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The Eternal Supreme

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: First-tier Alchemist

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

While the crowd was still chattering, Landuo’s head was abuzz. All she heard was ‘defeated Lan Xuan with one move’. She felt like she was in a trance, and the images before her eyes seemed unreal as a thin figure flashed through her mind…

Five days later, in a chamber within the tenfold gravity region…

A faint milky white aura wrapped around Yunxiao while his body was curled up and posed like a baby in his mother’s womb. His breath was so weak that it seemed as if he was not breathing at all. However, the pores on his skin were opening and closing, inhaling and exhaling on their own.

It was a very clever way of adjusting the breath, which could let an individual return to the innate realm and enter the fetal state. He appeared to be sleeping on the surface, but the Qi inside his body was surging like a great river, several times more powerful than ordinary meditation. It was unknown how much time had passed when his closed eyes suddenly flicked open, and he exhaled a stream of filthy air while his eyes sparkled.

“I’m now a peak two-stars warrior, and it will take only three more days to make a breakthrough in the fetal technique. But…”

He frowned slightly as golden dots rose in his mind and condensed slowly. A golden script emerged in the void within his mind, comprising of undecipherable text that looked like tadpoles, flickering and vanishing repeatedly and never taking shape.

“This Great Expansion Divine Technique is so mysterious that it is not only impossible to be written down, but also extremely difficult to take shape over my spiritual altar no matter how hard I contemplate over it. Nevertheless, every attempt has increased my soul power by a lot. Although soul cultivation techniques are rare, I’ve read more than ten of them, and I’ve never seen anything so mysterious.”

He let out a deep breath and said resolutely, “Anyway, martial arts can be practiced at any time, but it’s very rare that my soul power has grown to this level. Now, the key is to take this opportunity and become a first-tier alchemist!”

Just now when he was about to reach the peak two-stars warrior stage, his soul power had also condensed to a certain extent. Meanwhile under his contemplation, the Great Expansion Divine Technique appeared more complete than usual. Therefore, he decisively gave up practicing martial arts and began to concentrate on tempering his soul power in his mind.

With the emergence of the Great Expansion Divine Technique, more and more golden dots appeared in his mind, and they cast a golden glow over his entire spiritual altar. In his previous life, Yunxiao was a ninth-tier alchemist, so he naturally knew that the time had come. He instantly flickered his divine sense, and all the golden dots immediately rushed crazily toward the center, as if a black hole had appeared and was devouring everything.


He opened his eyes abruptly, streaks of golden lightning floating in them before slowly dispersing. A few moments later, his eyes returned to their normal state, bright and clear.

“Ha! I’ve finally regained the first-tier’s soul power! Now, I can craft weapons and all kinds of potions myself!”

Yunxiao’s figure flashed out of the chamber and into the teleportation array.

When he returned to his dorm and was about to open the door, a thought struck his mind. He then turned around abruptly and was about to leave.

“Why are you leaving? Come back here!” A voice came from inside his dorm and the door was opened with a squeak.

Yunshang was staring at him coldly, with a hint of anger on her face. “Li Yunxiao, have you really taken my words as a puff of wind? It has been five days. Why haven’t you come to see me?”

A trace of cold sweat seeped out of Yunxiao’s forehead as he laughed embarrassedly and said, “Ha…I had forgotten about it as soon as I began cultivating…”

“Peak two-stars warrior? You…It has only been five days since you advanced to two-stars…” Yunshang’s expression suddenly changed when she felt the faint Primordial Qi wave coming from Yunxiao. “Li Yunxiao,” she said in a deep voice, “I know you must have had some strange encounter. But, the discipline of martial arts lies in persistence. You must not, for the sake of speed, risk yourself by taking some pills with serious side effects, or you will harm your future!”

She mistakenly thought that Yunxiao had consumed some strength-boosting pills. Otherwise, he would have never progressed at such a terrifying pace.

Yunxiao felt a slight warmth in his heart. He knew she was saying this for his own good, so he said earnestly, “Teacher, you can rest assured that I’ve never taken any pills whatsoever.”

A look of incredulity flashed across Yunshang’s face, but he did not look like he was lying when she saw his clear and bright eyes. Hence, she was relieved and said, “Good! Now, I think you should give me an explanation.”

“Explanation? What explanation?” Yunxiao suddenly slapped himself in the head. “Oh, I just remembered that I have something very important to do. I have to go now…See you next time!”

Yunshang’s cold, murderous gaze fell upon him in an instant, sending shivers down his spine. Realizing that he could not escape this time, Yunxiao said with a wry smile, “What do you want me to explain, Teacher?”

She fixed her eyes on him and found that this good-for-nothing student, who had never attracted her attention before, had become increasingly difficult to understand, especially after the duel. “How did you learn Lord Yang Di’s Floating Life Seal and Lord Gu Feiyang’s Great Wind and Cloud Palm? Before I entered the secluded meditation, you were just an ordinary student who hadn’t even opened any chakra. But when I came out five days later, you had become a one-star warrior. What happened? The pose you used to suppress the origin blasting pill in your body that day, what cultivation technique is that? And, you’ve previously told me the secret of leveling up a red copper weapon in the classroom. How did you know it?”

