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The Eternal Supreme

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Take A Master

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Hurry and come out with me for the test,” Yunshang said grumpily. “If you don’t pass, wait and see how I’ll punish you!” 𝙞𝖓𝑛𝘳𝖊𝗮𝑑*𝘤𝙤𝑚

Their conversation immediately drew the attention of many, especially the students who were listening to Jia Rong’s lecture. They all frowned with a hint of anger in their eyes.

Lectures by alchemists were a rare opportunity to learn, because they only happened once in a blue moon. However, whenever an alchemist made a breakthrough, there would always be a public lecture.

“Hey, you two! Get out of here if you want to argue!” An apprentice alchemist could not take it anymore. He was already in a fret, as he was standing at the back of the crowd and could not hear the lecture very well.

“Sorry, we’re leaving now!” Yunshang said apologetically. She was aware of how rare it was for these students to be given a lecture by an alchemist. She whacked Yunxiao on the shoulder and shouted, “Get out of here!”

Her voice attracted many sidelong glances, while Jia Rong, who was lecturing in the corner, frowned and looked up as he said coldly, “What’s the matter?”

The students, who were listening attentively came to their senses and turned their heads together to glare at the two troublemakers.

Jia Rong was slightly displeased as well. He knew it was Yunshang, but he felt that she did not show him any respect. He was about to put on airs and his eyes were shining brightly when he saw Yunxiao, who was following behind her with a drooping head like a frozen eggplant.

‘Young Master Yun? Li Yunxiao? Young Master Yun… Li Yunxiao…’

He suddenly seemed to be struck by lightning as he repeatedly cried out these two names in his hearts. He was utterly dumbfounded…

“Master Jia, there are two fools making trouble here. I’ll drive them out now!” An apprentice alchemist stood out voluntarily.

“Fools…” Jia Rong repeated the word under his breath. Suddenly he shuddered, then hurried over and sent the apprentice flying away with a slap. “Fools my a*s!” he growled. “Do you know how hard it is for him to come all the way here to study? Do you think you can match his eagerness to learn? Do you think you can match his perseverance?”

Everyone was struck dumb. Many of them had to slap themselves in the face and look at the student who was slapped far away on the ground. Only then could they come to their senses and realize what they just saw was real.

“Yun…Young Master Yun!” Jia Rong rushed up and greeted him carefully.

“Master Jia?” Yunshang was a little surprised, but she immediately smiled and said, “You can just call him Li Yunxiao. You don’t have to be so polite to him!”


She gave Yunxiao a quick whack on the back of his head and said angrily, “Why are you still standing there? Master Jia has come up here and offered you a greeting! Return the greeting!”

The whacking sound was like a direct blow to Jia Rong’s heart, making him almost cough up blood.

Fuming with rage, Yunxiao bowed his head and cried out, “Greeting, Master Jia!”

Jia Rong was taken aback, and he hastily moved to one side. Although Yunxiao only bowed his head, it seemed to him as if he were going to bow low. How dare he accept this bow? So, he jumped to the side like a scared kitten.

Yunshang felt somewhat strange when she saw Jia Rong’s movement. “I’m going to bring this kid for the soul power test!”

“No, no need! There’s no need for the test!” Jia Rong waved hurriedly and was at a loss of what to do.

“No need?” Yunshang was shocked, then she gave the back of Yunxiao’s head another slap and said angrily, “You impolite kid! You’ve angered Master Jia! Apologize now!” After that, she turned to Jia Rong and explained, “This kid is ignorant of the world, which is why he lacks the manners. I hope Master Jia can forgive him.”

Jia Rong’s mind was blank and he almost dropped to his knees! As he was soaked all over in cold sweat, and even his cheeks were covered in beads of sweat, he slapped himself in the face and said in a broken voice, “Lord Luo, please don’t whack him anymore! I was mistaken! Young Master Yun has a great gift, and he doesn’t need any soul power test!”

Now, not only Yunshang, but even Lu Yao in the distance was struck as dumb as a piece of wood, completely baffled. Meanwhile, the apprentice alchemists who were listening to Jia Rong’s lecture had their jaws falling to the floor.

Yunshang said blankly, “He has a great gift? Then would you take him…”

In a haste, Jia Rong said, “Yes, yes! I’ll take him as my disciple!” But as soon as he had finished, he felt what he said was not proper. And when he looked over, he saw Yunxiao staring coldly at him. Shivering with fear, he said hurriedly, “No, no! I was mistaken again! I won’t…I won’t take him as my disciple!”

“Master Jia, you are behaving very strangely today. Are you taking him as your disciple or not?”

Jia Rong pulled a long face and said, “I…I…Lord Luo, all I ask is that you stop whacking him on the head, and I’ll do whatever you ask. If you whack him again, I’ll kneel before you!”

Yunshang was completely confused. Even a fool could see that Jia Rong was in awe of Yunxiao. She said shockingly, “Li Yunxiao, you…”

Just then, a commotion broke out in the lobby as an old man escorted by a large group of people walked in.

All the voices came to an abrupt stop as soon as the old man entered the lobby. Everyone stood quietly in place and slightly lowered their heads, their eyes full of respect. With a pair of bright piercing eyes and an unusually grim expression, the old man glanced around and only looked slightly surprised when he saw Yunshang. But he just nodded and smiled at her, then went straight to the second floor.

