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The eSports King's Crush

The eSports King's Crush

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Chinese Novel


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Three years ago, when Sovereign Union disbanded, gaming genius Mo Bei laid low and went into seclusion.

Three years later, she returns with a concealed name, disguised as a man.

Despite being scorned and loathed, she ultimately reascends to the thone, causing a sensation in the entire nation!

Handsome but aloof, pursued by countless fans, he was the famous King of the eSports scene.

Dark Flares’ Captain, who was known for his looks, was even more famous for his ambiguous playing style.


When she first joined the team, he told her, “Know your place. Do not try to have inordinate ambitions.”

Subsequently, when her identity was exposed, he looked up from his seat at the table and stood up gradually. “Are you thinking of deserting me after marrying me in the game? Hmm?”

Sequel to National School Prince Is A Girl! Mo Bei is the disciple of NSPG’s Almighty Qin. Join him as he too becomes one!

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