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Chapter 6: Tyrant Body Tempering Technique

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“Why is this cultivation technique so abnormal? I feel like my whole body is about to be torn apart! No wonder that Tyrant is so strong…It’s so painful just to get started!”

The Tyrant Martial Sovereign was recognized as the strongest of the ten Conferred Martial Sovereigns!

Yunxiao had obtained the body-tempering technique from Tyrant by chance. He never dared to let anyone know about it, and had intended to practice it secretly. But who knew that he would die in the Tiandang Mountains before he could even begin.

“With this technique, even if I can’t open up any chakras, it will be enough for me to cultivate to the Martial Sovereign level!”

Yunxiao took a deep breath as he let out a deep cry and bent his upper body back once again. Every individual who had cultivated to the peak of the Nine Heavens Realm had an amazing perseverance. Although talent was important, what was more important was the courage and determination to never give up!

“The first style of the Tyrant Body Tempering Technique—Moon and Sun!”

He again bent his body into a circle. The tremendous pulling force made him feel as if his body was being torn apart by horses while every inch of his muscle and bone began to break!


This time, he held on for five seconds, before being thrown out and slammed straight into the wall. His insides were so shaken that his blood boiled violently, causing him to cough up a mouthful of blood.

“Again!” He gave a loud shout. The two setbacks had made his inner pride soar. “If that Tyrant can cultivate it, I’m going to do it better than him!”

Although Tyrant’s strength was recognized as the strongest among the ten Conferred Martial Sovereigns, none of them were willing to admit inferiority to the others. They were all proud individuals who looked down on every being in the world!

“The Moon and Sun style!”

A day later, in the Gravity Cultivating Hall of the academy…

Many teleportation arrays were inscribed on the ground paved with bluestone bricks, each leading to a different gravity zone. Students could be transferred directly to their destinations by placing a Primordial Stone in the array. These arrays were scattered across several acres of land, and only the capital of a state had the strength to construct such a cultivating venue. In the center of the dozens of arrays was a tall, thousands of meters squared platform. It was the return point of all the gravity regions.

Yunxiao looked at the students and their youthful faces as they came and went, his thoughts drifting back to decades ago. At that time, he was just an ordinary apprentice warrior. Like all the students here, he listened to the legends of the heroes and worked hard day and night to advance forward on the road of the strongest.

Most of the students who came here voluntarily were the children of poor families. They only hoped that they could become the warriors of the state one day, rise above the crowd, and bring glory to their ancestors!

Everyone was transferred out in high spirits, and then returned like frozen eggplants, dispirited and discouraged. Everyone was self-absorbed, and few people talked. Occasionally, they all looked surprised when they saw Yunxiao dressed in splendid clothes.

Yunxiao stepped into a yellow array marked with the words ‘Tenfold’ and put a Primordial Stone in it. Immediately, a yellow light rose from the array and wrapped him up. Soon, his figure faded away and disappeared from the hall.

In the next moment, just as he arrived at his destination, he felt a tremendous tearing force coming from the ground. His whole body collapsed in a flash; all his flesh and blood was squeezed together!

“Ha! HA!” Yunxiao gasped for breath. He was mentally prepared, but because of the severe lack of blood in his upper body, he became unusually pale and his whole body was deformed slightly.

He forced himself upright and looked around. The entire tenfold gravity region was even larger than the Gravity Training Hall, divided into many cultivating chambers numbered from 001 to 200. As there were tens of thousands of students in Jialan College, 200 cultivating chambers were not that many. There were a lot of students who did not have a chamber at the moment, and were meditating in the public area while waiting instead.

Yunxiao quickly swept the surroundings with his divine sense and then walked towards chamber 013 while panting. Every step he took required almost all of his strength, and the pores of his entire body opened and closed dramatically under the pull of gravity while he breathed spontaneously.

“I have to master the Moon and Sun style as soon as possible, so that this body can endure the use of the medicine to break through my meridians!”

It took him more than half a minute to move to chamber 013. Just as he was arriving, the door suddenly opened, and a pale, sweaty student came out of the chamber. As soon as he saw Yunxiao, the student was slightly stunned, and immediately lowered his head and walked in the direction of the teleportation array.

“It is not easy to have a vacant chamber. Why was it taken by this guy?”

“We’ve been waiting for most of the day for one to come out. Why was this new guy so lucky?”

“Yeah, he seemed to know that the student in 013 was coming out.”

“Who is this guy? Why can’t I feel any Primordial Qi fluctuation emanating from him?”

“Are you kidding me? The absence of Primordial Qi fluctuation means that one has not opened even a single chakra yet. How can a common person withstand tenfold gravity?”

Just as Yunxiao was about to step into chamber 013, a hand suddenly reached over and stopped him. A student, smiling and dressed in a white robe, stood in front of him. “My name is Yu Hezheng, and I am an intermediate student who has opened seven chakras, a peak-level apprentice warrior. You’re new here, aren’t you little brother? Give me this chamber.”

