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Chapter 21: Almighty K’s Shamelessness

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During the match…

By the time Feng Nai nonchalantly walked over, this massacre was already over.

Thus, Feng Nai did not witness Mo Bei’s way of handling things.

Even so, the triple kill was right there.

It didn’t seem like a result that someone of this level could achieve.

A glint flashed in Feng Nai’s eyes as he typed. “Little Brother, you’re using an alternate account, aren’t you?”

“Mm…” Mo Bei was wearing headphones. Her right hand turned around as she frowned slightly and swiftly ended the match.

Feng Nai’s cute behavior really resembled his brother’s. “You’re really good, Little Brother. What’s your main account?”

Mo Bei did not answer that question. Instead, she casually asked, “Why aren’t you on voice chat today?”

He had been screaming for help the entire time yesterday.

Although he had also died many times today, he was way too quiet this time.

Feng Nai’s slender fingers paused for a moment before he replied, “My brother is sleeping, so I shouldn’t disturb him.”

“Your brother…”

Feng Nai figured that he wanted to say something.

Ultimately, after a pause, that neutral voice said, “Never mind. Next time you come to school to look for your brother, don’t go to the back field.”

Feng Nai leaned back lazily. His curiosity was piqued slightly now. “Why?”

“Nothing.” Mo Bei believed that it wasn’t good to tell a little kid about fighting. Then, upon remembering master’s teachings, she hesitated for a moment and tried her best to make her tone natural and less cold. “Go to bed, xoxo.” 𝐢𝗻𝑛𝓇𝚎𝚊𝘥. 𝙘o𝓂

Feng Nai’s fingers went still again.

After all, this was different from all the previous times.

It was a voice chat this time…

Feng Nai’s eyes shifted for a second as he was about to reply.

“Brother, brother! I got shampoo in my eyes! Quickly, save me! Save me! Boohoohoo!”

In the bathroom, Little Lin rubbed his eyes. The wet black locks on his head were still curly as he feigned crying.

Feng Nai’s legs were long. Thus, after grabbing a towel in one hand, he only needed to take a step to lift him up. As a brother, his actions naturally weren’t very gentle.

However, Little Lin was still saved. When the bubbles in his eyes were cleaned away, he heaved a sigh of relief like a small adult.

After putting on his little shorts, he sat down on the sofa. His brother didn’t let him sit on the bed, even though he was his biological brother!

Little Brother was better!

Little Lin kept thinking as he took the cell phone and got ready to send a text.

What was this?

This… This…

“Brother!” After his shower, Little Lin’s face was fair and soft. “Why is there a chatting record? I didn’t talk to Little Brother today!”

Feng Nai, who had been in a rush to get to him, had forgotten to delete the messages. As Trouble Lin was blocking his way, he shot a glance at his brother from high above. “Trouble Lin, did you forget who told me to help him reply to the messages yesterday?”

Upon hearing that, Little Lin tugged at his own hair for a moment before his small fingers pointed at the screen. “But I didn’t tell you to say so much. You even set a time to play games with Little Brother. Plus, why are you also calling him that? You’re the same age as Little Brother, yet you’re still calling him Little Brother.”

Feng Nai crossed his arms and leaned to the side with a smile on his lips. “Trouble Lin, I helped you reply to the messages, so of course I had to copy your tone. Do you find this problematic?”

Little Lin was after all still innocent.

Besides, his brother’s attitude was really bold and confident.

“Alright…” Little Lin, who had been looking forward to chatting with Little Brother after his bath, now felt his hopes get bashed. “In the future, when Little Brother sends more messages, don’t reply on my behalf.”

Feng Nai’s attitude was lackadaisical as he carelessly responded with an “mm”.

While Little Lin’s little fingers poked around, he did not notice the glint that flashed across his brother’s eyes.

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