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The Eternal Supreme

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: A Letter of Challenge

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Don’t squeeze over to my place! I came here first!”

“Aye, don’t be so stingy! Let’s share the place together. It’s rare to have a chance to watch them make fools of themselves. How many students of the trash-stricken class do you think will remain after the assessment?”

“Maybe one in five? There are sixty students in that class, but only some thirty have come. I think half of them will be eliminated.”

“Do you guys want to bet? Each of us will give a number, and the closest one wins.”

“Sure, twelve.”

“So optimistic? I say nine.”


Just as the arena rang with the clamor of the onlooker’s excited voices, Wang Feng’s voice suddenly echoed out, “Almost all the examinees are here. I’ll not wait for those who haven’t, they are disqualified! Teacher Luo is in secluded cultivation, so I will be the one who will preside over your assessment.”

He glanced coldly at the crowd, then suddenly smiled wickedly and said, “I’m going to slightly change the rules this time. In the past, those who had opened their chakras or could throw out a punch with a force of over a thousand catties were considered to have passed. But this year, you need to be able to do both in order to pass. Otherwise, you are disqualified!”

His cold gaze casually swept across Yunxiao. He knew the latter must already have the strength of over a thousand catties, because he had beaten Lan Fei.

A glimmer of coldness flashed through Yunxiao’s eyes as he stood still. Although the new rule had aroused much discussion, there was no objection. This was because all the students in the class were the children of dignitaries, who had either opened their chakras and had the strength of over a thousand catties, or could not open any chakras and lacked the strength to even truss up a chicken. None of them would cultivate the technique of strongmen and become the kind of existences who had great strength but could not open a single chakra.

“Who wants to be the first?” Wang Feng glanced coldly across the crowd, and his eyes finally fell on Yunxiao.

Even Shangguan Qing, Du Feng, and a few others were staring coldly at him. Since Lan Fei was expelled, this group of students had lost their leader, and were now led by Shangguan Qing. But, the strength Yunxiao had shown that day was too amazing, such that none of them dared to provoke him anymore.

“Hmph! What are you looking at? Do you want me to blind you with my finger?” Yunxiao glared back at them and then walked out of the crowd.

Frightened by his threat, Shangguan Qing and the gang bowed their heads immediately, but their eyes were filled with a venomous look as they cursed in their hearts.

Looking at Wang Feng contemptuously, Yunxiao sneered, “You will only pass us if we have opened chakras and show a strength of over a thousand catties? Open your eyes and watch carefully!”

A green light bloomed from his heart chakra as he walked forward with a cold grin.

With every step he took, another chakra opened, emitting bright light like colorful clouds.

Root chakra, sacral chakra, crown chakra…


Rays of light burst forth from his body, covering him in a myriad of colors and making him look like a god!

“Seven…I can’t believe he has opened all seven chakras!”

“How is that possible! I thought he was a piece of trash! You are telling me that a famous loser is now only one step away from the Origin realm!”

Wang Feng was completely dumbfounded. He had originally thought that Yunxiao had relied on some pills or the technique of strongmen to defeat Lan Fei. After all, it was known to the world that he could never cultivate due to damaged meridians.

“How could he have unclogged his meridians? I remember the Li Family had once invited a fourth-tier alchemist to cure him, but to no avail!”

“Now look carefully! A punch with a strength of over one thousand catties is nothing!”

Yunxiao suddenly stepped out, and the ground paved with diamond rocks shattered with a boom into lines that looked like cobwebs. He leaned back slowly, then threw his fist out as fast as lightning, landing it straight on the strength measuring rock!


A loud explosive noise rang out in the center of the arena as the force burst toward the strength measuring rock. Amidst the shocked, dull glances of the crowd, Yunxiao slowly withdrew his fist. A deep dent about the size of a watermelon was clearly marked on the rock’s surface.

“Impossible!” 𝔦𝔫𝘯r𝐞𝖆𝗱.𝑐o𝙢

“He left a mark on the ground with his foot, and another on the rock with his fist! I thought this was something that only a warrior could achieve!”

“Look at that mark! Even a warrior who has just made a breakthrough cannot do that! He must have used some kind of martial technique!”

Many students found it hard to believe, especially those from the distinguished class. Their eyes all grew wide, as if this was the first time they met Yunxiao.

Although mentally prepared, Han Bai and Chen Zhen were still deeply shocked when they witnessed Yunxiao’s body emit the light of the seven chakras before throwing out a punch with a strength of over a thousand catties. Meanwhile, the faces of Shangguan Qing and the gang were deathly pale. In the face of such powerful strength, how could they have the courage to stir up trouble again?

“I can’t believe you’ve hidden your strength so deeply, Li Yunxiao!” Ruxue cried out excitedly.

The person with the most unsightly expression in the arena was none other than Wang Feng. He was cursing Lan Fei in his heart for being unable to perceive Yunxiao’s real strength.

“Is everyone satisfied now?” Yunxiao glanced around coldly, and everyone he looked at lowered their heads. Finally, he rested his gaze on Wang Feng and sneered, “Teacher Wang, I’m very busy and will be leaving first.”

It was like a slap in the face!

