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The Eternal Supreme

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Maple Grove

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Maple Grove was a dating sanctuary within the academy, a favorite trysting spot for many amorous youths and languishing maidens. Yunxiao narrowed his eyes slightly as a proud figure flashed through his mind. With that, he smiled and started in the direction of Maple Grove.

Moments after he left, two figures appeared in front of his dormitory. One of them quietly took out a key and unlocked the door with it after a few tries. They slipped inside, then came out after only a few minutes and carefully locked the door. Their hands were empty, which made them look less like thieves.

“Hehe! Have you put the things in the right place? We’ll make this brat pay for what he had done to us!”

“Yes. Young Master Fei is indeed resourceful to have come up with such a genius trick. I bet this brat must be aroused now, absorbing himself in the fantasy of a delightful date.”

“Hmph! He should take a look at himself in the mirror. How would Luo Landuo, who is famous for her pride, be attracted to such a piece of trash like him?”

“Say no more! We’d better get out of here and wait for the grand show tonight!”

They slipped away quietly, but Yunxiao reappeared at the door a moment later. He recognized them at a glance as two of the lackeys who had come with Lan Fei the last time. He wondered why they had sneaked into his dormitory.

With a sneer on his face, he pushed open the door and soon found something under the blanket in his bedroom that rendered him speechless.

A pile of colorful and fragrant women’s undergarments and underpants were stuffed into his bed.

“Well, well, Lan Fei…” Looking at these things, Yunxiao naturally understood Lan Fei’s plot in an instant. “Since you want to play dirty…” he said coldly, “…I’ll play with you!”

His eyes gleamed as he quickly disappeared from the room.

An hour later, Yunxiao’s figure could be seen speeding toward Maple Grove.

Covering an area of hundreds of acres, Maple Grove was one of the most beautiful landscapes in Jialan Academy. It was a cultivating venue for many students during the day, but at night, it became a sanctuary for trysts, especially in this moonless, windy, and cool season. Not everyone could afford to live in a single dormitory; in fact, most of the students shared their dormitories with four or even eight students. Therefore, Maple Grove had become their sanctuary.

As soon as Yunxiao stepped inside, he found more than thirty pairs of men and women making barely audible noises in their throats within the area covered by his divine sense. Some of them, who were unable to resist the temptation, were making out under the cover of darkness, filling his ears with all kinds of kinky sounds.

“AHH! Help! Help!”

Just then, a faint cry for help rang out. The voice was not loud, but loud enough to reach into Yunxiao’s ear. Under the moonlight, a young girl with a veil over her body rang out of the grove, her face full of terror. Her clothes had been torn, revealing her fair skin which made her look particularly attractive. The terror on her beautiful face could fill one’s heart with pity and affection.

“Stop there, you little b*tch! It’s your blessing to have been chosen by me!”

A gorgeously dressed man rushed over from behind her with a face full of anger and ferocity, reaching out a hand to grab her.

“Help me, senior!” When the girl saw Yunxiao, she looked as if she had seen a savior, and her face was full of joy. She hurried over, showing an intention of throwing herself at him.


A sword flashed across the void and fell into Yunxiao’s hand, with its tip pointing to the girl’s throat. “Stop if you don’t want to die!” A cold voice rang out of his mouth.

The girl was stunned, apparently surprised by Yunxiao’s reaction. But, she quickly came back to her senses and said anxiously, “Help me, senior! Someone wants…wants…someone wants to molest me!”

Tears the size of pearls rolled down her cheeks, making her look even more pitiable. “Please, if you will just save me once, I…I…I will do whatever you want me to do.”

Any young man witnessing such a scene would fall in and want to save her. But, Yunxiao’s face wore a look of eternal indifference, emotionless under the moonlight. He closed his eyes slightly while the tip of his sword was still pointing at the girl’s throat, his heart as hard as a stone!

“Get out of here, boy, if you don’t want to die! This girl’s mine already!”

The man caught up with her and grabbed her by the shoulder, giving her a hard yank. A ripping noise echoed out as the veil covering her figure was torn apart and fell away, revealing her half-exposed pink bosom. Meanwhile, her bared shoulder was scratched with a striking red claw mark!

“Senior, please, help me!”

The girl burst into tears as the man dragged her down to the ground. At this moment, the man’s eyes flashed with a trace of astonishment as if he was a little confused. But then, he quickly resumed the fierce look and cried out, “Get out of here now, boy! I’m about to do my thing!”

“Help me, help me!” The girl’s distressing cry for help continued to come from below, heartbreaking to hear.

Yunxiao opened his eyes slightly with a smile on his face. “Don’t worry, my dear, the rescue will come soon.”

Upon hearing that, a glimmer of joy flickered in the girl’s eyes as she hurriedly struggled to her feet and trotted straight to Yunxiao, without so much as covering her exposed fair skin. The man’s eyes also revealed a trace of delight, but he still pretended to be fierce. “Boy, how dare you snatch this girl from me! Do you know who I am? I’m Liu Yitian, the son of Liu Siqi, who is the commander of the Imperial Guard!”

