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Chapter 5: Ruthless Counterattack

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A shrill wail of pain resounded through the air, almost piercing the eardrums of those who heard it. The palpitating scream was enough to make everyone imagine how much pain the owner of the voice had endured.

What caused everyone’s expression to change was that the voice came from Du Feng’s mouth. As he had his back facing the crowd, no one knew what had happened. All they saw was that his body began to tremble violently and then slowly fell back toward the ground.

“Du Feng!”

As Luo Jie uttered a terrible cry, Du Feng finally fell to the ground, his trembling hands covering his crotch as his body twitched wildly. Meanwhile, he continued to wail and scream like a pig in a slaughterhouse.

It was then that everyone saw Yunxiao slowly lower his right leg. It turned out that he had kicked Du Feng in the most vulnerable spot…

Looking at the shock and fear in everyone’s eyes, Yunxiao spread out his hands helplessly and said with an innocent expression, “You all saw him rush up to beat me. I did nothing but just lift my right knee. I didn’t expect he would run himself into it. Aye, what bad luck!”

“So, it was a knee kick! What a ruthless guy!”

All the male students present shivered and subconsciously put their hands in front of their crotches.

“NO! PLEASE! NO! I’ve made a mistake! Please spare me, Young Master Yun!”

Luo Jie cracked his fists in fury. “Li Yunxiao! You are too vicious! How can you use such a sinister tactic against your classmate!”

“You can’t be so shameless,” Yunxiao said innocently. “As you can see, he ran into me. There are at least a few dozen students here who can testify for me.”


Luo Jie was so angry that he did not know what to say. What happened did seem as Yunxiao had said, and even he could not see anything wrong with it. But, how could there be such a strange thing?

Everyone present had the same thought in mind. ‘Yeah, that guy ran into the knee all by himself. What a weirdo, trying to beat someone but ending up ruining his manhood. It is truly unheard of!’

“Whatever your excuse is, you can’t get away with it!” Luo Jie said angrily. “Today, I’m going to destroy your manhood and cripple your limbs! I will avenge Du Feng!”

His figure flashed as he dashed forward. However, he seemed to be somewhat afraid, as he did not attack from the front like Du Feng did, but turned to the side and threw his fist out!

The punch whistled through the air with a force of over a thousand catties!

“What a powerful punch! I can’t believe this guy is a senior apprentice warrior! That lad is in trouble!”

“The seven chakras are bottlenecked by the fifth chakra. After breaking through it, one is considered a senior apprentice warrior. I wonder how many chakras this guy has opened!”

“Judging by the fact that his punch comes with a force of over a thousand catties, I think he has just opened the fifth chakra. But, that’s enough to give that lad a hard time.”

“Yunxiao, get out of the way!” Han Bai cried out in panic, swinging his fists to the rescue. Although he was no match for Luo Jie, the punch would at most break his bone. But, if someone as weak as Yunxiao was struck by it, he would certainly die.


Yunxiao clasped the hilt of the black iron sword sticking in the ground and lifted it in front of him, with the tip pointing straight at Luo Jie. But, the sword was so heavy for him that he looked laborious and unsteady, as if a gust of wind would knock him over.


A rumble rang out from the sword as Luo Jie’s punch landed straight on the blade, right at the sharp edge!

“NO! PLEASE! NO! I’ve made a mistake! Please spare me, Young Master Yun!”

A shrill scream echoed through the air, and everyone present saw Luo Jie covering his right fist with his left hand as blood dripped down. An excruciating pain washed him over from his right hand, and what frightened him even more was that his fingers seemed to have snapped under the blow.

Han Bai halted completely in the middle of his attack. He, too, was struck dumb.

“What happened?”

By now, even a fool would know that something was wrong.

“What’s going on? Does he think that he can use his flesh against the sword just because he is a warrior with Primordial Qi?”

“How could there be such a fool in the world? I think there’s something wrong with that lad with the sword!”

“I also feel something is wrong. But, that lad clearly doesn’t have any Primordial Qi on him. You see, just holding a black iron sword is enough to make him look so exhausted. Besides, I saw that it was Luo Jie himself who threw his fist at the tip of the sword!”

“Yeah, it’s the same as the previous guy. How weird!”

The onlookers were all discussing in amazement. They were naturally unable to see through the mystery behind the entire scenario with their eyes. Although Yunxiao had lost all his strength, he still had the discerning eyes of a Martial Sovereign who once stood at the pinnacle of the Nine Heavens Realm. He had simply timed Luo Jie’s punch early enough to put the sword tip in front of his fist when he could no longer change course.

‘Hmph! If I can’t even get rid of a few apprentice warriors, I might as well kill myself!’ He snorted coldly as he carried the heavy sword on his shoulder and strode toward Luo Jie. “Since you dare to attack my friends, I’ll cripple both your fists!” By the time he had finished, he brought the sword down forcefully.

Luo Jie sensed the danger, but was horrified to discover that the sword, although seeming slow, had covered all his weaknesses and escape routes. It was as if he had revealed all his weaknesses and was lying on the chopping board, waiting to be slaughtered. He had never felt so powerless, even in the face of those warriors of the Origin Realm!

