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The Eternal Supreme

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Floating Life Seal

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Yunxiao’s aura grew stronger and stronger like a meteorite from outer space while his hands flashed in incantation gestures and numerous residual shadows emerged around him. At this moment, three golden hand seals materialized, and then innumerable forces frantically poured into them from the surroundings, making them glow brighter and brighter! 𝚒𝓷𝙣𝒓𝑒𝒶d.𝘤𝗼𝙢

“Life passes like a dream, a mark left by a goose claw in the snow!” He cried out in a faint voice.

The three masses of golden light fused into one, landing on the ground like a meteorite. With that, a huge golden palm seal descended from the sky!

“Floating Life Seal! I can’t believe it is the Floating Life Seal!” Zhong Lishan’s eyes were filled with undisguised horror. With Yunxiao’s current strength, there was no way he could use this technique, so he had to muster the force of heaven and earth to complete it!

“But…to borrow the force of heaven and earth requires not only skill, but one’s understanding of it. Even I couldn’t find a way of doing it…How did he do it!” Zhong Lishan was somewhat absent-minded as he stared blankly at the golden seal. “Could he be Yang Di’s disciple?”

“This…This is Lord Yang Di’s Floating Life Seal!” Yunshang was struck dumb instantly as she murmured to herself, “How is this possible! He is only a one-star warrior! How could he have the ability to use the Floating Life Seal! What’s his relationship with Lord Yang Di?”

Everyone was thoroughly frozen. The situation in the arena changed so quickly that no one could adapt to it. None of them had ever seen such a grand martial technique with this level of soaring aura. All of them were staring with wide eyes, their minds blank.

While the crowd was utterly thunderstruck, Lan Xuan was completely petrified in the arena. Even though the palm seal had yet to arrive, its heaven-shaking might had already crumbled his fighting will, turned his clothes to ashes in a flash, and caused his skin to crack with bloody lines.


The seal crushed down onto Lan Xuan’s body and exploded into a blinding golden light, knocking him flying away like a balloon that suddenly had its air leaked. Streams of blood shot out of his body as he was thrown dozens of meters away and then slammed into the ground, shattering the diamond rocks.


Yunxiao took a deep breath as he finally landed on the ground. His face was pale and blue, and his body was trembling slightly. The strike had exhausted all his Primordial Qi, and the force of heaven and earth he borrowed had vanished as well.

Total silence reigned over the arena.

The crowd was still chattering noisily when he used the Nether Swap; however, all mouths were shut as soon as he used the Floating Life Seal. At that moment, they had predicted Lan Xuan’s defeat. However, when it did happen, it still made everyone gape with wide eyes.

One move…

The young master of the Li Family, who had never shown any talent and was called a loser, had defeated the leader of the Xuan Gang—a peak nine-stars warrior who was ranked the third on the Minor Power Chart—with only one move.

And it was a convincing defeat with no ambiguity. The Floating Life Seal that borrowed the force of the heaven and earth had been deeply imprinted into everyone’s mind, unable to be erased.

At this moment, everyone was gaping at the completely unexpected result, including Zhong Lishan, Luo Yunshang, Wang Feng, Qin Ruxue, Chen Zhen, Han Bai, Yu Hezheng, and all the members of the Xuan Gang, their minds totally blank…

Yunxiao’s face was extremely pale as he began to breathe heavily to regain the strength he had exhausted. The tactic of borrowing the force of heaven and earth just now could only be used when fighting these lower-level warriors, because it took too long to prepare. The battles between higher-level warriors were fast-paced, and no one would give someone such a long time to borrow the power.

He walked step by step with a grim expression toward Lan Xuan, who was sprawled like mud in the distance.

“How could that be?”

“Defeated…I can’t believe Lan Xuan was defeated… and in such a miserable manner, so badly mauled all over!”

“Heavens! He is a nine-stars warrior, and that Li Yunxiao is only a one-star warrior! How could their strength be so different?”

Zhong Lishan was a little confused too, but his pupils suddenly constricted. “STOP IT!”

His voice rang out like a great bell, shaking the minds of all the students present!

Yunxiao’s foot was stepping toward Lan Xuan’s dantian when he heard Zhong Lishan’s loud shout. His eyes flickered with a bright gleam as he sneered, “As I said, no one can save you!”

Even though he was lying on the ground with a serious injury and unable to move, Lan Xuan was conscious. As Yunxiao’s foot grew larger and larger in his pupils, his heart swelled with immense fear.’Crazy, this guy is crazy! He even dares to disobey the dean’s order! Isn’t he afraid of being expelled? Save me, save me! Who will save me!’


