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The Eldest Sister Has Space

Chapter 22: Ground car

Chapter 22 Ground Cars

Gu Yundong returned to where Yang and the others were hiding, and picked up the basket on the ground, "Let's go, there will be more people in a while."

There is a fight at the gate of the city, and some people who don’t want to get involved will definitely leave.

Gu Yunke has also woken up, the little girl rubbed her eyes, and the little milk voice whispered, "Eldest sister, hungry."

"..." Gu Yundong rested his forehead, and then pulled out a few small rice **** the size of meatballs from the cloth bag. After giving her one, he stuffed it with Gu Yunshu and Yang's, and ate two himself.

This small rice ball was rubbed before departure this morning, and it was wrapped with a little pickle. Pickles have oil, water, and salt in them, and they can also make the rice **** delicious. It is the most suitable food to fill the stomach on the road to escape.

It was difficult to take it out at the gate of the city because there were too many eyes and eyes, but now it is just right to padded my stomach.

After ?? finished eating, Gu Yundong set off with the three of them.

On the way to Xuanhe Mansion, it was much calmer than the previous section. There are still people fleeing the famine, but their mental state is obviously different.

Most of the people have ox carts, donkeys, carts and horses and carriages, and they hardly meet anyone on the road.

Naturally, no one would come to look for Gu Yundong and a few people who looked obviously down and out and had no money and no food.

After walking like this for a few days, Gu Yundong finally pulled out a ground car in the space.

This is what she saw when she was in the last days when she was passing through a small village to collect supplies. At that time, there were several bags of corn kernels stacked on the cart, and she even put the corn kernels with the cart into the space.

Later, the corn kernels were unloaded, but the ground platoon was always piled up in the corner by her, and now it is just in use. And fortunately, the two wheels of the car here are wood, so it won't be too noticeable.

Gu Yundong took a chance and said to Mrs Yang, "You guys rest here for a while, I'll go over there for convenience."

She ran into the half-person-high grass, and when she came out, there was already a ground platoon behind her.

Gu Yunshu was stunned, "Eldest sister, where did this come from?"

"I found it in the grass over there. Maybe someone didn't want it and left it there." Gu Yundong said to Gu Yunke and Yang Shi who were also curious, "Come up, let me see if I can pull you all."

The car on the ground is relatively long, and the person who sits back a little bit will feel much lighter when pulling the car. And now they are walking on the official road, and the road is even and easy to walk.

Mr. Yang hugged both Gu Yunshu and Gu Yunke up, he hesitated and hesitated, and then went up with some novelty and caution.

Gu Yundong is still quite strong now, he pressed the front of the car down, grabbed the two handles and walked forward.

It was a bit difficult at first, but slowly, it didn’t need much force, and the wheels would roll forward according to the inertia.

Gu Yunshu twisted his body happily, "That's great, with this car, my mother and eldest sister don't have to carry me and my little sister so hard."

"You can lie down." Although Gu Yunke is small, he has always been shrunk in the back basket, unable to stretch his hands and feet, which is also very uncomfortable.

Mr. Yang touched the guardrails on both sides of the row of cars, and there were also baffles at the rear of the car to prevent them from falling off.

Gu Yundong turned to look at the three of them, the corners of his mouth raised unconsciously.

With ground platoons, their speed is indeed much faster.

Gu Yundong and Yang's will switch to pull. After Gu Yundong's night watch, he can sleep in the car during the day the next day, saving a lot of time.

Therefore, it was less than a month before they arrived at the city gate of Xuanhe Mansion, which greatly exceeded Gu Yundong's expectations.

Now I realize, I don’t seem to have ever asked for a comment for a ticket collection, ahem, why don’t the cuties come?

The foolish author used to pull a car on the ground when he was a child, with several children sitting on it, and then pulled it from one side of the grain yard to the other, which is interesting.

(end of this chapter)

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