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Chapter 7: Whose Cute Kid Is This?

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Zhao Jianjian was a boorish male who had never interacted with such a young child.

Mo Bei, who did not speak, took a step forward first.

Kiddy Cherubic did not let go. He followed along, even letting out a cough behind his small black mask.

Mo Bei simply turned her head to the side. “Where are you going? I’ll take you.”

Kiddy Cherubic’s eyes lit up as his voice was heard through the mask. “Little Brother, I want to go across the street.”

Across the street?

What the f*ck?

He wanted to go to No.1 Middle School?

Zhao Jianjian looked like he had seen a ghost. “Little man, seriously, do you think it’s right to have Brother Nan take you to No.1 Middle School? Brother Nan just fought with some people from this school, yet you want him to go there? Won’t that be akin to walking into their lair?”

Moreover, Brother Nan’s reputation at No.1 Middle School was really hard to express in a few words.

If he went there, he would be beaten to death!

Kiddy Cherubic’s head drooped slightly upon hearing that. “But my older brother is there. I came here to look for my brother.”

Mo Bei was still holding her backpack strap in her hands while she glanced at No.1 Middle School across the road. Her expression was very indifferent.

Meanwhile, Zhao Jianjian was still shaking his head. “No, Brother Nan cannot go, little man. You’re new here so you probably don’t know, but No. 2 Middle School and No.1 Middle School have always been deadly enemies. Even if we were to go, we’d have to gather a dozen people before we…”

“Let’s go.”

Mo Bei’s careless words made Zhao Jianjian pause abruptly. His head snapped over to look at “Brother Nan”, only to see the ice prince hold his backpack in one hand and the adorable kid’s hand in the other while he stepped forward and headed towards the opposite side of the street.

“No! Brother Nan, even if you want to go, you should wear a mask to ensure your personal safety!”

Zhao Jianjian shouted from behind, but Mo Bei did not turn back even once.

On the contrary, Kiddy Cherubic shot a look at him and said, “Bye-bye.”

While they were crossing the road, Mo Bei casually asked, “Why were you on the field?”

When Kiddy Cherubic heard that, he replied, sounding a little despondent, “When the driver called my brother, I heard that someone had challenged him to a fight on the field, so I thought that he would be here. In the end, I didn’t find him and I got lost.” If his brother found out, he would call him stupid again.

“Your brother wasn’t amongst that bunch of people earlier?” Mo Bei’s voice was very aloof.

However, Kiddy Cherubic demonstrated his tsundere side then. “Those people are ugly and they disregard children when they’re fighting. How could my brother be amongst them? Little Brother, let me tell you something. My brother is so handsome that he often uses that face of his to charm the fans.”

Someone else would definitely have asked, “What does your brother do? Why does he have fans?”

However, Mo Bei had been averse to asking about other people’s business ever since a young age. She was naturally apathetic but also gentle, like the young master of an aristocratic family. “Can I drop you off here?”

Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, they had reached the gates of No.1 Middle School.

Mo Bei stood there tall and graceful with a backpack in one hand, her back as firm as a perfectly-carved piece of jade.

There was no need to look on purpose.

Through her peripheral vision alone, she could see the loathing looks of the students of No.1 Middle School.

After catching sight of Mo Bei, some boys seemed filled with hostility, as if they were waiting for the right moment, ready to strike at any time.

In the distance, Zhao Jianjian had found a pink scarf and wrapped it around his face. He leaned against the wall and stole a glance before shrinking back and looking down to fiddle with his cell phone.

Class 5 yellow-haired: “Brothers, y’all here? Anyone here? We’re in trouble! Brother Nan’s brain must be fried today. He strode to the gates of No.1 Middle School and is now standing there. Everyone looks like they want to beat him to death. Should I run, or should I run?”

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