“NO! PLEASE! NO! I’ve made a mistake! Please spare me, Young Master Yun!”

The great sword struck squarely on his left fist, causing a cloud of blood to burst out. Now, both his hands were covered in blood.

“You tried to kill me? Let me destroy your manhood!”

“NO! PLEASE! NO! I’ve made a mistake! Please spare me, Young Master Yun!”


The sword struck Luo Jie in the crotch, producing a loud thump that made all the male students present shudder uncontrollably, their bodies turning cold.

“Br-bro-brother, why did that guy just stand there and let him hack?”

“I, I don’t know. I thi-think we should just leave them alone and get out of here. This lad is too ruthless…we better go now, lest we get ourselves into trouble! My crotch is all wet with pee now…Let’s go!”

“And you!” Yunxiao walked over to Du Feng, who was rolling on the ground, and again cut the meridians in both of his hands with the sword. Like Luo Jie, Du Feng immediately fainted from the pain.

“Li… Li Yunxiao, are you…are you really Li Yunxiao?” It was only then that Ruxue came to her senses, looking at the scene with disbelief.

“Young Master Yun, could it be that your meridians have been unclogged and your chakras have been opened?” Chen Zhen said, exulted.

Yunxiao shook his head and sighed, “It’s not that easy.”

Chen Zhen was somewhat confused. He pointed to the two unconscious guys on the ground and asked, “So what’s going on?”

Knowing that he could not explain it to them, Yunxiao laughed and said, “Didn’t you see that they ran into me all by themselves?”

Chen Zhen was speechless. “They ran into you all by themselves, yes. But…but this is so…”

Yunxiao interrupted him with a wave of his hand. “Well, you’ll find out in the future. I’m going back to my dormitory. When the academy investigates this matter, there are many people here who can testify for me.” Once he had finished, he carried the great sword on his shoulder and started toward the dormitory.

“This…” Chen Zhen was stunned for a moment and felt as if Yunxiao had suddenly changed too much. Not only in terms of strength, but his temperament was completely different from the past as well.

“Yunxiao, even if we testify for you, the fact that you’ve crippled them with your sword will probably bring you great trouble!” Ruxue cried out suddenly. “The Du Family and Luo Family have always been at odds with your family, and I’m afraid they’ll take advantage of this incident!”

Yunxiao’s body gave a slight pause, then he laughed and said without turning his head, “If they try to stir up trouble, I’ll destroy their manhoods as well…one by one!”

Ruxue’s face flushed as she stamped her feet angrily, “This Li Yunxiao is so vulgar! And why did he suddenly change so much? He has caused so much trouble, and yet he still seems as if nothing has happened…He is ticking me off!”

“Du Feng and Luo Jie are indeed from the Du Family and the Luo Family, but they are not core descendants,” Han Bai said thoughtfully. “With Young Master Yun’s status, it’s no big deal to cripple them. I don’t believe their families would dare to seek justice from the Li Family. I just worry that they’ll go after Young Master Yun directly. If that is the case, he’ll be in great danger.”

Chen Zhen snorted, “They wouldn’t dare to be so arrogant in the academy! Sending someone to kill a student in the academy would just make them die faster than offending the Li Family!”

“Outsiders certainly wouldn’t dare to kill someone in the academy,” Han Bai said while frowning. “But, if it is other students, the academy would just turn a blind eye.”

Ruxue’s face flickered. “You mean Lan Fei?”

Han Bai nodded with a serious expression. “Everybody knows that Du Feng is Lan Fei’s man, and Lan Fei has opened his seventh chakra, being on the verge of condensing Primordial Qi and breaking into the Warrior Realm!”

Ruxue and Chen Zhen’s faces grew grave. Warriors and apprentice warriors were two completely different concepts, not to mention the fact that Yunxiao was not even an apprentice warrior!

The three of them discussed for a while, but they could not come up with a solution. In the end, they left the place while sighing.

The students of Jialan Academy were either the best teenagers chosen from across the state or the children of the dignitaries like Li Yunxiao, so there were almost as many geniuses as there were idiots.

The Li Family held great power in the military of Tianshui State. Therefore, although Yunxiao had long been abandoned by his family due to his physique, he still had a separate dormitory in the academy, which came with a separate cultivating room.


Yunxiao casually dropped the black iron sword on the ground, then began to swing his arms and press his legs, performing all kinds of poses to exercise his bones and muscles.

“This body is too weak…I must make it strong as soon as possible. The Tyrant Body Tempering Technique is the strongest body-tempering technique in the world… It was too late in my previous life when I got it, and I died before I had time to cultivate it. Well, now is the perfect time to start cultivating it!”

He let out a deep cry as he squatted down on the spot while his body slowly bent forward. Then, his upper body suddenly arched backward, his hands touching the back of his legs and forming a circle as a strange aura spread from him.


A terrible pain rose into his head from his waist, as if a sharp knife was cutting his body apart. Yunxiao could no longer endure the pain. His face turned pale as his whole body went out of control. His upper body bounced back instantly and he lost his balance, stumbling before he fell back several steps and sat down on the ground.

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