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Chapter 16: Almighty K and Brother Bei Meet

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Zhao Jianjian, who was really vexed, did not even care about his fallen steamed bun.

After sitting down, he asked, “Brother Nan, did you forget that we’re resuming the fight today?”

Mo Bei cocked her head to the side, only saying five words in a neutral tone. “I didn’t, I’m not going.”

Zhao Jianjian inhaled deeply. “Brother Nan, you’re acting abnormally, you know that? Don’t say anything. This concerns the honor of No. 2 Middle School. If you’re a man, you’ll go.”

Mo Bei placed a hand under her chin silently and simply stared at him like that.

Her gaze was slightly cold.

Zhao Jianjian shrank back repeatedly before muttering in a low voice, “Anyway, it cannot be canceled. Besides, I heard that Almighty K is coming too. He’s coming specifically to fight you.”

Almighty K?

Mo Bei recalled the scene at the railway station after hearing that form of address.

Indeed, this guy didn’t only have a pretty face.

“You are interested now, huh? I knew that you’d definitely be interested at the mention of Almighty K!” Zhao Jianjian took out his cell phone. “I’ll contact them right now. It’s on!”

This could be considered the perfect misunderstanding.

Mo Bei had not agreed.

Feng Nai had to take a certain path after school.

Hence, that evening, the following scene played out.

Approximately twenty students, most of them not in school uniform, stood around with baseball bats in hand on opposite sides.

On one side was No. 2 Middle School, and on the other was No.1 Middle School.

Everyone knew this was going to be a big fight.

Some good students avoided the area and took another route, as they didn’t want to get into any trouble.

However, Mo Bei and Feng Nai were both the kind of people who weren’t willing to go the long way around.

Thus, the two of them met just like that.

Although there was no warning, it seemed logical.

The difference was that Feng Nai stopped after seeing the situation before him and casually found a tree to lean on.

His intention was evident. He would leave when the area was clear.

The aura that burst out as a result was extremely arrogant.

Zhao Jianjian and the gang still felt slightly fearful as they stood there, looking at the person resting against the tree trunk behind a dozen of No.1 Middle School students.

He was Almighty K after all.

Upon turning around, Zhao Jianjian’s first reaction was to approach Brother Nan and say in a low voice, “Brother Nan, look! Almighty K is right there.”

The road that acted as the border between No.1 Middle School and No. 2 Middle School on the side of the field was very narrow in the first place, so even though they were facing off, the distance between them wasn’t wide.

Thus, when Mo Bei looked over at where he pointed, what she saw was a nonchalant figure in a school uniform and a black mask. The eyes visible behind the mask were very striking, yet they obviously weren’t looking in her direction. He was probably feeling quite disdainful as he rested slantingly alone under the tree with a book.

Was he still reading under the circumstances?

“Almighty K always does this.” Zhao Jianjian then added, “He makes it impossible to guess when he will act.”

Mo Bei did not speak. Instead, she placed one hand in her pocket while the other held her backpack and continued to walk towards the right. The edge of her side profile looked elegant but aloof.

Even though she was good-looking, there was also an indescribable detached vibe about her. Her legs were unbelievably slender and long.

Unlike most high schoolers, who were still carrying an air of adolescence and a terrible temper, she naturally stood out. She was neatly dressed, refined and perfect. Even the last button of her uniform was buttoned and she was naturally stood out amongst a group of high schoolers who were about to break into a fight.

She almost caught one’s eye at first sight.

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