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The Earth is Online

Chapter 22

Chapter 22

The middle-aged woman trembled as she held the big dice with red eyes. She sat on the ground and stared at Mario standing on the stage. She was slow to roll the dice.

Mario asked her with concern, “My lovely child, what is wrong. Why aren’t you throwing it?”

The middle-aged woman looked at Mario in horror.

Mario’s voice was suddenly cold, “Don’t you want to play the game with Uncle Mario? Yes?”

The middle-aged woman cried out in horror and threw the dice. The big dice rolled three times on the ground before falling on the number 3. The middle-aged woman cried out in fear. She almost crawled towards the 20th square where Tang Mo was standing. Mario watched her crawl on the ground and laughed.

Then it was the bald man’s turn.

When he picked up the dice, he was afraid of the middle-aged woman.

The bald man was standing on the 19th square and was about to start the fifth round of dice rolling. Just now, the middle-aged woman had moved to the 20th square where Tang Mo already was. There were now two people standing on the 20th square. However, because Tang Mo was only on the fourth round, he didn’t trigger the effect of ‘Who will share your joys and sorrows?’

But if the bald man threw a ‘1’, he would enter the 20th square. Tang Mo wouldn’t be affected, but the bald man would face a severe punishment with the middle-aged woman.

The bald man started to sweat. He raised his sleeves nervously and wiped the sweat on his face, while his legs shook. He stared at the big dice in his hand. The middle-aged woman was sitting on the ground, looking at the dice with hope in her eyes.

“Don’t be a 1...don’t!” The bald man roared as he closed his eyes and threw the dice.


He opened his eyes when the dice landed.

It was a 3.

The bald man relaxed and he walked to the 22nd square.

These two people were afraid, but the third man with the beer belly was confident when throwing the dice. He held the dice and shouted fearlessly, “I don’t believe that my luck is so bad. How can I roll a 1 or a 3, certainly not!” He wasn’t nervous of the middle-aged woman and bald man standing in front of him.

Tang Mo looked at the beer-bellied man standing on the 19th square. He looked at the other person’s hand holding the dice and saw that they were so stiff that the dice could barely be held.

The man with the beer belly took a deep breath and rolled the dice. His eyes were wide and he stared at the dice as it rotated in the air. Once it hit the floor and revealed a positive number, he panted as he ran to the 21st square.

The fourth and fifth people rolling the dice were a bit more relaxed. One stood on the 15th square and the other the 14th, they were behind and separated from the others.

The fourth middle-aged man seldom spoke and he had the least presence among the eight people. Tang Mo remembered that he was called Zhao Guo. This name was also very ordinary. He rolled the dice with a pale face. Once he saw the 1 on the dice, he gave a heavy sigh of relief and went to the 16th square.

The fifth one to roll the dice was the young man. He seemed to be a couple with the young woman who was 6th. One was at the rear on the 14th square while the other was at the front on the 22nd square.

The young man’s pressure wasn’t particularly large. He wouldn’t be in danger unless he rolled a 2. In the end, he stood on the 18th square and it was the young woman’s turn.

Among everyone else, this woman was the most relaxed. She was standing two squares in front of Tang Mo. She held the giant dice and kept muttering, “6, it must be a 6.”

Tang Mo lightly raised his eyebrows.


The dice landed on a 5.

The young woman saw the number and beamed with excitement, even if it wasn’t a 6. She didn’t hesitate to go to the 27th square, once again opening a large gap. However, she had just stood there when the white light around the square turned red.

“Ding dong! You have triggered the level 4 punishment square.”


A huge black turtle fell from the sky. It stared with small green eyes at the young woman standing on the 27th square and suddenly attacked. It happened so quickly that the young woman didn’t have time to react. The black turtle had bitten her thigh and tore off a bloody piece of flesh.

The woman screamed in pain and pulled out her fruit knife. She struggled to use the fruit knife to stab this huge and ferocious turtle. However, the turtle shell was very hard, causing sparks to fly every time the knife hit it.

“Mei Mei!” The young man cried out anxiously.

The turtle constantly hit the woman’s waist with its head. An invisible wall was raised around the one metre long square. No matter how the turtle moved, the young woman was unable to leave the square. She was bleeding and had pieces of thigh meat bitten off.

“No, don’t...uhh...don’t kill me.” The young woman waved her knife in a flustered manner, dealing superficial damage to the turtle.

Among the remaining seven people, the young man’s eyes were red and anxious as he stared at his girlfriend. But he was powerful. The other five looked on in horror while the middle-aged woman whispered, “The 27th square is a level four punishment. I can’t go there, can’t go...”

Tang Mo shouted, “Don’t chop as its shell, aim for the head!”

The young woman heard someone giving commands and hurriedly said, “I will cut off its head, its head...” She tried to chop the turtle’s head with the knife. But the turtle was very fast. Her knife hadn’t even descended yet, but the turtle’s head had already retracted into the shell. The woman tried desperately several times, but she could never cut the turtle’s head.

