and the calabash Little King Kong said in a deep voice, ” “I have never heard of it. How can we know something that even your myriad treasures store is not sure about?” His words weren’t false. These two matters were done by him personally, but he had never “heard” of them.

that’s right, ” aunt Jiu said with a smile. I’m afraid the merchant Union is the most well-informed place in the world.

She gave the calabash King Kong a look, then turned to Yunxiao and said with a smile, ” “Young master Yun, I knew that you were the real one, so you didn’t have to pretend in front of me. The Mei family’s ability to recognize treasures is unparalleled in the world. Your puppet is indeed a Supreme treasure, and it even has a spiritual consciousness. Although it is an eighth-rank treasure, its value is not below that of a ninth-rank treasure.”

Yunxiao did not feel depressed. With a faint smile, he slapped the calabash King Kong with his palm and took it back into his body. Then, he said with a smile, ” “Just in time, I don’t have to pretend anymore, it’s very tiring.”

The three of them looked at each other and laughed, then turned into a ray of light and flew into the Phoenix carriage.

There were actually buildings and Jade spaces inside, filled with all kinds of spiritual flowers and rare herbs, and a large number of oddly-shaped stones. All kinds of beautiful maidservants were shuttling back and forth. Some of them were playing with the rocks, and some were trimming the flowers and plants. They were decorating the battleship like a small courtyard.

Yunxiao and Li Feiyu exchanged a glance and smiled wryly. Only a woman would have the mind to dress up like this.

the Mei family has always shown up at auctions in various places with men, and they are basically all old men, ” Yunxiao said curiously. why are all the people around you women, ninth aunt, but not a man? ”

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