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The Eternal Supreme

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: A Great Wind Comes Forth, The Clouds Rise High

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Gu Feiyang! I can’t believe his expression and demeanor are identical to Lord Gu Feiyang!”

Yunshang looked at Yunxiao in horror. Under the pressure of a martial king, his eyes were still shining like stars and he still wore a smile on his lips. His imperious and lofty demeanor made her heart tremble profoundly. She felt that her eyes had become blurry, as if the figure of this fifteen-year-old teenager had overlapped with that peerless Martial Sovereign who once roamed the world freely and overlooked all lives.


Yunxiao could not hold on at last and coughed up a mouthful of blood. His eyes blazed with anger as he said, “Old codger, just because you are a Martial King doesn’t mean I can’t do anything to you! I’m going to hit you hard even if the cost is my life!”

With that, he took out the origin blasting pill which he had prepared as a backup and swallowed it. In an instant, strength poured through his body like a spring and his aura began to soar!

Zhong Lishan was terrified. The pressure he emanated was already at its peak; a Martial Master or even a great martial master would have yielded by now, not to mention a one-star warrior. ‘Do I really have to bully the weak by being strong, using the strength of a Martial King to bully a warrior? Even if I do make him yield, my reputation would be gone completely.’

Just as his mind was wandering, he suddenly felt an indescribable aura emanating from Yunxiao. There was no more emotion in his eyes, and his gaze had become indifferent.

“What is this?” He was startled, and he had a feeling that could not be expressed with words surging into his heart.

Yunshang, too, noticed the changes in Yunxiao’s aura. Suddenly, she felt a breeze blow past and looked up to see a cloud gathering in the sky, which was cloudless previously. At this moment, Yunxiao lightly lifted his hand. Her eyes flared with astonishment as she cried out, “A great wind comes forth, the clouds rise high! How’s that even possible!”

The dean’s heart gave a jerk at Yunshang’s loud cry, and his eyes were filled with immense shock. As a Martial King of the Five Elements realm, he naturally felt the uncomfortable feeling in the surroundings. Looking up at the sky, he murmured to himself, “The wind and clouds are rising…They are really rising.”

In the face of a one-star warrior, the forehead of Zhong Lishan, the number one expert of the state of Tianshui and a Martial King, began to drip with cold sweat. ‘Who exactly is this boy? This move…Could it be Lord Gu Feiyang’s Great Wind and Cloud Palm?”

When the wind and clouds rose, the world was stirred!

Yunxiao’s thin figure was like a mountain that stood towering and unchanging forever between the heaven and earth, and the wind and clouds were rising at his will.

‘The wind and clouds rise high all because of me!’

Many years ago, the Vanquisher Martial Sovereign—Gu Feiyang—had suppressed ten nine-stars Martial Sovereigns with the Great Wind and Cloud Palm on top of the sea of clouds over the Snowfall Peak of Shenxiao Temple, and even teased Qu Hongyan—the Lady Master of the temple—three times. Then, he roamed freely in the temple’s forbidden places and showed disdain over everyone and everything. Such a feat had been made into a story that would be told for thousands of years.

“Stop it!”

Zhong Lishan shouted and immediately dispersed all his aura. He could already tell the changes in Yunxiao’s aura after consuming the origin blasting pill, and he knew such a pill that could boost one’s strength in an instant had a serious side effect. He was not afraid that this boy would hurt him; even if that was indeed Gu Feiyang’s Great Wind and Cloud Palm, he had no fear of it as it was used by a mere one-star warrior.

However, as Yunxiao knew not only the Floating Life Seal, but also the Great Wind and Cloud Palm, it was very likely that he was connected to Yang Di. If these two techniques were indeed taught to Yunxiao by Yang Di, then he would not be able to explain himself to Yang Di if he hurt this boy.

The number one expert in the state of Tianshui, the Martial King Zhong Lishan who treated everyone, including the King of the state, with contempt, had a glimmer of fear in his eyes when he thought of Yang Di.

“Students fought with one another at their own will. You’ve injured Lan Xuan, and I’ve nothing to comment about it. But, you shouldn’t be so cruel. I’ll let it pass considering this as your first offense, but there won’t be a next time!” When he finished, his figure flickered and then instantly vanished from the arena. Since he could not hurt this boy, staying here any longer would only frustrate him further.

“What…!” All the students and teachers were frozen. “Since when has the dean become so affable?” Anyone who had offended him in such a way, even if they were princes or princesses, should have been sent flying away by him with a slap!

Meanwhile, Yunshang came back to her senses at last. Her eyes flashed with a bright gleam as she pretended to be angry and cried out, “Hurry up and disperse the power!”

The power of the origin blasting pill spread out, and Yunxiao was flushed all over like an erupting volcano. Gritting his teeth, he said, “Old codger, you’re lucky to run so fast!”

He put his palms together and sat cross-legged down, unmoving like a mountain. The violent aura rushing out of him instantly calmed down and began to wheel around him in a certain pattern while his complexion was returning to normal at a rate visible to the naked eye.

Yunshang blinked in amazement. Yunxiao’s pose seemed to contain some sort of rule that made her ponder over, and yet she could not grasp. But, there was a faint feeling in her heart that it was an extremely powerful rule. Knowing that many parts of martial arts require extraordinary insights and that opportunities were rare, she immediately sat cross-legged down and stared at Yunxiao as she began to meditate.

