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The Elite Assassin Becomes a Flat and Ugly Nerd!

Chapter 192 - 192 The Thousand and One Nights

192 The Thousand and One Nights

The cabinet door opened, and a short blade appeared. It was called the Green Oriole. The back of the blade was glowing with a green light, and the mirror-like blade shone with a cold light. There was a little coldness condensed on the edge of the blade, making it even sharper.

Originally, Shan Yue did not want to take out the knife that had accompanied her for more than ten years. It was impossible to bring it up on the plane, but a sudden change of thought made Shan Yue take it out.

After taking what she needed to prepare, Shan Yue went out and found a dark and deserted place. She changed into a black night suit, covered her face, and found the apartment that Yan Huo had gone to during the day.

In the pitch-black environment, dark clouds coincidentally blocked the moonlight. The old circuit also made the street lamps on both sides barely illuminated. Shan Yue’s eyes were like two pearls, moving forward in a pitch-black environment.

According to the organization’s habit, there would definitely be a mark at the entrance of the temporary base for their companions to find.

After entering the apartment, she observed both sides of each door with the faint light. In order to prevent herself from being discovered, she carried out everything carefully. Finally, when she probed the last room, she found the usual mark, a black pentacle, at the lower left corner of the door. This meant that this operation was led by a high-level figure.

Outside the building, Shan Yue leaned under the window eaves to spy on the situation inside.

As she had expected, there were a total of three people in the house, including Yan Huo. One of the young women turned her head and Shan Yue recognized that face at a glance. It was the woman with the code name Scorpion, one of the many higher-ups.

If she remembered correctly, when she was framed by the organization that day, this woman called Scorpion was in charge of delivering fake news to trick her! It just so happened that she had to take revenge this time. Thinking of this, Shan Yue’s eyes darkened.

Her old hatred welled up, but she quickly calmed down. She couldn’t let a moment of impulse spoil the entire plan. Looking at the two photos on the table, Shan Yue was even more certain of her thoughts because they were photos of her and Zhou Xuan.

At this moment, Shan Yue had completely figured out the entire situation.

Because she had humiliated Tang Li in the Las Vegas competition and exposed the fact that Tang Li had hired someone to kill Dong Yan, Zhou Xuan finally won the right to collaborate on the project.

Therefore, Tang Li decided to go all out and hire Scorpion and the others at a high price again. She was prepared to silence her and Zhou Xuan.

Shan Yue’s lips curled up slightly. “If you want to kill me, invite the top three of the organization. A character like Scorpion is far from enough.” As soon as she finished speaking, Shan Yue stopped hiding and pushed open the window to climb in.

“Who is it!” Scorpion reacted quickly and turned around first.

Shan Yue did not speak. She just stared silently at the three people in front of her. She took out the “Green Oriole” from behind her with one hand, her sharp cold eyes shining.

Scorpion could not help but narrow her eyes and look at the knife in Shan Yue’s hand. A sense of familiarity surged in her heart. “Who are you? Why is Green Oriole in your hand? Isn’t this Ling Yue’s thing? Did you pick it up or…”

Before Scorpion could finish speaking, the person beside her patted her arm and leaned over to her ear. “Isn’t this person one of the targets of our assassination this time? If we kill her here, we’ll complete half of the mission.”

“Shut up. What do you know?” Scorpion immediately scolded the person beside her. A very bad thought rose in her heart.

Seeing this, Shan Yue raised her eyebrows slightly and her thin lips curled up slightly. “Scorpion, it seems that you’ve really gotten used to living comfortably. Not only have your vigilance become poor, but even your memory has become bad. Other than me, who else would dare to use this knife?”

Two seconds later, Scorpion’s eyes widened. “Ling Yue! Weren’t you already killed by the explosion? Why did you become like this?” 𝙞n𝗻𝘳𝗲а𝑑.𝒄om

When Yan Huo and the other woman heard this name, their eyes could not help but reveal surprise. Meanwhile, Yan Huo’s eyes were filled with excitement, excitement over the news that Ling Yue was still alive.

“Are you very surprised?” Shan Yue’s words were filled with a teasing attitude. “Not only am I not dead, but I’ve also become another person. The organization didn’t expect this, right? I still remember your mockery of me before I died.”

When Scorpion heard this, her expression changed drastically. She knew that Shan Yue was a person who would take revenge, but she still forced a smile. “Ling Yue, listen to my explanation. I couldn’t help you in that situation at that time. If the organization wants you dead, you won’t be able to live. You also know that no one can resist the organization.”

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