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The Eternal Supreme

Chapter 599


599 Chapter 599-shock

As soon as the red coral appeared in the hall, everyone immediately felt a warm feeling on their bodies, as if a fire had been started. It was indescribably warm and comfortable.

Aunt Jiu frowned slightly and said in surprise, ” “Could it be the blood Stone coral?”

“The Mei family truly lives up to its name!” Bi tan exclaimed in admiration.

“That’s right,” aunt Jiu said.”It’s my first time seeing this treasure too.” It was said that in the four Seas, there were experts above the nine Heavens realm who fought, and the blood that flowed out soaked in the mud and stones at the bottom of the sea. After tens of thousands of years of accumulation, this coral could grow. This kind of Blood Stone coral was born by absorbing the blood of a martial sovereign of the nine Heavens. Not only does it contain a great amount of hostility, but most importantly, it also contains a trace of the nine Heavens will!”

what? it contains the will of the nine Heavens!

This time, everyone’s expression changed. Some of them even stood up and almost pounced to snatch it. Their eyes were shining as they stared at the blood Stone coral, like wolves staring at meat.

It contained the nine Heavens conception, which was no longer an ordinary heavenly treasure. It was definitely an existence that would cause a bloody storm. Geng Xing and Yang Ping were also shocked, and their faces were full of solemnity. If they started fighting, they wouldn’t be able to suppress the scene in front of them.

Aunt Jiu chuckled and said, ” don’t worry, everyone. Although this Blood Stone coral contains the will of the nine Heavens, as I’ve said before, there is also a large amount of hostility in it. It should have been left behind by the martial sovereign of the nine Heavens. If you want to seize the will of the nine Heavens, you will also be devoured by the hostility. If you can’t control it effectively, I’m afraid you will directly go crazy.

“Ninth aunt is indeed an extraordinary person,” bi tan said.”You actually know so much.” The Bloodstone coral was indeed watered with the blood of a Martial Emperor. The conditions for its formation were extremely harsh, and the violent aura within it was so strong that even a Martial Emperor might not be able to dispel it. I’ve only managed to get a glimpse of the nine Heavens conception contained in it, so it’s a bit of a chicken rib.”

The hostility that even a martial sovereign of the nine Heavens might not be able to dispel sent chills down everyone’s spine. The hot blood that had rushed to their heads immediately cooled down.

Geng Xing and Yang Ping were greatly relieved.

“Indeed, if not,” aunt Jiu said. The value of that would be hard to estimate, and gold spirit stones would never be able to compare.”

Bi tan asked,”I wonder if young master Li has a good impression of my Blood Stone coral?” Although it’s of little value, it’s still an extremely rare item.”

Li Feiyu smacked his head, unable to make a decision,”It’s really a difficult problem. I’ve never seen the preciousness of the blood Stone coral in the ten thousand treasures tower all these years. However, that wood-type spiritual Jade is very suitable for a friend of mine, and he’s also very interested in it. ”

“Young master Yun, do you have any suggestions that can be considered for me?” he asked after thinking for a while.

The calabash Little King Kong said bluntly, ” they’re all trash, just like your metal spirit stone. They’re not worth much. Just exchange them.

haha, what big words. Aren’t you afraid of spraining your tongue? ”

Liu Feng sneered while the others snorted coldly. young master Yun and young master Li have come together, ” Yang Ping said, a little displeased. I’m sure you’ve brought a lot of treasures with you. Why don’t you show them to us? ”

of course I have treasures, ” the gourd Little King Kong snorted. but you can’t give me what I want. Why should I show you my treasures? ”

Humph! Geng Xing snorted. although Yufeng city is just a small city, it’s also a fortress that connects all the major cities in the North. There will naturally be a lot of exchanges of treasures. Could it be that young master Yun wanted the stars in the sky? Even meteorites are common.”

“Myriad treasures store should have what I want,” the gourd little guardian deity said. I need a type of mutated water element that is close to the origin. And there are quite a few of them.”

mutated element, Origin Energy!


Everyone was shocked, and then many people laughed out loud, all of them with mocking expressions.

Liu Feng sneered. the origin variant element is comparable to a top-tier ninth-grade material. Its value is even higher than that. What do you have to exchange for it? ”

there are many things you can exchange for, ” the gourd little guardian deity said. the key is that you don’t have any.

“Hmph, what a joke!”

Liu Feng rudely brushed his face and sat back in his chair.

The gourd Little King Kong waved his hand, and a ray of light shot into the sky above the hall, turning into a huge iron pillar that fell down with a loud bang. It shook the center of the hall, emitting a cold air that made people shiver. 𝒾𝓷𝐧r𝔢𝘢𝒅*c𝗼𝑚

“This, this is a Kasaya.”

Everyone was shocked. The spiritual energy fluctuations on the iron pillar were extremely strong, and with one look, they knew that it was not an ordinary object. What shocked everyone the most was that it was too huge. An ordinary rare material like this would be considered pretty good if it was the size of a palm, but this was a huge one!

“Ninth aunt, What is this?” Yang Ping was also shocked.

Aunt Jiu’s face also showed a serious expression. She walked forward, carefully stretched out her right hand, and gently slid it on the pillar. She immediately retracted her hand with a scream, and a layer of frostbites appeared on her fingertips.

