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Chapter 17: The Chiefs Were Fighting

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However, in the eyes of the people from No.1 Middle School, Mo Bei was either putting on a show of force or provocation.

After all, this person had just dealt with them yesterday.

The person who still had a bandage around his arm, who was unable to hold back, bellowed first, “Mo Nan, you think you can still leave?”

Mo Bei only lifted her eyes and took a glance in their direction.

When did she say that she wanted to leave?

Under the circumstances, it would make sense to fight.

However, her master had mentioned that, in order to catch bandits, one had to first catch the ringleader. Even though this strategy did not suit the current situation very much, Mo Bei’s gaze still swept past those people and locked onto that lean figure.

Upon seeing that this rascal was ignoring him, the person who had been overlooked felt anger shoot right up to his brain. He swung the baseball bat in his hand, ready to strike in Mo Bei’s direction!

However, he did not expect the other party to move faster than him.

A thump was suddenly heard!

It was that damn backpack again!

His jaw had become slightly deformed and his contorted expression looked a little wretched.

“F*ck… Mo Nan, don’t play dirty! If you think you’re good…”

Before he’d even finished uttering that last word, the person before him somehow broke through their heavy encirclement, as if he possessed f*cking qinggong [1. A skill to levitate or fly].

His movements were swift and polished. Before they could react, that person was also grabbing onto the collar of Almighty K.

Feng Nai, who had already been dragged into this trouble to a certain extent, reached out with an arm to block her, his gaze turning a little cold. “Scram.”

This word again?

Mo Bei cut the crap and struck directly with an indifferent expression on her handsome face.

Feng Nai sneered and fought back with a crisp kick. Who cared about reading a book now!

The Chiefs of No.1 Middle School and No. 2 Middle School were fighting.

Would the others keep standing around?

Zhao Jianjian instructed them. “Brothers, charge!”

A chuunibyou [1. Eighth-grade syndrome, typically used to describe teens who have delusions of grandeur] group fight began just like this.

When a baseball bat swung down, it really hurt.

No one would be so foolish as to want to bear another hit.

To be honest, they were merely demonstrating an imposing manner.

Who would have guessed that the two Chiefs would go at each other so seriously?

Two tigers could not live on one mountain. This saying probably applied in this case.

Besides the sounds of swift, sharp wind, the attractive movements of the two figures also slashed through the air.

Mo Bei received a kick on her back. Her personality would never allow her to be on the short end. Thus, she would definitely get back at him.

The corner of Feng Nai’s mouth was now sporting a faint dark green color.

Compared to the group fight taking place on the side, this one-on-one fight was much more sensational.

The two of them weren’t holding baseball bats, so they were either swinging their legs or using their school uniforms as a weapon. Each hit would land somewhere.

If a teacher didn’t run over while blowing a whistle, these two probably wouldn’t have let each other go.

Zhao Jianjian, who reacted the fastest, reached out to pull Brother Nan back. “Stop fighting, Brother Nan! A teacher! It’s a teacher from our school!”

Mo Bei stopped. Her clothes were all dirty, and there was definitely a footprint on her back, which made her feel rather displeased.

The uniform of the person standing opposite her was spotlessly clean.

His gaze on her was so overcast that it was icy.

None of the people standing around them would forget the way Almighty K looked when he fought. When his uniform was lifted, his waist, which was covered in a thin layer of muscle, was full of ruthlessness.

Almighty K had never fought ever since he had started gaming. He had actually become so indifferent when it came to matters like this that he rarely partook in them.

One had to admit that Mo Nan was really toxic!

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