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The Eternal Supreme

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Five Chakras

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“It worked!”

Yunxiao was delighted, but instead of getting up, he performed another few hand incantation gestures and directed the power of the medicine toward the chakra in his chest.

Now that his meridians were unclogged and unobstructed, the next step was to open the first chakra!

Most people opened their chakras from the top down, starting with the one on the top of their heads. Yunxiao, however, played by different rules and went straight to the hardest heart chakra. On his chest, a mass of dark green light began to gather, which grew stronger over time and then suddenly bloomed like a flower.

In that instant, he felt the power which had been waiting for so long in his heart chakra was finally being released. He flicked open his eyes; an electric-like gleam flashed through his pupils as a strange pose suddenly emerged in his mind, giving him a flash of inspiration. “The second style of the Tyrant Body Tempering Technique—Mountain!”

With palms put together, he sank like a mountain into the medicinal liquid in a flash. The potion boiling around him seemed to be drawn by some force and began to spin while the light of the heart chakra in his chest became the eye of the whirlpool, dragging in streams of power.

“Ha! Open now, all of you!”

The light on his heart chakra bloomed, and two streams of light shot out of it, one going upwards and the other downwards along his body. Soon, under the impact of the heart chakra’s power, his solar plexus chakra, sacral chakra, throat chakra, and third eye charka all lit up with their respective colors. The entire room began to reflect the light of the chakras in addition to the pale green color of the mist.


Just as Yunxiao was trying to absorb the potion’s power to open the last two chakras, the power his body could withstand was at its peak. Thirteen divine needles were ejected instantaneously from his acupoints, disrupting the balance of his whole body. With that, a huge force exploded in the bucket in a flash!

The marrow and meridians cleaning potion was evaporated into mist at the moment of explosion, making the whole training room wet as if it was washed by water. Yunxiao walked out of the mist and sighed, “It’s a pity that I’ve only opened five chakras.”

If his words were heard by other apprentice warriors, they would surely kill him with their teeth in jealousy.

He carefully put away the divine needles. After one use, they were noticeably slimmer.

“The five-color divine air needles’ effect of stimulating the body’s potential is indeed amazing! I have to find a way to get my hands on the other four pendants from the Lan Family.”

After thinking for a while, he changed into a clean suit of clothes and went out of the training room. When he came into the hall, he saw Chen Zhen and Han Bai coming out of another room. Their injuries were almost healed, but Chen Zhen’s swollen face had not.

“Young Master Yun!” They both cried out at the same time as they looked at Yunxiao in horror, their eyes bursting with anger.

“That Lan Fei and his lackeys are going too far!” Han Bai snarled. “How could they hurt you with such a powerful poison? Does he really dare to kill us openly?”

Chen Zhen was fuming as well. “I wish I could go back now to gather ten thousand men and kill this gang of unruly brats! Are you all right, Young Master Yun? The poison…”

Only then did Yunxiao realize that his skin was all pale green. It was a symptom of the potion’s strength still remaining in his body in large quantities, which would gradually correct itself. He gave them a brief explanation, after hearing which, they both became dumbfounded and froze in place.

“Young Master Yun, you mean you’ve kicked them all in the asses and even robbed them?”

“Young Master Yun, you mean you’ve unclogged your meridians and even opened five chakras?”

Chen Zhen burst into laughter. “Haha! I knew it! How could General Feilong’s son be a loser! Without saying a word, you’ve suddenly become stronger than us! Great! When all three of us graduate and inherit our families’ title of nobility, we’ll assemble a million men to destroy the Lan Family’s brats!”

The shocked expression on Han Bai’s face gradually faded, and he began to ponder. “It’s great that Young Master Yun has opened his chakras, but the trouble has grown bigger as well. Lan Fei and his lackeys will not let this matter drop. I fear Young Master Yun is in greater danger now.”

Chen Zhen, who was absorbed in his heroic fantasy, scoffed, “They’re just a bunch of rascals. Since they are no match for Young Master Yun now, they won’t be anymore! Do you think they have the courage to send someone to cause trouble inside the academy?” 𝗶𝓃𝑛𝗿𝗲𝓪𝐝.𝒄𝒐m

There were only two Martial Kings in the state of Tianshui who had stepped into the Five Elements realm. One of them was the dean of Jialan Academy, Zhong Lishan, who claimed to be the strongest man in the state of Tianshui. Every nation had its own laws and every family had its own rules, and Jialan Academy was no exception. Even the emperor must obey the academy’s rules during his visit here.

Once upon a time, the son of an assistant minister of the military suffered a loss in the academy. When he returned to his home, he sent an expert of his family to beat up another student. The next day, all the warriors of his family had their cultivation base destroyed, and from then on, a prominent family completely decayed and disappeared from the political center of the state.

The incident had struck fear into all powerful families in the state of Tianshui. Since then, no one dared to run wild in the academy, even if they were princes and princesses. But, the academy did not prohibit students from fighting with each other, so an individual could only rely on his or her own ability to keep a foothold in the academy!

Han Bai shook his head and said, “Lan Fei is certainly not to be afraid of, but have you forgotten the man who’s ranked third on the Minor Power Chart?”

Chen Zhen’s pupils constricted abruptly and his face turned unsightly.

