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The Eternal Supreme

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Underwear Thief

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Stop it!”

From afar came Feng Buping’s voice. Soon afterward, the group of people came back, and Han Bai gave Yunxiao a meaningful glance. Seeing that everyone was coming over to him, Yunxiao felt it was not nice for him to continue taking advantage of Meng Wu. So, he reluctantly pulled his hand out and picked her up as he said softly, “Don’t be afraid, it’s all right now! That rascal has been completely crippled.”

Meng Wu was so angry that she was shivering all over, but she did not have any strength to struggle. Besides, there were too many people around them, so she could only bury her head in Yunxiao’s chest, feeling ashamed and resentful.

Wearing a livid face, Feng Buping walked over with Liu Yitian in his arms as he said in a serious voice, “He’s crippled!”

Yunxiao looked at the feeble Liu Yitian in the dean’s arms: his face was barely recognizable from all the beating, and blood and gore could be seen in his crotch, terrifying to look at. He glanced at Han Bai, and in his eyes seemed to be saying ‘Savage!’. Han Bai returned the glance with a glare, as if he replied with ‘I’ve learned this from you.’

“Leave this place now, all of you!” Feng Buping said in a deep voice, “I’ll report what happened here to the dean. Liu Yitian had brought this to himself, and he can’t blame anyone!” He glanced at Meng Wu in Yunxiao’s arms as he frowned slightly and said, “It’s not appropriate for you to hug her like that. Do any of you know her?”

He turned to look at the dozens of people who had gathered around. Among them, many were girls, and they were all couples who were having outdoor sex in Maple Grove.

Many girls bowed their heads in embarrassment. Suddenly, a girl in a red dress, whose name was Liu Feifei, exclaimed, “She’s Meng Wu!” There was a strange look in her eyes as she said, “We are from the same dormitory.”

Feng Buping nodded and said, “Great, you’ll bring her back. Report to me at any time if there’s anything.”

Only then did Yunxiao reluctantly hand Meng Wu over to Liu Feifei. When he let go of her, he did not forget to squeeze her hard on the butt. Meng Wu let out a shy moan as her eyes grew wide, and the flame of anger in them was so strong that it seemed enough to burn the whole Maple Grove to ashes!

“Don’t be afraid, my darling…you’re safe now!” With a concerned look on his face, Yunxiao took off his robe and draped it over Meng Wu’s shoulders. But when his fingers brushed past her bosom, he lightly touched her pink nipple. Consequently, her body gave a jerk as she could no longer hold it and burst into tears once again.

Everyone thought that she was frightened because she was bullied by Liu Yitian, and Liu Feifei, too, said gratefully to Yunxiao, “Thank you! You’re truly a nice guy.” She put her arms around Meng Wu tightly and said, “Meng Wu, I’m Feifei. Don’t be afraid!”

Yunxiao smiled gently and said, “You don’t have to thank me. It’s only right for me to stand out and uphold justice when my junior sister is in trouble. Do come to me when you need any help.”

The incident was over, and the couples had also lost their desires. So, the crowd began to leave Maple Grove in groups. Just then, a loud beating of drums and gongs suddenly rang out in front of them.

Then, a large group of students began to pour over, many of whom were girls, and they all looked angry. Surprisingly, they were led by Lan Fei.

Feng Buping frowned and asked in a low voice, “What’s going on?”

“Oh, Teacher Feng? So, you’re here too? That’s great!” Lan Fei said in rage. “We have a thief in the academy, an extremely perverted one! The underwear of many female students were stolen!”

Everyone was shocked. “What? Someone is stealing girls’ underwear? Who is this pervert?”

For a moment, an uproar broke out among the crowd as anger filled their hearts—especially those girls—and they began to scold like a flock of magpies. Feng Buping was frowning and glancing at the crowd when his eyes suddenly caught someone. “Princess? You’re here too?”

Qin Ruxue’s face was burning, her eyes filled with fury. “I’ve also lost something. Teacher Feng, you must catch that perverted thief for us!”

“Someone saw that thief running in the direction of Maple Grove!” Lan Fei said coldly as a trace of a venomous smile played about the corners of his mouth, and then fixed his eyes on Yunxiao.

‘Haha! Li Yunxiao, you piece of trash, you’re going to be finished!’ His mood was incomparably delightful.

All of a sudden, Yunxiao asked curiously, “Many female students have lost their underwear, but what does this have to do with you, Lan Fei?”

‘Hmm? He’s right! What does this have to do with you?’

Curiosity jumped over the faces of all female students as they turned to look at Lan Fei. Why did this son of a distinguished family—who was cold, aloof, and arrogant during normal times—suddenly became so helpful and excited, as if he had just been given a shot in the arm?

Lan Fei went blank momentarily, lost for words. “This…this…I…”

A lad standing by his elbow, who was apparently smarter, said hurriedly, “Boss can no longer stand idly by and watch, so he came forth and led everyone to catch the thief!”

“Ye-yes! I brought everyone here to catch the thief! Someone had seen the thief running in the direction of Maple Grove.” Lan Fei recovered his imposing manner and said proudly, “As a student of the academy, I have this obligation and responsibility.”

Yunxiao made a face of sudden realization. “Oh! I see! Can you please tell us who saw the thief running this way?”

“It was me. Why?” The smart lad stepped forward immediately. He was one of the two men who had sneaked into Yunxiao’s room. “I’m Meng Kun, and I saw it with my own eyes. Do you have a problem?”

He held his head up intentionally to give himself some airs. Although he knew that Yunxiao was very strong, with Feng Buping here, no one dared to cause trouble.