Yunxiao narrowed his eyes slightly. The soul power wave emanated from the old man was very strong, which made him at least a third-tier Great Alchemist. It was the first time he had met a third-tier alchemist since his reincarnation. Once the old man had gone up to the second floor, the lobby was bustling again.

Yunshang’s face grew grave as she murmured to herself, “Why did Master Zhang Qingfan come to the association himself? Could it be that Ruxue’s illness is out of control?”

Yunxiao’s heart skipped a beat, and he quickly asked, “Ruxue? What’s the matter with her?”

With a slightly unsightly face, Yunshang sighed and said, “Well, it’s not a secret. Ruxue was born with the Five Yins terminated meridians, and could not have lived past the age of five. That year, His Majesty managed to pursue a fifth-tier alchemist with all the resources of the state, who later provided a prescription for Ruxue and said that it would keep her alive for ten years. It has been nine years since then.”

“Five Yins terminated meridians?” Yunxiao’s face fell as he said in a serious voice, “It can’t be cured by medicine alone, except with an eighth-grade medicine called the Five Dragons Pure Yang pill.”

“Five Dragons Pure Yang pill?” Yunshang froze for a moment as it was the first time she had heard of the name. She was thrilled when she heard that there was a medicinal pill that could cure Ruxue, but her excitement was dampened in the next instant. With a bitter smile, she said, “Only the legendary eighth-tier Supreme Alchemist can refine an eighth-grade pill…”

Jia Rong sighed and said, “An eighth-tier Supreme Alchemist is like a god to us.”

Yunxiao’s expression was grave. After pondering for a brief moment, he said, “Teacher Luo, you may go back first. I’d like to discuss the matter of taking Master Jia as my master with him.”

Yunshang gave them a strange look and seemed worried. Meanwhile, beads of cold sweat broke out of Jia Rong’s forehead once again as he hurriedly said, “Rest assured, Lord Luo, whether Young Master Yun wants to take a master or anything else, I will do as he bids. I will never let you down!”

Yunshang suddenly felt her head reeling. What was going on? Why did Jia Rong, who was always so proud of himself, behave like a servant in front of Li Yunxiao?

Yes, his submissive appearance made him look exactly like a servant and not a superior alchemist!

She felt that she was getting a little shaky. Fearing that she would faint in the lobby if she stayed, she made a few polite remarks and hurried off.Jia Rong and Yunxiao both felt relieved once she had left.

Yunxiao said, “Find me a quiet place. I need to think over this.”

Jia Rong immediately made an inviting gesture and brought Yunxiao to his room. The way he meekly followed Yunxiao made Lu Yao and the group of apprentice alchemists freeze in place, unable to come to their senses for several minutes. Afterward, they always wondered if they were hallucinating or their eyes had deceived them.

As a first-tier alchemist, Jia Rong had his own lounge, a spacious room lavishly furnished with a variety of fine wine and excellent lighting. Yunxiao sat wordlessly in a chair, standing up from time to time and pacing back and forth, while Jia Rong stood still off to the side, not daring to interrupt.

“I got it!”

Suddenly, Yunxiao jumped out of his chair and slapped the table. “That’s it! Jia Rong, tell Zhang Qingfan you can cure the Princess’s Five Yins terminated meridians!”

Startled, Jia Rong said incredulously, “Yun…Young Master Yun, you’re not joking, are you?”

Yunxiao’s face turned cold as he said, “Do I look like I’m joking with you? In addition to the Five Dragons Pure Yang pill, the Princess’s terminated meridians can be cured by stimulating her acupoints with golden needles. With my current soul power, I can’t cure it with one treatment, but I think she’ll be completely healed after a few more tries.”

“Stimulating…stimulating acupoints with golden needles!” Jia Rong’s eyeballs almost popped out as he said in horror, “Young Master Yun, you know this kind of a legendary method? Do you have the confidence?”

Yunxiao rubbed his temple and said, “Didn’t I say I might not be able to cure it with one treatment and have to try a few times? So, to treat the Princess, you have to come forward, and I’ll be your assistant. But, when it comes to the actual treatment, I’ll be the one who does it. With your pitiful attainment, do you think I’ll let you treat her?”

Yunxiao’s eyes were full of disdain, but Jia Rong did not feel upset. Instead, he thought it was how the matter should be done. “Then…then…Young Master Yun, can I observe and learn from the side when you treat the Princess with the golden needles?” he asked hesitatingly.

Waving his hand, Yunxiao said, “Do as you like. Remember to tell Zhang Qingfan about this. You must take over this task, or the Princess’s life will be in danger once the potion loses its effect!”

“Yes, yes! I’ll go right now!” Jia Rong jumped with excitement. He did not care whether the princess was dead or alive. What he cared was that he could witness the legendary technique of stimulating acupoints with golden needles—something that only existed in the legends!

“Oh, right!”

Yunxiao went to the table, then picked up a pen and quickly wrote down a list. “These are the ingredients needed to cure the Princess. Ask Zhang Qingfan to prepare them.”

Jia Rong ran over cheerfully, but was stunned as soon as he saw the items on the list. “Why so much? And…Young Master Yun, these things seem to be materials for crafting a weapon?”

“Yes, I happen to be in need of a weapon.”

Jia Rong, “…”

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