There were four grades of students in the college, namely the junior class, the intermediate class, the advanced class, and the graduate class.

Yunxiao looked up and said coldly, “Give my a*s! Get out of my sight!”

Hezheng’s face flickered, but he seemed to have thought of something after a fit of rage. He glanced behind him quietly as he regained his composure and said, “You must be new here. Give me face today. If you need any help in the college, just mention my name.”

“Mention my a*s! Are you going to move now or what?”

Hezheng’s face finally turned livid, even turning a little black. No one had ever dared to refuse him in such a way. He laughed out of fury and said, “Haha! You have guts! How dare you, a loser who doesn’t even have Primordial Qi fluctuation, talk to me like that? Well, I will teach you some rules that a freshman should follow today!” As his voice faded away, the aura of his body suddenly soared, forming a faint pressure that blasted toward Yunxiao!

“Primordial Qi? Has Yu Hezheng condensed Primordial Qi and broken through to the Origin Realm?!” A cry of surprise sounded in the public area and immediately attracted all eyes. Everyone’s face was full of wonder.

“What an amazing talent! It is said that he only opened the seventh chakra last week. Usually, it would take months to condense Primordial Qi, and yet, he did it in seven days!”

“I don’t think so. He should still be an apprentice warrior. If he broke through to the warrior realm, his body should have the glow of Primordial Qi and not just the pressure.”

“Even so, he’s simply too awesome. In my opinion, he’ll be able to truly step into the Origin Realm in ten days at the most!”

“I’m in a good mood today kid, so I’ll just break all your ribs and spare your life.” As he listened to the shocked conversation around him, Hezheng felt a surge of pride. He wanted to show off his might, especially now that the goddess he wanted to woo was standing behind him. A force began to build up in his fist.

“Hu!” 𝒊𝔫𝔫𝒓𝘦𝘢𝚍.c𝙤m

He threw his fist out, his arm crackling as if beans were being roasted inside. A mighty gust of wind spread out from the punch as it flew toward Yunxiao like a savage tiger!

“Tiger Punch? Not bad! However, this technique is not only about the momentum of a savage tiger, but also about the timing to land a fatal blow. You have the form but lack the essence.” Just as everyone broke into a cold sweat for Yunxiao, he started commenting on Hezheng’s attack like a teacher guiding a student.

“Has this kid lost his mind? How could he still have the mood to mock in the face of a punch thrown out by a peak-level apprentice warrior who has opened seven chakras?” A student said as his eyes grew wide.

“I don’t think he’s mocking. Although he’s somewhat arrogant, he’s got a point!” said another student thoughtfully.

A student next to them shook his head and said, “Whether he’s got a point or not, how can he dodge a punch from a peak-level apprentice warrior? Unless he has the strength of a warrior, he’s going to suffer!”

Hezheng was so angry that he could not help adding more strength to his fist. Initially, he only wanted to wound Yunxiao, but he was determined to cripple this posturing brat with the punch now!


Yunxiao cried out as he took a step forward and put his hands with fingers bent into claws before his chest, performing a dragon form that opened its mouth widely to devour everything!

Everyone seemed to turn into an illusion of a dragon roaring in their ears!

Hezheng’s pupils constricted suddenly. His Tiger Punch had already covered Yunxiao’s whole body and was unavoidable. Yet, he did not expect Yunxiao to give him an impression of swallowing the world by just performing a dragon form. Not only had it destroyed the tiger might of his punch, but it also looked like a huge mouth, waiting for him to throw himself in.

‘What is this? Why did I feel like I am a sheep walking into a tiger’s mouth?’ Hezheng was shocked, but he soon calmed down. ‘No matter how weird your move is, I’m a peak-level apprentice warrior, and I can crush you with just my strength alone!’


Suddenly a pain came from his arm, and his punch, which he thought could never miss, landed on empty air. At some point, Yunxiao had bent his ten fingers into claws, and instead of retreating, he advanced and clutched the claws on Hezheng’s arm.

Then, a sharp pain stabbed into the latter’s mind. What made him even angrier was that the burst of strength on his arm vanished as soon as Yunxiao’s claws clutched at him, and he could no longer muster any of his strength!


After succeeding with the move, Yunxiao threw himself at Hezheng and squatted slightly before slamming his right shoulder into the other’s chest.


Hezheng felt nothing but numbness in his chest and a rush of blood in his throat. He staggered back from the impact and took a few steps before he could stand firmly.

‘Oh well, this body…” Yunxiao sighed in his heart, greatly dissatisfied with his current body. If he had Hezheng’s strength, the dragon style would have completely crippled his opponent’s arm, and the subsequent slam would have killed him in seconds. But now, he had only caused pain in the latter’s arm and numbness in the chest.

“What happened just now? Did anyone see it clearly?”

“Yu Hezheng’s punch was powerful enough to crack a boulder, and I even saw a faint light of Primordial Qi. How could it be defended so easily?”

“How strange! There is no fluctuation of Primordial Qi on this kid. Could he be an expert who hides his strength?”

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