“Oh, so you’re Liu Yitian.” Yunxiao suddenly turned and smiled at the girl, “The rescue I mention is not me, but them.”

“Huh? Them?”

Both the girl and the man were taken aback. All of a sudden, a group of people rushed out of the woods and surrounded the three of them. “Liu Yitian!” roared Chen Zhen, the leader of the group, “How could you do such a terrible thing! Teacher Feng, you saw what happened just now. This brat is simply an animal!”

When the group of a dozen people appeared, Liu Yitian knew that he was going to suffer. Moreover, when he heard Chen Zhen call out ‘Teacher Feng’, he shuddered with fear and felt strength leave his legs! By the moonlight, he glanced carefully at the crowd and saw the middle-aged man in the lead, whose hair had stood on their ends with rage. He was none other than the academy’s dean of students, Feng Buping, nicknamed ‘God of Slaughter’!


He was so frightened that he took a few steps back and sat down on the ground. ‘What’s going on? How did this happen?’

Not only he, but the girl was completely bewildered as well. Even Lan Fei and his lackeys, who were hiding in the dark and ready to jump out, were dumbfounded. Why was the dean here?

“Liu Yitian, you animal!”

Feng Buping’s figure flashed before everyone’s eyes, and then they heard a loud slapping sound and saw Liu Yitian being set flying away while screaming miserably.

“We can’t spare this animal! Let’s beat him to death! Let’s beat this rascal who tried to rape his junior to death!”

Han Bai’s loud roar startled the whole Maple Grove, and many people started coming this way. Meanwhile, Chen Zhen rushed out with a dozen men, and soon a noise of beating mixed with piercing cries could be heard coming from where Liu Yitian had fallen.

“Are you all right?” Feng Buping asked the girl. “What’s your name? Why were you with this animal?”

The girl was completely struck dumb, and she did not know how to answer. “M-my name is Meng Wu. I… I…”

“Don’t be afraid, my dear! Look, you are sweating all over with fright.” Yunxiao smiled and took Meng Wu into his arms. “With me here, no one is going to bully you!” He held her slender waist tightly with one hand, making it impossible for her to escape no matter how hard she struggled, while wantonly running the other hand across her body. As her clothes were worn, his hand soon slipped in and began to rub and pinch her delicate bosom.


Meng Wu freaked out, and her face was flushed with embarrassment. As she was pulled into Yunxiao’s arms, her body had blocked Feng Buping’s view. Moreover, since she did not dare to shout out, she could only struggle desperately. But, Yunxiao’s strength was so great that no matter how hard she tried, she was unable to escape.

She could not bear it any longer and began to sob, but it was real this time, and she was trembling all over.

Feng Buping thought she was suffering from mental trauma, so he comforted her kindly, “Don’t be afraid! I’ll certainly redress your grievance. Fortunately, Yunxiao sent someone to inform me in time. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable. Yunxiao, you take care of Meng Wu here…I’ll go and take a look at that animal. Why is there no more sound? He couldn’t have been killed by those people, could he?”

Yunxiao, who was enjoying the smooth, tender bosom with one hand, smiled and said, “Go ahead, Teacher Feng! Meng Wu is in good hands now.” Meng Wu shuddered as she cried out in her heart, ‘Don’t leave, Teacher Feng! Don’t leave me here!’ But strangely enough, she could not make a sound at all and could only keep sobbing.

Feng Buping nodded and walked in the direction of Liu Yitian. Dozens of people had already surrounded the spot, all pointing and whispering.

Meng Wu was still a virgin, after all, so she could not withstand Yunxiao’s assault. Her mind was completely blank as she leaned feebly on him, letting him play with her body. Somehow, the shame and indignation that previously filled her heart had gradually transformed into a strange pleasure, which made her begin to moan.

Hiding far away in the grove, Lan Fei and his men were at a loss. “Apparently, Li Yunxiao is behind all this!” Du Feng said angrily. “What now, boss? I suggest we rush out and save Yitian, or he’ll be killed!”

“Save my a*s!” Lan Fei slapped him on the head and growled, “You brainless pig! We will be caught in the net if we walk out right now! There’s nothing we can do but sacrifice Yitian. Anyway, with Feng Buping here, he’s not going to die!” His eyes nearly burst into flames as he turned to the other two men and asked, “Have you put everything in the right place?”

They were the two teenagers who had sneaked into Yunxiao’s dormitory to hide those women undergarments and underpants. Nodding together, they said, “Yes, we’ve put everything under his blanket. You can count on us, boss!”

Lan Fei’s eyes gleamed with a grim coldness. “Li Yunxiao, while you might have escaped this, let’s see how you’re going to deal with the next one!”

Yunxiao looked casually in the direction where Lan Fei had disappeared into as the corners of his mouth curved into a smile.

At this moment, Meng Wu had given up all resistance. Her body was burning from Yunxiao’s rubbing and squeezing, and what made her even more embarrassed was that she felt wet beneath her. It made her wish she could kill herself by running her head into a wall!

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