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Chapter 20: Almighty K Feeds Intentionally

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Feng Nai’s fingers tapped lightly on the side of his phone. This was a habitual action of his when he was lost in thought.

Once the match started, he gave the enemy a kill.

He clearly did so intentionally.

After all, given Trouble Lin’s skills, it would be impossible for him not to die.

However, Young Master Feng’s aim in dying wasn’t to pretend to be his brother but to see just how capable this ‘Little Brother’ was.

Hence, one death didn’t count.

He fed a total of three deaths and died the moment he left the fountain.

The other members of their team were helpless. “Assassin, could you stop feeding?”

Feng Nai nonchalantly controlled his champion with one hand, as if he hadn’t seen that line in the chat, and prepared to die for the fourth time.

Suddenly, he saw that person on the screen flicker in.

The damage that was originally going to hit him was fully blocked by that person.

Feng Nai’s fingers froze.

Then, he heard a neutral voice in his ear. “Retreat.”

Through the headphones, voices could certainly be distorted.

Thus, Feng Nai did not link this easygoing “Little Brother” to the foe that had hit his face.

However, he did not retreat either. After all, his left hand had already left the screen.

As a result, both champions on the screen died.

Their teammates directly turned on the voice chat. “Assassin, you’re really burdensome. Someone else tried to save you, yet you got him killed too.”

Feng Nai had only intended to feed. He had never thought of doing Trouble Lin’s “Little Brother” in. He was indeed to blame for this one.

His slender fingers lifted. He intended to play properly now.

Suddenly, he heard that cold voice in his ears again. “He’s not yet proficient in the way he handles things.”

Upon hearing that, Feng Nai’s eyes dimmed. Trouble Lin’s Little Brother didn’t just seem easygoing. His character was not bad either.

Hence, Feng Nai changed his tune and typed a message. “Little Brother, am I too stupid? I won’t choose such a difficult role next time! Sad face.”

“It’s nothing, everyone is like that at the beginning.” Mo Bei tried her best not to let her voice sound too cold. “You just need to practice more.”

Feng Nai’s side profile looked handsome as he gave up on his intention of feeding again. His fingers moved as he replied with one word. “Alrighty.”

Without the intentional disturbance of a certain Almighty, the circumstances of the match instantly changed.

This wasn’t because Feng Nai had decided to play properly now. After all, he was still impersonating Trouble Lin for now.

He couldn’t be goddamn lousy at the start and then become impressive later on.

The person who changed the situation was Mo Bei…

The enemy team had already made five kills, so they thought that victory was secure. After all, the assassin on the other side was really burdensome.

However, who would have thought that a mage would come and ambush their blue buff?

Not only did the mage farm their creatures and buff, but she even blinked thrice, forming a flower array with a wave of her long sleeves. Two of their teammates were killed!

That was only the beginning!

The remaining opponent thought that she only had a shred of health left now, so he tried to finish her.

No one had imagined that this person would make use of the bushes, a technical movement, and a turnaround to actually avoid the ultimate skill.

Besides, this was nothing.

Soon, he was stunned!

It was her ability!

Mo Bei did not give anyone the chance to escape. Her expression was aloof as her fingers moved. She stuck herself to the opponent, set up the array and counterattacked with a shred of health!

Triple kill!

A triple kill!

Such a result might have been normal in a favorable match.

However, this had been an unfavorable match for their team.

She had been able to perform a solo triple kill while lagging behind the opponents by five kills.

This wasn’t merely a mental test anymore!

One’s hand speed, skills, familiarity with the game and memory of the map were not dispensable!𝙞n𝐧𝚛e𝚊𝑑. 𝗰o𝐦

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