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Chapter 13: Little Brother Is So Handsome

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Trouble Lin.”

Upon saying the last two words, the person lifted his fingers and the towel automatically covered Little Lin’s face.

The little fellow pulled it off, his big eyes narrowing, as if he was very upset that his brother had called him trouble. “I’ll go play a game with Little Brother now.”

“Suit yourself. Don’t use my main account and charge my phone.” The other person lifted the blanket, his slender figure sliding in. He reached out with a hand and gestured at Little Lin to go out. His expression was so languid that it made one feel tempted to beat him up.

Little Lin pouted. “Aren’t you just playing on the fact that you’re good-looking? Other than being a handsome guy and a good gamer, brother, what else do you know? Tell me.”

“I can fight,” the person under the blanket said very shamelessly.

Little Lin was literally speechless.

Never mind, he was his older brother after all.

He’d prefer to go play with Little Brother.

By contrast, Little Brother was wonderful.

He strode out on his short legs while putting on his headphones. Little Lin had no intention of leaving. Instead, he settled down in his brother’s room and poked at the cell phone with his little fingers. “Little Brother, look here, look here… Are you free? Let’s play a mobile game together, shall we?”


Successfully sent.

Mo Bei received this message when she was just about to start her third match. Her fingers paused before she replied with a calm expression, “Alright.”

“I’ll invite you then!” Little Lin was excited. “Little Brother, is your level high?” If his level was too high, the opponents that they matched up with would be more difficult to deal with. This was something that Kiddy Cherubic understood.

Mo Bei glanced at the new account that she’d just created two weeks ago. “It’s not.”

Little Lin’s face broke into a grin. “That’s great then. Little Brother, don’t worry. I’m reliable! I’m not called Trouble Lin either!”

Mo Bei probably found the little fellow very cute, as the corner of her lips lifted into a small smile while she responded with an “mm”.

Then, the match began.

Little Lin chose a tank immediately. As he moved forward, he said seriously, using the voice chat, “Little Brother, when we start fighting later, you can just stand behind me. Don’t worry, I’m tanky,. I will protect you well!”

However, when they really got into it…

“Little Brother, save me, save me! Behind me, behind me! Ah, on the left, on the left! I’m dying! This time, I’ll definitely…”

Before Little Lin could finish, a graceful figure swept towards him like the wind on his cell phone screen. As his right hand was lifted, a sword array was set up.

Then, a long sword slashed across. The sword was fast, and that precise orbwalk trapped the three other players within. When a silver light fell, no one could escape.

Hence, Kiddy Cherubic sat there stunned as he heard consecutive sound effects in his headphones.

First blood!

Double kill!

Triple kill!

Triple kill! One whole triple kill!

Kiddy Cherubic was shocked as he murmured, “Way too cool.”

It was cool indeed.

So cool that the opponents wanted to give up entirely!

“Assassin, why are you protecting a tank?”

“Who exactly is your tank?”

“Could you play conventionally, Big Brother? I want to cry!”

Mo Bei did not speak. She just impassively farmed the opponent’s jungle until the opposing team… collapsed.

As Little Lin had watched everything from start to end, he’d counted on his little fingers. Little Brother had made a total of 13 kills and only died once. That single death had actually occurred in the fountain of the opponents.

This had been simply a brilliant show!

Too cool! Way too cool!

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