“This ... Could this be the northern heaven frigid Star Iron?” she asked in shock. But how was that possible? Such a huge piece of Northern heaven frigid Star Iron! My God, just how much is this worth!”

a top grade ninth-tier material, known as one of the top ten metals, the northern heaven frigid Star Iron?!

Aunt Jiu’s judgment immediately silenced the entire Hall. It was the size of a pillar, and any piece that was knocked off would be a priceless treasure!

The gourd Little King Kong waved his hand and immediately took back the northern heaven cold star Iron. He said coldly, ” now, those with mutated water elements can take it out and Exchange for it.

There was a strange silence in the hall. No one made a sound. Everyone was still immersed in the shock just now. They even suspected that they had seen wrongly and that it was not real.

it’s so big! Geng Xing murmured to himself. how can there be such a Big top-tier ninth-grade material? how valuable is it? ” cold sweat oozed out of his forehead. He was afraid of the gourd Little King Kong’s identity.

Li Feiyu was also completely stunned. He only came back to his senses when the gourd Little King Kong called out to him.

“Brother li, does myriad Treasure Tower have any intentions?”

Li Feiyu came to his senses and gave Yunxiao a glance as if he were looking at a monster. “This thing is indeed better than the water element, but this is a serious matter. Even I don’t have the right to decide. However, wasn’t young master Yun’s Northern heaven frigid Star Iron a little too big? How can there be so many raw materials in this world?”

The gourd Little King Kong snorted. you don’t have to worry about that. Since there’s no stock, don’t think about my treasure anymore. The same goes for everyone.

Everyone’s face was filled with black lines. They had just ridiculed him for overestimating his ability, and did not expect to be slapped in the face so quickly. However, an ordinary man’s possession of a jade pendant was a crime, and many people’s eyes became uneasy.

Naturally, Yunxiao was not afraid of trouble, so he sneered in his heart. If someone was blind, then he could only blame his own bad luck.

Li Feiyu could only bitterly smile in embarrassment. At this moment, the gold spirit stone in his hand was truly like trash. He felt a little embarrassed and immediately lost all interest in the transaction.

After thinking for a while, he exchanged for bitu’s Blood Stone coral. After all, myriad treasures store was still more concerned about the rarity of the items. Yang Ping, on the other hand, put away the wood-element spiritual Jade with a hint of disappointment.

young master Yun, ” Geng Xing suddenly said. I can’t take out the water element, but I know a place where mutated water elements might exist.

“Oh? I’d like to hear more details!” The gourd Little King Kong seemed to be interested.

it’s not something of value, ” Geng Xing said. just take it as a gift to young master Yun. He waved his hand and a Jade slip fell into the hands of the gourd Little King Kong.

Everyone’s pupils contracted, and they immediately saw the gourd Little King Kong’s arm that was like a profound level weapon.

Yunxiao’s divine sense rushed into the Jade slip through his arm, and he soon read the information inside.

“So it’s a record,” the gourd Little King Kong said. Thank you, city Lord Geng. I appreciate your kindness.”

this thing isn’t very valuable, ” Geng Xing said with a smile. young master Yun, you can estimate it yourself.

After Yunxiao showed them a piece of Northern heaven cold star Iron, the atmosphere in the square turned a little cold. Most people were no longer in the mood to trade, and were all making small calculations.

“Let’s trade something from the freedom Island,” bitu suddenly said.

Beside him, Ying Bo made an incantation gesture with one hand, and a drop of water immediately appeared in front of him, slowly falling to the ground. The water vapor receded, revealing a huge box that was three or four meters wide. With a light incantation gesture, the box opened and immediately emitted the light of jewels. It was actually a whole box of pearls!

“This, what do the two of you mean by this? you’re actually using pearls to trade?” Yang Ping was stunned.

“Please explain it to everyone, ninth aunt,” bi tan said with a smile.

All women loved to look beautiful, and even people like ninth aunt were no exception. After seeing the box full of pearls, she immediately smiled and said, ” this is no ordinary Pearl. It’s an ice jade Pearl from a seventh-rank sea beast, the wave spirit ice jade clam. It’s a seventh-rank item, and it’s extremely beneficial to cultivators.

“Seventh-ranked item? So many?”

Everyone was once again dumbfounded. Although they were not as shocked as the northern heaven cold star Iron, they were still stunned. There were at least a thousand beads here, right?

Bi tan laughed. there’s really no treasure in the world that can pose a challenge to aunt Jiu. You should be able to feel the spiritual energy of these ice jade beads. Each of them is a rare item. All of these were exchanged for raw materials for making battle armor. Our Island of freedom is rich in these marine products, but we are in urgent need of various mineral resources to refine profound level weapons and armors. This is also one of the reasons why the two of us came to the mainland, hoping to exchange for some raw materials.”

The calabash Little King Kong suddenly said, ” Freedom Island suddenly wants to exchange for a large number of raw materials. I don’t know why. Could it be that the conflict between you and the sea tribe of the North Sea has intensified? ”

Bi tan and Ying Bo’s faces both changed at the same time, and bi tan coldly said,”This is our sect’s business and has nothing to do with young master Yun. If young master Yun has any good materials, you’re welcome to exchange for them.”

Yunxiao was tempted by these beads as well. If he could swallow them, his strength would definitely advance by leaps and bounds. But, although he had some raw materials to refine the battle suit, he did not have a lot of them, so he hesitated for a moment.

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