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The Eternal Supreme

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Visit The Long Family Together

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Han Bai saw Yu Hezheng and Meng Wu at once, immediately crying out, “Hey, look over there! Isn’t that Luo Landuo’s flatterer? And the girl…Wow, she’s the one who framed Young Master Yun that day!”

Chen Zhen strode over and said, “Damnit! I thought Lan Fei was the b*stard who framed Young Master Yun. It turns out to be you, the useless flatterer!”

“Who are you?” Yu Hezheng’s face flickered as he snarled, “I don’t know any of you!” He sent out his divine sense and found that both of them were extremely weak, becoming relieved immediately. “I’ll count to three, get the hell out of here!” he said coldly.

Han Bai sneered, “How arrogant! Yes, you don’t know us, but you certainly know who Young Master Yun is, right? Luo Landuo is the girl Young Master Yun has a crush on, so how dare you court her! Are you tired of living?”

Yu Hezheng’s heart skipped a beat. They were Li Yunxiao’s friends! In the past, he might have looked down upon that piece of trash, but he had no guts to do so now.

Chen Zhen slapped his hand on the table and shouted, “Just because we haven’t settled the scores with you doesn’t mean we won’t! This isn’t the campus. Do you believe I’ll call a group of men here and kill you right now?”

Yu Hezheng’s expression changed drastically. He knew that all the people following Li Yunxiao were the children of important military officials. This was not the campus, and this group of rich sons could do anything they wanted in the capital.

He deliberately put on a look of disdain and said loudly, “I don’t have time to mess around with you. I’m going back to cultivate. Oh, by the way, I don’t know this girl, so you better don’t put any blame on me!” He held his head high and swaggered out of the bar.

“If all my people hadn’t gone out to look for Young Master Yun, I would have made this poser leave this bar on his knees.” Chen Zhen had a disdainful look on his face.

“Ignore this piece of trash,” Han Bai waved and said. “Damnit, do you think something might have happened to Young Master Yun? Both the Alchemist Association and the State Guardians have been out looking for him. Even an ant in the capital should have been found by now.”

While frowning, Chen Zhen sighed and said, “Who knows! Young Master Yun has changed so much recently that I’m not used to it.” He suddenly saw Meng Wu still standing nearby, and he immediately said in a cold voice, “Why are you still here? Do you want to have some fun with us?”

Meng Wu blushed with shame, but she gritted her teeth and asked, “The Young Master Yun you mentioned just now…Is he Li Yunxiao?”

“Yes, the same Young Master Yun who was framed by you!” Chen Zhen said angrily. “Damnit! You didn’t set him up again this time, did you?”

Meng Wu frozen, and then she muttered to herself, “How can it be? It’s been three days. Hasn’t the Li Family gotten him out yet?”

“What?” Stunned, Han Bai jumped up from his chair and grabbed Meng Wu’s arm as he asked, “What did you just say? What do you know?”

“I…” Meng Wu became anxious and stammered out the whole story to them. Han Bai and Chen Zhen looked at each other, their eyes filled with shock and anxiety.

“Why didn’t you tell us earlier about such an important matter!” Chen Zhen growled.

Meng Wu almost burst into tears. “I went to the Li Family and informed them about this, and Lord Li even told me not to worry.”

Han Bai’s face grew dark. “Have you met Duke Jingguo?”

She shook her head and said in tears, “No, their servant told me.”

“No wonder!” Chen Zhen stamped his foot. “This is not good. We better hurry up and bring some men to save him!”

Han Bai grabbed him. “Wait a minute! The Imperial Guards controlled by the Long Family are directly under His Majesty. It is a capital crime for us to bring men to rescue Young Master Yun like this!”

“What should we do then?” Chen Zhen said anxiously. “We can’t count on Duke Jingguo.”

“It’s been three days, and I don’t think the situation will change even if we act in such a hurry. We should notify Master Zhang and Teacher Luo immediately. With them coming forward, even the Imperial Guards will have to get out of the way!” Han Bai said calmly.

“Right! I was so panicked that I forgot this!” Chen Zhen slapped himself in the head and then rushed out of the bar to deliver the message. Han Bai gave Meng Wu an indifferent look and said, “You can’t get away from this matter either. Come with me now.”

Everyone in the bar seemed to smell gossip. After they left, the whole place exploded in an uproar as everyone began to gossip with one another.

The Long Family…

Fourteen-year-old Long Ran was practicing the Tiger Knuckle Fist. This set of martial technique was suitable for all apprentice warriors of the violent-type. Although he was young, every punch he threw out was accompanied by a faint tiger roar.

“Dad, you’re back!” He suddenly stopped practicing. Looking at a middle-aged man who came in from the front door, he ran over happily.

“Haha! Ran’er, your Tiger Knuckle Fist has improved again!” Long Qing laughed. “You are much more diligent than your unworthy brother. I’m sure you will become someone great in the future!”

Long Ran said modestly, “Brother has long been a three-stars warrior. I still have a long way to go. Dad, why do you look so unhappy? Is there any trouble?”

Long Qing frowned, but then he quickly laughed and said, “You have a pair of sharp eyes. Recently, the whole capital has been looking for a young man, but we haven’t found him for three days. As the commander of the Imperial Guards, I am naturally under great pressure.”

“Who is it? Why are you looking for him?” Long Ran asked curiously.