Yunxiao smiled faintly and said, “No, I don’t have any problem…I’m just curious. What the thief had stolen is girls’ underwear, but instead of girls, you, as a man, was the first to find out. Why? And, since you saw the thief, why don’t you lead everyone to catch him? Why did you ask your boss to do it in your stead?”

“I…” Meng Kun’s mind went blank as well because the questions were not easy to answer. The crowd was also wondering, and everyone stared at him, causing beads of cold sweat to roll off his forehead.

“What are you doing, Li Yunxiao?” Lan Fei suddenly bellowed, “Are you trying to divert everyone’s attention? Is it because you are guilty? I think there’s a good chance that the thief is you!”

“Right! Now that boss mentions it, it occurs to me that the thief’s figure was very much like this guy!” Meng Kun quickly echoed to that.

‘Here it comes,’ Yunxiao laughed to himself. “Young Master Fei, why are you slandering me?” He asked leisurely.

Lan Fei smiled coldly and said, “To prove your innocence, you should let us search your dorm. If you refuse, you will not be able to escape the suspicion today!”

Yunxiao snorted coldly and said, “Why should I do as you said? Who do you think you are?”

Ruxue’s face flickered as if she had realized something, and she said, “I believe Yunxiao won’t do something like that. Meng Kun, did you really see the thief clearly?”

The princess’s piercing glance frightened Meng Kun so much that he was instantly soaked in cold sweat. Lying to the princess was a serious crime, and he could be beheaded for that, and even cause his entire family to be executed! He was only the descendant of a small power attached to the Lan Family. How would he have the courage to deceive the imperial family?

But in the next instant, he sensed Lan Fei’s gloomy gaze, which made him shudder and blurt out the words, “Yes, I saw the thief clearly! He is Li Yunxiao…I have no doubt about it!”

With a soaring mood, Lan Fei said, “Haha! Li Yunxiao, do you have anything else to say?”

Yunxiao nodded slightly to Feng Buping and said, “Teacher Feng, you can search my dorm. But, if my innocent is proven, I want an answer from Lan Fei!”

Since the beginning, Feng Buping had not said a word, because he also found that something was not right. So, he was quietly observing the situation. Now, he turned his glance to Lan Fei, apparently asking for his opinion.

“No problem!” Lan Fei said decisively. “If you can prove your innocence, I’ll give you an answer!” i𝓷nr𝙚𝒶𝘥.𝒄o𝑚

Yunxiao nodded and said, “In that case, I believe in Teacher Feng’s fairness.”

A worried look appeared in Ruxue’s eyes. Yunxiao shook his head lightly and said in a loud voice, “Don’t worry, Princess! There is a righteous spirit pervading the heaven and earth! I, Li Yunxiao, am open and above board, and I don’t believe evil can prevail over good!”

Upon hearing what he said, all the female students fell into deep thought and began to dismiss their doubts about him. After all, a guilty person would not have such a spirit! Meng Wu, standing behind them, shivered with anger at his righteous face. However, she could not tell them what she had suffered just now.

Ruxue gritted her teeth hard and stamped her foot. ‘You are a fool! There’s something obviously odd about this, and I’m sure they’re trying to frame you!’

Yunxiao acted as if he had not noticed her distress as he said loudly, “Everyone, please follow me to my dorm. I will prove to you that I’m indeed innocent!”

Led by him, the crowd moved toward his dorm. Along the way, many students who had heard the news joined them as well, and in just a short time, over a hundred people had gathered.

“Eh? Teacher Wang, why are you here too?” Yunxiao looked coldly at Wang Feng, who was standing before the door to his dorm with a few other teachers of the academy. They were all from the dean’s office.

Wang Feng said lazily as if he had just woken up, “I heard that there is a perverted thief who has caused serious trouble, so I have to come here and have a look. Oh, Director Feng, you are here as well!”

Feng Buping frowned. From his experience, he naturally knew that there must be something wrong.

Yunxiao sneered leisurely, “To have a look at the door of my dorm? I thought Meng Kun said he saw the thief running in the direction of Maple Grove? Teacher Wang, you must be very clever to know that we would come here, saving you the time and energy to travel back and forth.”

Everyone could tell that he said that with some tongue in cheek. Feng Buping’s face grew cold, and he finally could not help but say in a deep voice, “What is this all about, Wang Feng?”

Wang Feng snorted lightly and sneered, “I come here with the same purpose as you, to catch the thief. This brat is so perverted and unruly. I propose that once we catch him, we should expel him immediately, lest he should harm more students.”

Feng Buping’s face flickered. He would be a fool if he still could not see the problem by now. “I’ve no issue with you catching the thief here,” he said while fuming, “But, if anyone dares to play tricks and falsely wrong a good student in my face, I will not accept that!” The reason why he was called the ‘God of Slaughter’ by the students was not only because of his strict law enforcement, but also his selflessness and fairness!

Wang Feng said pointedly, “Of course, we must be fair, so that everyone is sincerely convinced! When the thief is caught together with his loot, I’ll report this directly to the dean!” Feng Buping’s position was above him, but as long as the thief was caught together with the loot, he could always use the dean’s name to shut everyone’s mouth!

As if he was eager to get himself caught, Yunxiao said seriously, “Since even Teacher Wang is so fair, I truly feel relieved. Everybody, please be my witnesses.” He took out a key and unlocked the door, then gestured and said, “Please help yourself!”

‘Is this brat up to something?’ Wang Feng thought when he saw the indifferent look on Yunxiao’s face. But, when he turned and saw Lan Fei’s confident face, he was relieved. “Search the room!”

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