The Heaven and Earth Power Chart was a ranking list of the strongest experts on the Heavenly Martial Continent, which included a total of one hundred experts. Yunxiao’s previous incarnation, Gu Feiyang, was an almighty expert ranked third on this chart!

And the Minor Power Chart that Han Bai mentioned was a ranking list created by the academy, which was reset once a year through a competition. The person currently ranked third on it was the other direct descendant of the Lan Family, Lan Fei’s half brother—Lan Xuan!

“Lan Xuan is a student who will graduate this year,” Han Bai said with a bitter smile. “He is very strong, and is said to have begun trying to break through the Two Forces realm. Moreover, he is the leader of the Xuan Gang. So, even if he graduates and left the academy, the gang’s experts will still obey his orders.”

Chen Zhen started to worry as well. “He’s going to become a Martial Master? If he does succeed, he’ll be able to join the Guardian of the State as soon as he graduates! He’s really something! Lan Xuan is only eighteen, isn’t he?”

Han Bai nodded with a solemn expression. “Yes, an eighteen-year-old Martial Master is a rare genius even in the state of Tianshui! At the rate he’s progressing, there’s a good chance he’ll become the deputy commander of the Guardians.”

“As a Martial Master, he would not trouble us for such a trifle, would he?” Chen Zhen’s face grew even more unsightly.

“He probably won’t do it himself. There’s still some time to go before the break. Hopefully, we can make it through until he graduates.”

The corners of Yunxiao’s mouth lifted slightly as he said with a smile in his eyes, “You can rest assured that he will come to me. Even if he doesn’t, I’ll go to him.”

‘Because I can’t wait to get my hands on the piece of five-color divine air stone carried by him!’ he sneered in his heart.

Inside a fine building in the academy, Lan Fei was thundering with rage, “Uncle, there’s no way I can swallow this one!”

Wang Feng’s gaze grew cold as he scolded, “Shut up, you idiot! You almost made a big mistake! Luckily, Lan Xuan is in secluded cultivation, or your mother’s years of nurturing would have been ruined!”

Lan Fei was startled, but then he immediately said with disbelief, “It can’t be that serious, can it? I just want brother Xuan to help me teach that piece of trash a lesson to help me vent my anger.”

“To help you vent your anger? Hmph!” Wang Feng’s eyes flashed with jest as he scoffed, “And you still call him brother Xuan? You’re as silly as a goose! That piece of trash from the Li Family is nothing. You must understand that your real enemy now is none other than Lan Xuan! Now that you’ve lost your token of the family’s direct descendant, you will be reprimanded by the family and go out of favor if he learns about this, which is actually the lightest punishment. If they take this seriously, you will not only lose your status as a direct descendant, but may even be demoted to the branch!”

Lan Fei’s face went pale. “What should I do?” he asked, frightened. “You must help me, uncle!”

Wang Feng narrowed his eyes slightly and said in a serious voice, “Don’t you worry. You’re my sister’s son…If I don’t help you, who else would I help? However, as a teacher of the academy, I can’t teach a student a lesson without any reason. Otherwise, even I will be punished. The annual assessment of the junior class will be held in seven days, and I remember you told me that this brat hasn’t opened any chakras. I’ll apply to be the chief examiner of the assessment. As long as he can’t show any chakra light, I’ll expel him with the academy rules! When he leaves this place and before he reaches home, that will be the time for us to strike! After retrieving the token, you can do what you want with that piece of trash!”

“Seven more days?” Lan Fei said exasperatingly. “Whenever I think of the humiliation I received that day, I wished I could skin him immediately! Oh right, I’m going to break his balls!”

“Hmph, if you can’t endure this little setback, what great thing do you expect to do? I’m really worried for my sister. You’re so far behind Lan Xuan!” Wang Feng said coldly.

Lan Fei turned pale, and he clenched his hands so tight that his nails dug into his flesh. “Alright, I’ll follow what you said, uncle!” He gnashed his teeth and said. “But, he’s not going to have an easy time during this period. I have a way to make him lose all standing and reputation, but I need your help, uncle.”

There was a flicker of doubt in Wang Feng’s eyes. “What do you plan to do?”

With a venomous smile on his face, Lan Fei whispered into his uncle’s ear. After hearing his plan, Wang Feng froze for a moment before bursting into laughter. “Excellent! Go ahead and do it! If it works out, we won’t have to wait for seven days. You’re indeed my sister’s son…I’ve underestimated you earlier.”

“Hmm? Who’s sneaking around?” Yunxiao, who was cultivating the Great Expansion Divine Technique in his room, frowned suddenly. The strength of his divine sense was far greater than that of ordinary people, so he immediately detected two men lurking outside his dormitory.

“It’s evening now. Could they be thieves?”

It was nothing new for wealthy students in the academy to have their belongings stolen, especially the children of the dignitaries who had their own independent dormitories.

Yunxiao went straight out, and just as he pushed the door open, a pink envelope suddenly fell down.

To: Yunxiao

It was written on the front of the envelope in beautiful strokes, and a faint fragrance was wafting out of the paper. While frowning, Yunxiao ripped open the envelope and found it to be a love letter with only four lines of a poem:

When the moon rose above the willow tree,

In maple grove he has a tryst with her.

When the moon is round tonight,

She’s willing to be with him.

Yours truly, Luo Landuo.

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