The foot stamped him in the dantian with a powerful force and a beam of light exploded out from his abdomen. Meanwhile, the force went through him and came out from his lower back, ripping the clothes on his back to pieces!


A mouthful of heart’s blood sprayed out of Lan Xuan’s mouth. His body instantly became feeble like a shrunken balloon, and his spirit and consciousness vanished in a flash. He had completely passed out.


The entire audience was dumbstruck. Lan Xuan was crippled! Li Yunxiao had broken his dantian and thoroughly crippled him!

When a warrior’s dantian was broken, he was crippled for life unless he had a legendary holy medicine that was level seven or above!

Zhong Lishan was in a daze. Even at his speed, he wasn’t able to save Lan Xuan. He landed a dozen meters away from the two students and watched with a blank look on his face. He felt at a loss for the first time in years.

Yunshang sucked in a cold breath and sprinted up to the arena as well. When she saw Yunxiao walking toward Lan Xuan, she cried out, “What are you doing?”

Everybody was stunned. Yunxiao had already crippled Lan Xuan, so what else did he want?


Yunxiao jerked his foot up and brought it down in a flash! Half of the sole was shoved into Lan Xuan’s mouth, breaking all his teeth and ripping his mouth. As a result, blood gushed out and covered his face. Lan Xuan was already in a coma, but his nerves started to twitch instinctively.

The scene frightened everyone and sent shivers down their spines.

“You are too cruel, boy!” Zhong Lishan flew into a rage while his figure blinked and sprinted over.

“Hmph! I said I’d beat you to your knees and make you lick my shoes. I haven’t washed my foot for three days. How’s the taste?”

Narrowing his eyes, Yunxiao reached out a hand and performed a grabbing gesture, pulling the five-colored divine air stone pendant Lan Xuan wore on his waist into his grip. It was what he had his heart set on. After that, he kicked Lan Xuan up like a bag of trash and sent him flying toward Zhong Lishan.


Without so much as looking, Zhong Lishan sent Lan Xuan flying again with a slap and then landed in front of Yunxiao like an angry lion. His anger burst out in an instant and formed into a domineering pressure in the air that crushed down onto the other’s body!

“He’s already crippled. Why are you still so cruel?”

“Hmph! This is a duel of life and death, and it’s up to us to decide who lives and who dies. It’s none of your business!”

It’s none of your business…

Yunxiao’s voice echoed in the arena, leaving everybody completely stupefied. No one had ever dared to speak to the dean of Jialan Academy like that, not even His Majesty the King of Tianshui, the president of Alchemist Association, the commander-in-chief of the State Guardians, or any of the most powerful men in the state!

Zhong Lishan froze for a moment and then laughed out in rage, “Haha! It’s none of my business? Boy, do you know who I am?”

“You are Zhong Lishan, the dean of Jialan Academy and a martial king,” Yunxiao sneered. “At the age of over a hundred years old, you are only a martial king, and yet you still have the nerve to show off? If I were you, I’d would have killed myself long ago!”

Everyone sucked in a cold breath at the same time. This brat was crazy, he was really crazy!

An individual who had stepped into the Five Elements realm was known as a martial king! The number one expert of Tianshui was scolded for having a weak cultivation base!

Zhong Lishan exploded with anger and bellowed, “Die!”

The pressure emanating from him loomed in the void as if it were real, crushing down like a mountain and making Yunxiao’s face fall instantly. Under the pressure, his body trembled violently as if it were about to be crushed into a pulp, like a leaf that could be blown away at any moment in the storm. He glared at Zhong Lishan and snarled, “Old codger! You are over a hundred years old and yet you bully me, a fifteen-year-old boy? You are a martial king, and yet you bully me, a mere warrior? If I don’t die today, I will make you pay back a hundred times in the future!”

Zhong Lishan’s expression changed drastically, and his heart was filled with an immense shock. He could not believe that this little one-star warrior could still hold his head high and not kneel under a martial king’s pressure! And what made him even more frightened was the fact that Yunxiao was emanating a fighting will in the face of him, who was a martial king, which even he did not dare to underestimate!

What kind of stubbornness and fighting will was this?

What kind of unyielding soul was in this boy’s frail body?

In the distance, Yunshang’s panic changed to shock. The unyielding look in Yunxiao’s eyes had deeply shaken her heart. “What is this feeling? Why does his stubborn look give me such a familiar feeling?”

Her eyes became a little blurred, and a deep doubt hung between her eyebrows.

Suddenly, a glimmer of gold flashed before her eyes and she turned around in a hurry. One hundred meters away from the arena, the statue of the Martial Sovereign loomed high above the world, shining brilliantly under the sunlight!

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