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Chapter 29: Mo Bei, The Battle Team’s New Support

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There was still one more day left before Saturday came.

On the weekend, Mo Bei would be reporting to the new battle team.

Wang Dongdong would certainly have a lot of advice.

In the past, Mo Nan had not signed a slave contract with the club and bound himself to them.

There were pros and cons to this.

On the upside, when he’d left, he hadn’t had to pay liquidated damages. He’d just left his game ID behind.

On the downside, after two years in eSports, what was happening right now was not fair. Although he had been popular, if the club succeeded today, half the credit would belong to Mo Nan. Right at the beginning, his skills had not really been bad, but the club had been practical. Since he hadn’t belonged to them, he couldn’t dream of getting the resources.

This was still acceptable.

What Mo Bei could not accept was her brother’s schedule for the past two years, which she had gotten from Wang Dongdong.

After competing, he hadn’t even had a day of rest. He’d had to do a live stream immediately.

The club had also given her brother missions. If the live stream room each day did not hit the set target, he’d be made to take on merchandise commercials to make up for the difference.

In front of her brother, they’d be miserable and claim that the club’s funds weren’t enough. Only by doing this would they be able to operate.

Was her brother stupid?

He was indeed slightly naive and foolish.

However, Mo Bei believed that it was impossible that he didn’t know anything. He had tolerated all this because he loved to play eSports, but mostly because he did not want to see another battle team disband.

Hence, these trivial matters had gradually worn off all the talent in her brother.

In the end, he was no longer popular as a result.

The club wanted to shift the blame, so they worked with the players below to pull this stunt.

The more Mo Bei read the paper in her hands, the colder her eyes became.

Even Wang Dongdong was feeling slightly uneasy beside her. “Idol, what’s up?” Was there something wrong? Why was he feeling a chill down his spine?

Mo Bei looked to the side. Although she was strikingly cold and refined, there wasn’t any warmth in her eyes. She actually appeared rather detached. “Are Dark Flares and my previous team sister battle teams?”

“Um, calling them sister battle teams would be a little too… you know,” Wang Dongdong said with a smile, “Idol, do you still not understand the logic in all this? Any battle team that gets close to Dark Flares can become popular. Of course the club would promote itself this way. After all, there is a bit of a relation there. However, calling them sister battle teams is too much of an exaggeration. I reckon that all the people in Dark Flares, except you, don’t even know who is who here. As for why they have an impression of you…” Wang Dongdong paused here and covered his face. “You know why.”

Mo Bei let out an “oh” before her tone relaxed. “Seems like it’s a very bad memory.”

“Extremely bad,” Wang Dongdong said in all seriousness. “Idol, Brother Nan, I’m really scared that when you report on the weekend, you’ll be beaten and kicked out by the members of Dark Flares.”

Mo Bei did not tell Wang Dongdong that she’d already fought a certain Captain twice so it wouldn’t matter if they had one more fight when they met. Her slender fingers slowly folded the paper box as her expression remained indifferent. “No internal fighting is allowed in the battle team. This is Dark Flares’ rule.”

Once Wang Dongdong heard that, he thought, “Oh yeah, they can’t strike in the community apartment.”

Thus, Brother Nan would still be able to worm his way in.

However, there was something that Wang Dongdong had been wanting to ask all this time.

“Brother Nan, what position will you be playing? There’s Almighty K in Dark Flares, so it’s impossible that they’d let someone else take the assassin’s role.”

Mo Bei’s fingers pressed down. Her gaze was calm as she watched the cake carton take form and very casually gave him an answer. “Support.”

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