Wang Feng flew into a rage, but there was nothing he could do, so he said mockingly, “Don’t think you’ve achieved something great after opening the chakras. Let me tell you, this is just the rudiment of martial arts!”

Yunxiao gave him a contemptuous look as he laughed and strode away. It made Wang Feng so mad that his Primordial Qi was boiling within him, but he could not do anything to Yunxiao. Instead, he forced the Primordial Qi into his feet, causing the ground to shatter!

Yunxiao’s laughter came to an abrupt stop when he reached the arena’s edge. Ahead of him stood a man in white clothes, who was looking at him with a smile.

“Let me introduce myself. I’m Lan Xuan, a graduating student and the leader of the Xuan Gang.”

As soon as he mentioned his name, all the students in the surroundings had shocked looks on their faces. An air of superiority that could not be concealed played about his face.

He was curious to see how amusing that look of dismay and panic would be when Yunxiao heard his name. But, he was soon disappointed.

Yunxiao had seen all kinds of posturers, so he pointed out his index finger and said in disdain, “Hmph! Good dogs don’t block the way!”


Lan Xuan flew into a rage and almost coughed out a mouthful of blood. No student in the academy had ever dared to talk to him like this, let alone in front of so many people!

His anger shot out of his eyes, but it was quickly suppressed as he managed to regain his composure. However, his body was getting more and more stiff and unnatural. “Well, I won’t fuss about that with you. I came here today for my good-for-nothing brother.”

“Oh? A big dog has come after I’ve beaten the small dog.”

“You! Are all the members of the Li Family as uncultured as you?”

“Uncultured my a*s! After all these years of fighting between our families and the deaths of so many people, as well as me even crippling your little brother, you come to reason with me? If you’re not an idiot, what are you?”

“I’ve had enough of your nonsense, little b*stard! I’ll make you regret coming to this world!” Lan Xuan could no longer maintain his cool and cursed in rage!

“Hehe! That’s more like it. A ruffian will always be a ruffian, so why posture?”

“You! I’m not arguing with you. I’m here to give you a letter of challenge.”

His face was livid with anger as he pulled out a letter, on the surface of which was written a character of ‘Challenge’ with golden ink, and flung it over to Yunxiao.

Their confrontation soon drew the attention of everyone present at Wang Feng’s assessment. Their eyes lit up as soon as they heard that there was a letter of challenge, and they all pricked up their ears, listening attentively.

Lan Xuan held up his head and sneered, “It wasn’t a big deal when my brother and you were fighting. It was nothing but a game between kids. However, my good-for-nothing brother had done something that caused an uproar. Well, he deserved to be expelled for that. But, as his eldest brother, I can’t just turn a blind eye to him. I have to teach you a lesson.”

In the distance, Wang Feng almost coughed out a mouthful of blood when he heard that, his face flushed red with anger and eyes spewing fire!

To offset the negative impact of Lan Fei’s incident, he had been secretly spreading word that Lan Fei was wronged and framed by Yunxiao. But, just as many people began to believe it, Lan Xuan actually came forward and confessed that his brother had indeed done it.

It made all his efforts go to waste, and Lan Fei’s chances of coming back to the academy were completely gone! Moreover, his reputation in the capital was ruined, and he could never lift his head again!

Lan Xuan, on the other hand, had earned himself a good reputation by standing up for his brother. Not only would this make his lackeys more loyal and submissive to him, but the members of the Lan Family would also think higher of him. He had killed two birds with one stone!

“So, it was Lan Fei who did it. I thought he was wronged.”

“I thought so too at the beginning, but now even his eldest brother has admitted it. Aye, I was taking a shower in the bathhouse with him last time. It makes me shudder to think about it now!”

“I think you better be careful. You are a member of the Xuan Gang.”

“Xuan Gang? What’s wrong with Xuan Gang? Why should I be careful?”

“Hehe, nothing! I just heard that such a quirk seems to be hereditary.”


The voices of all sorts of comments spread out in the air. Wang Feng was so angry that his chest was about to burst. “Lan Xuan, you’re so ruthless!”

Lan Xuan’s face was covered in a triumphant smile, and his heart was filled with so much joy that it seemed as if a flower was blooming. Pointing a finger at Yunxiao, he cried out loudly, “You have two choices now—kneel down here and swear you will never touch my family members again, and bow and give way whenever you see my family members in the future. Alternatively, fight me and let me completely cripple you, and then you will kneel down and beg me for forgiveness. Think it over…I suggest you choose the first one, because it was not easy for you to cultivate to your current level.”

“Wow! This is so savage! If he chooses the first one, can he still hold his head high and stand tall in the future?”

“That’s right! But, if he doesn’t choose that, he will be dead meat fighting Lan Xuan.”

“Whether face or life is more important, it all depends on Yunxiao’s choice.”

Ruxue rushed over while fuming. “Lan Xuan, you’ve gone too far! You’re a graduating student, and I heard you’ve become a nine-star warrior, just one step away from becoming a martial master and joining the State Guardians! And yet, you’re challenging an apprentice warrior who is not even a warrior? Do you have no shame?”

Yunxiao sneered, “When the younger brother is gay and has a quirk of stealing girls’ underwear, the elder brother is not far from that. The apple never falls far from the tree. And, since when did the Lan Family have any shame?”

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