A series of questions shot out of her red lips, giving Yunxiao a headache. “Well…what does the dean think?”

Yunshang glared at him and said, “The dean’s analysis is that you were taught by Lord Yang Di. He thinks that Lord Yang Di had taught you all these heaven-defying martial and alchemy techniques.”

Yunxiao laughed. “The dean is so clever, getting it right at the first guess! It’s just like he said!” It made sense to push everything on Yang Di. After all, Yunxiao was not afraid of confronting him. In fact, he wished they could meet as soon as possible.


A rude remark burst out of Yunshang’s mouth and startled Yunxiao. Staring coldly at him, she said, “Others might not know this, but I do. First of all, despite being the head of the state military who holds great power, your family has never had any contact with Lord Yang Di. Secondly, as far as I know, Lord Yang Di doesn’t know the Great Wind and Cloud Palm!”

“How do you know Yang Di doesn’t know it?” Yunxiao asked in surprise.

Yunshang’s mind seemed to wander, but then she immediately shook her head and sighed. “Well, since you don’t want to say it, I won’t force you. Initially, I was worried about you and had thought of a way for you. But now, it seems my worry was unnecessary. Still, you have to come with me. I’ve found you a master in the Alchemist Association. He said he wants to see the result of your soul power test before deciding whether to accept you as a disciple.”

“What? You’ve found me a master?” Yunxiao’s eyes grew wide as he said hurriedly, “No, I can’t do it. I know my soul power very well, it’s too rubbish.”

“It’s not up to you to decide whether your soul power is rubbish or not,” said Yunshang coldly, “I’ve agreed with him, and you’ve no idea how hard it was for me to get him to accept my request. You must go, willing or not!” Giving him no chance to argue, Yunshang dragged him and started off in the direction of the Alchemist Association.

“Who is this expert?” Yunxiao cried out, “You want me to take him as my master? Is he worthy?”

Yunshang went blank for a moment, then she scolded angrily, “He is the most promising alchemist in the association! It had taken me a great effort to get him to accept my request while others didn’t even have a chance to ask him. So, you better not mess this up! Listen to me! Even if you specialize in martial arts, it would be of great benefit to your attainments if they were supplemented by cultivating your soul. As for who that man is, you’ll know when we get there.”

Yunxiao fell silent as he was slightly surprised. Average warriors would not understand the complementary relationship between cultivating Qi and soul. It seemed to him that this Yunshang was not only very gifted, but must have been taught by some expert.

Just like that, he was half dragged to the association.

As soon as they stepped through the door, Yunshang immediately found Jia Rong answering questions of the apprentices in a corner. He was already surrounded by many people.

She pushed her way into the crowd, emanating her Martial Lord’s aura. As a result, the people around her stepped back with angry faces.

Paying them no mind, she simply cried out, “Master Jia, I’m looking for you. Do you still remember the student I mentioned to you last time, the young master of the Li Family, Li Yunxiao? I’ve brought him here.”

Yunxiao was dumbfounded. ‘She actually asked Jia Rong to be my master…’

“Oh, you’re here, Lord Yunshang!” Jia Rong said in an indifferent voice without even looking up. “Go to the lobby and find an apprentice to test his soul power first.”

“All right,” Yunshang nodded and turned around. “Li Yunxiao, come outside with me.”

Yunxiao followed Yunshang with a bitter look on his face and was about to go out when a surprised voice rang out, “It’s you!”

The waitress at the front desk, Lu Yao, hurried over and said happily, “I have finally seen you again! After listening to your advice, my brother’s success rate in refining the strengthening potion is almost at one hundred percent! Thank you so much!”

Yunxiao gave her a thumbs-up and said with an encouraging smile, “Tell your brother that he’s got a pretty good gift, and if he keeps it up, he’ll make it one day!”

Lu Yao’s face lit up with gratitude. “My brother produced a lot of strengthening potions and made a lot of money. He’s now in secluded meditation, preparing to make a breakthrough to the next level. I don’t know how to thank you enough.”

The little beauty was so emotional that she put her palms together in front of her chest. Her lovely appearance caught the attention of many people around them.

Yunxiao laughed and said, “Hehe! You want to thank me? That’s easy! Just marry me!”

Blushing, Lu Yao giggled and said, “Don’t be facetious!”

After working as a waitress for several years in the Alchemist Association, she had seen all sorts of people, both good and bad, and flirting was nothing unusual to her. So, she naturally did not take Yunxiao’s words seriously. However, at this moment, her heart suddenly gave birth to a glimmer of anticipation, which surprised even herself.

“Li Yunxiao! Do you have any idea where this is? How dare you harbor such an evil intention and flirt with a girl?” Yunshang growled, slapping him on the back of his head.

‘So, his name is Li Yunxiao…’ Lu Yao repeated the name in her heart.

Yunxiao did not dare to dodge, so the slap landed squarely on his head. With a bitter smile on his face, he said, “When did I do that? Can’t you see it was she who was flirting me?”


Lu Yao blushed with shyness. She was embarrassed to stay here further, however brazen she was, so she quickly turned and walked away.

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