Long Qing sighed. “Duke Jingguo’s eldest grandson, a good-for-nothing young master. I also don’t know why we are looking for him. By the way, where is your brother?”

“He has gone to the dungeon. As soon as his arms recovered, he went to look for that guy who broke his arms in the dungeon. He said he wants to make that guy regret coming into this world!”

“Hmph!” There was a hint of anger on Long Qing’s face. “He only knows how to waste time! He is a captain of the Imperial Guards, and yet his arms were broken by someone. What a piece of trash!”

Long Ran suddenly said, “Dad, that guy was taken captive by brother three days ago, and it seems that he is also a young man. Could he be the young master of the Li Family you are looking for?”

Long Qing froze in place and then shouted, “Long Xin! Long Xin!”

A man who looked like a housekeeper trotted up. “My lord, what can I do for you?”

With a gloomy face, Long Qing asked coldly, “What’s the name of the young man Hao’er brought back three days ago?”

Long Xin was taken aback. After a moment of careful reflection, he said, “I think his name is… is…Yun something…”

“Phew! That nearly scared me to death!” Long Qing patted his chest as he breathed a heavy sigh of relief, then waved and said, “So his surname is Yun. It’s all right, leave us now!”

Long Xin answered and turned to leave, but he suddenly added, “Oh, I remember now! His surname is not Yun…His name is Yunxiao, and his surname is Li.”

There was dead silence in the courtyard. A cold wind blew by, rustling the leaves on the trees. Long Qing suddenly felt very cold.

Long Ran said in astonishment, “Dad, is this the guy?”

Long Qing was completely frozen, his head buzzing while beads of cold sweat began to roll off his forehead. He thought of His Majesty’s sullen face, the furious eyes of Master Zhang Qingfan, and Master Xu Han… Although he was the commander of the Imperial Guards—a position with great power—he was basically a worm-level existence compared to these people.

‘Heavens! The guy I was looking for, whom I’ve dispatched all the city guards to search for three days and three nights without sleep, is actually imprisoned in my own dungeon!’

‘And this guy is Duke Jingguo’s eldest grandson, General Feilong’s son…’

Long Ran suddenly muttered, “It’s been three days. Could brother have killed this guy?”


The words thundered through Long Qing’s head, shaking his whole body. He only felt a daze in his mind as the strength seemed to leave his legs.


Suddenly, a scream came from the door before a noise sounded outside> Then, several servants hurriedly ran inside while shouting, “Help! Someone has broken into the mansion! We need guards, quickly!”

Long Qing’s heart was filled with dread, and when he heard that someone had broken into his mansion, he immediately flew into a rage, causing all the sullen air in his heart to turn into a stream of Primordial Qi. He opened his mouth and a sound wave spread out of it. The voice let out with the Lion Roar towered into the sky and shook the entire mansion. “Who dares to break into my mansion?”

All the animals were frightened as soon as the great lion roared!

Long Qing’s strength was evident at this moment. To be the commander of the Imperial Guards, he was a Great Martial Master of the Three Powers realm! Although all the people in the mansion were shocked by the deafening voice and their eardrums were aching, they all felt relieved at the same time. Since the Master of the family had come forward, they would be safe and the intruders would definitely be killed.

Just when everyone was relieved, a voice louder and stronger than the Lion Roar descended from the sky. The sound wave was forcefully compressed into a line with Primordial Qi as it plunged into the mansion before exploding. The deafening sound spread from the courtyard, causing everyone to lose their hearing instantly. Many servants even had blood flowing out of their ears as they fell to the ground with headache, struggling with pain.

“By the order of Commander Luo Yunshang and Master Zhang Qingfan, we, the Guardians of the State, are taking over the Long Mansion temporarily! Anyone who dares to resist will be executed for treason!”

“The Guardians of the State? They are the Guardians of the State!” Everyone in the mansion was dumbfounded as they glanced around, puzzled. “Why are the Guardians of the State here? Aren’t we the Imperial Guards? Aren’t we as close as brothers?”

Long Qing’s heart skipped a beat, and then he felt shivers run down his spine.?‘How could they have arrived so soon?’?he thought bitterly.

In the few blinks, more than a dozen warriors in various outfits appeared in the courtyard. They looked indolent, but they all stared at him with cold eyes. They were from the Fourth Unit under Luo Yunshang!

Long Qing spread out his divine sense and swept through these men. They were all Martial Masters, and the badges on each man’s shoulder proved that they were indeed the Guardians of the State!

Just then, a group of people strode directly through the front door. It was Zhang Qingfan at the head, and behind him were Luo Yunshang, Xu Han, Jia Rong, and other people from the Alchemist Association.

Long Qing almost fainted. Suppressing the bitterness in his heart, he hurried forward and asked, “Master Zhang, Master Xu, Lord Luo, why are you doing this to me?”

Zhang Qingfan cupped his fist and said coldly, “Lord Long, please excuse us!”

Chen Zhen jumped out from behind him and said angrily, “Lord Long, Young Master Yun is being locked up in your mansion! No wonder he couldn’t be found for three days even though the whole capital was searching for him! It turned out that he was taken captive by you!”

Long Qing’s heart turned cold. He was almost certain that his eldest son had captured Yunxiao. He touched the cold sweat on his forehead and tried to struggle with chicanery. “I don’t know what you mean.” But on the inside, he wished he could beat Long Hao into a cripple now!

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