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Chapter 10: Mo Bei Starts Taking Action

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This sentence blasted Little Lin so hard that he didn’t recover for a long time.

His brother had never acted like his biological brother.

However, on Weibo, all his fans knew that Almighty K was a bro-con.

Feng Nai had one hand in his pocket while the other flicked that piece of paper. “I’ll thank this Little Brother of yours when there’s a chance.”

“That’s a must!” Little Lin was very happy. He believed that his brother and Little Brother would certainly get along well. After all, these two were both so handsome…

Unfortunately, reality proved that Little Lin was indeed still a child.

How could the chief of No.1 Middle School and the chief of No. 2 Middle School get along peacefully?

Using the phrase “natural enemies” to describe them seemed the most fitting.

At present, Mo Bei had already walked out of No.1 Middle School.

Zhao Jianjian could only use the word “miraculous” to describe this trip.

Meanwhile, the girls from No.1 Middle School began to dilly-dally, refusing to leave upon seeing the aloof handsome youth at their school gate.

Their faces would flush red when they moved slightly closer to Mo Bei.

After all, she was really handsome.

Her disposition was so aloof that it moved people’s hearts.

Zhao Jianjian was dumbfounded. They’d never received such treatment at No.1 Middle School in the past!

It was a pity that he couldn’t enjoy it anymore. If they continued lingering here, once the people from No. 1 found out, they would definitely hold Brother Nan and him down and beat them with all their might.

“Brother Nan, why don’t we go have a meal to celebrate? No. 2 Middle School defeated No.1 Middle School for the first time in 10 years!”

This was certainly a proud day for No.2 Middle School!

Mo Bei glanced at her phone. “No, thanks. I still have something to do.”

“So what you told that adorable kid wasn’t an excuse to get away?” Zhao Jianjian was slightly lost.

Mo Bei felt like sighing again but ultimately restrained herself after some thought. “See you tomorrow.”

“We’ll definitely meet tomorrow. No. 1 is unwilling to accept defeat. They want another fight.” Zhao Jianjian had wanted to yell this out, but the location wasn’t very suitable. Thus, he could only watch as Brother Nan walked further and further away.

That was odd. What could he have to do?

To Mo Bei, this was indeed something big.

She was switching clubs.

As far as professional eSports players were concerned, this was both common and uncommon.

After all, if a battle team treated them well, no one would want to switch clubs.

Of course, there were also other factors. For example, one could come across better opportunities to develop.

However, this was not the case for her brother, Mo Nan.

Instead, he’d been plotted against and thrown out.


Dusk, Tu Hai Club.

This club was in the vicinity of No. 2 Middle School, except it was even closer to the office buildings.

The club’s manager, Wang Jun, had long been tired of Mo Nan and sold him off at a casual price.

“Who would expect that there are other battle teams out there that would accept you? I guess the other party probably has no idea about your results.”

Wang Jun did not even read the contents of the contract before he signed his name. “If you really have no way out, you can return. With your face, even if you can’t compete, you are still very suitable for live streams. If you create some comedic videos and what-not, you might be able to gain popularity again.”

These words were virtually humiliating for a professional eSports player.

Even Wang Dongdong’s hands were clenched into fists as he listened from the sidelines. However, being angry was one thing. He was afraid that Unpopular wouldn’t be able to hold back and he would go mad. When this news spread on the internet, he would get another black mark. By then, his reputation would be beyond redemption.

After organizing his emotions, Wang Dongdong was ready to urge him to calm down.

However, he suddenly saw the youth stand up just like the young master of an aristocratic family. He took the document and smiled slightly before speaking in a low voice. “A battle team managed by you is not worth returning to. In order to make way for your darling nephew, you even fabricated rumors that I’m gay, Manager Wang. We’re all in the same industry. We will certainly meet again someday.”

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