After a series of shocking events, the whole arena was filled with loud discussions while all kinds of expressions appeared on different faces. Han Bai and others were worried about Yunxiao, but they were stopped by Feng Buping. To maintain order, Feng Buping even forced the crowd to disperse, not allowing anyone to stay in the arena.

Soon, all the students were chased away, while Yunxiao and Yunshang were the only two left in the arena. They sat cross-legged face to face, both in meditation with closed eyes.

Suddenly, a light appeared on Yunshang’s body, then slowly converged on her eyebrows and bloomed like a lotus flower. The aura around her flickered rapidly with the light and seemed to be absorbed by her. In the distance, Xuan Ping looked shocked as he muttered to himself, “Did she just make a breakthrough? I can’t believe she has advanced another level again!”

Yunshang only felt that the bottleneck in her cultivation was gradually dissolved as she contemplated over Yunxiao’s strange pose. By the time she discovered it in horror, the bottleneck had been completely broken through and a stream of Primordial Qi gathering from all directions was pouring madly into her body, washing through her meridians.

She knew she had advanced another level, but the way she made it was puzzling. She had not yet grasped much of that strange rule, and yet it had promoted her to a higher level. What was going on with this Li Yunxiao? What heaven-defying cultivation technique was he practicing?

Holding back the shock in her heart, she carefully controlled the Primordial Qi inside her to circulate one full round within her body and eventually converge it into her dantian. She immediately felt her mind turn empty and bright while a sense of strength that she had never felt before surged through her. When her cultivation base got stable, she finally opened her eyes slowly.


She was startled as soon as she opened her eyes. At some point in time, Yunxiao had woken up and was staring at her with wide eyes and a smile. Her face suddenly blushed as she snapped shyly, “What are you doing?”

Yunxiao was puzzled. “What did I do? Congratulations on Teacher Luo’s advancement to a higher level!”

Yunshang calmed her pounding heart and suddenly noticed something unusual. Staring at Yunxiao, she exclaimed in horror, “You…You have become a two-stars warrior!”

“You are a Martial Lord of the Four Quadrants realm, and it’s a hundred times harder for you to get to the next level than me. But, even you have broken through, so why are you so surprised when I, a mere warrior, have advanced to the next level?” Yunxiao laughed.

Yunshang felt that talking to this lad would be too much for her heart to take sooner or later. “Don’t play games with me,” she put on a straight face and said angrily. “How many days have you been a warrior for? I found that the world has changed even though I was in seclusion for only five days! I want an explanation for all this!”

“Aye, my injuries aren’t healed enough to stand up to Teacher Luo’s interrogation,” Yunxiao cried out. “I’ll explain to you after I get back to rest for half a month and am fully healed.”

Yunshang’s eyes flashed with hesitation when she looked at the mess and blood all over him. “Alright, but I’ll only give you three days. Meet me at the office in three days!”

‘Why is this little girl so domineering and unreasonable?’ Yunxiao said to himself as he watched Yunshang leave, his face smiling. ‘But, she’s got a great gift that deserves to be cultivated.’

Yunxiao did not stall at all. The impact of the battle on him was enormous. Initially, he had already broken through into the Origin realm after he took the origin impacting pill, but there was still a large amount of medicinal strength left in him. Through the impact of the force of heaven and earth on his body, the residual medicinal strength was completely dissolved, which was why he had advanced to the level of two-stars after the battle.

As he had just advanced after the battle, the first thing he should do was stabilize his cultivation base. But, he vaguely felt that the medicinal strength in his body had not been fully digested. Hence, he went straight to the gravity chamber after he left the arena.

He was now able to move freely at ten times the force of gravity, so the gravity chamber was just right for him to temper his body.

As soon as he arrived in the Gravity Cultivating Hall, many students recognized him instantly. They were too frightened to get too close to him, and no one dared to fight with him for a chamber. He teleported to the ten-fold gravity region, found a chamber, and walked right in.

It just happened that Luo Landuo was coming out from another chamber. She was surprised to see Yunxiao, and was immediately stunned. “What’s going on? He looks very energetic. Didn’t Lan Xuan cripple him? That’s not Lan Xuan’s style.”

While she was puzzled, dozens of students in the public area seemed to breathe a sigh of relief at the same time as Yunxiao entered the chamber, and then a buzz of discussion reached her…

“His aura is so strong! I don’t even dare to come within three meters of him!”

“I don’t think you want to get too close to him. He defeated Lan Xuan with one move, and if you’re within three meters of him, his aura will crush you right away! In my opinion, even Bai Chengfeng and Lin Yu, both of whom are ranked on the Minor Power Chart, are no match for him.”

“I’ve just heard from the infirmary that Lan Xuan’s meridians are all broken and his Qi Sea has collapsed. Unless there’s a grade-five Nine Nether Qi Condensing Pill, he’ll be a cripple all his life!”

“Really? This guy’s so cruel?”

“It’s not as if you didn’t know that Teacher Ku in the infirmary is a first-tier alchemist. How could he be mistaken? And he is my cousin’s uncle’s second brother-in-law’s uncle’s neighbor’s son’s seventh wife’s sister-in-law’s elder brother. How could he possibly deceive me when he is so closely related to me!”


“He won’t even give the dean face…what a ruthless fellow! Don’t provoke this savage guy, my friends, or no one will be able to save you!”

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