“I can’t cut it, I can’t cut it!” She cried out in despair.

Tang Mo frowned. Then he saw that the turtle emerged from the shell again, biting the woman’s left hand and tearing off a piece of meat. Then the head shrank back into the shell.

He shouted, “The next time it bites you, take the chance to cut off its head!”

The woman promised but it wasn’t that easy. She was bitten two more times by the turtle before finally finding the opportunity to cut off its head. The turtle shell was very hard but the turtle’s head was very soft. Once the head was cut off, the turtle’s limbs shook before falling to the ground and disappearing.

The young woman’s body was a mess and the ground was full of blood.

The strange thing was that although people couldn’t leave the square, the blood flowed out of the 27th square and the people standing behind the square had to escape the blood. The young woman gasped and sank down in the pool of blood. There were horrible holes where the turtle had bitten her, making her look terrible and ugly.

The young man hesitated for a moment before saying, “Mei Mei, have a good rest.”

The young woman nodded.

Fortunately, everyone’s physical qualities had greatly improved after the earth went online. Even if they were reserve players, they were far more physically fit than champion athletes. The woman had so many wounds yet she didn’t need to treat them. She stopped bleeding within a minute and her wounds started to scar. But she was badly wounded and couldn’t move from the ground.

The old man rolled the dice and moved from the 18th to the 24th square.

After he finished, all eyes fell on Tang Mo.

Tang Mo took the dice in an expressionless manner. He bowed his head and looked calmly at the numbers on the dice.

He was standing on the 20th square. Right now, there were people present on the 21st, 22nd and 24th squares. The squares he could go to were the 23rd, 25th and 26th squares. There was a 50% change he would go to someone else’s square and trigger the Who will share your joys and sorrows? effect.

The players in front of Tang Mo all held their breaths and looked at him.

Tang Mo stared at the dice without much expression on his face, but his hands were squeezing the dice tightly. He took a deep breath, let it out and threw the dice.


The dice landed on a 5.

Tang Mo went to the 25 square and the white light turned yellow, indicating a blank square.

Everyone was relieved.

However, the next second, the big dice floating up from the ground and flew into the hands of the middle-aged woman. The middle-aged woman standing on the 20th square was pale and didn’t dare roll the dice. She looked almost helplessly at the four people standing in front of her.

The bald man, the man with a beer belly, the old man and Tang Mo.

They were standing in the 22nd, 21st, 24th and 25th squares respectively.

The woman only had two options left.

On the stage, Mario smiled wickedly. He looked at the eight humans below like this was a fun game. It was like watching Super Mario that humans played for the past 30 years. The happy eyes waiting for the beginning of a new game were the same.

Meanwhile, the community outside the game.

A man in a trench coat walked to the flower bed and stopped.

The warm glow of the sun shone from the west. A few of the trees in the flower bed were covered with a faint golden light. Several big bags and two suitcases were placed around the trees.

The young man leaned into the flower bed and examined the bags. He opened every bag and looked at what was inside. He also opened the suitcases and carefully identified the contents. Finally, he carefully observed every suitcase and bag for signs of blood or fighting. The last thing he looked at was Tang Mo’s bag. There was very little inside it. The bag contained a flashlight, a knife, a few bags of instant noodles, biscuits and bottled waters.

After examining all the luggage, he made an ugly expression and blew a whistle in his pocket.

Five minutes later, the young man and woman who previously saw the six bodies in the community came over to him. As they approached, they saw the suitcases and bags lying around the flower bed. Their faces sank and they carefully examined the belongings, just like the young man. After the inspection, the three people glanced at each other.

“Based on the situation, it should be the second instance.”

“Yes, it is the second instance.” The woman with the ponytail looked around at the luggage and said, “I had no idea anyone had entered the second instance. I don’t know how many bodies will appear this time.” She looked at the baggage with a hint of regret, as if their owners were destined to die.

“Designate the 50 metre radius around this flower bed as the 31st entrance of the second instance.”


Mario’s Monopoly Game.

The middle-aged woman rolled the dice. She dreamt of the goddess of luck giving her a chance to roll a 3 or a 6, just like Tang Mo was lucky.

The huge dice rolled on the ground, the woman watching with flushed eyes as her body became as tense as a string.

The big dice spun faster and slower, gradually stopping.

The number 4 was facing upwards.

The old man standing on the 24th square looked gloomily at the middle-aged woman. The woman’s last hope was broken when she saw the number. She trembled as she looked at the old man.

The two people’s eyes met in the air.

Mario’s malicious laughter was heard at this time. “Congratulations, you have triggered the ‘Who will share your joys and sorrows?’ effect. My lovely child, you must like this interesting rule. Aren’t you going to hurry and accept your reward?”

The middle-aged woman was slow to move. The old man was staring at her with a cold expression.

Mario whistled and didn’t press them. He was looked at them like he was watching a good show.

After a full five minutes, he finally seemed tired. “My child, why aren’t you over you not Uncle Mario’s game? You don’t want to play this monopoly game? Huh?”

The middle-aged woman raised her head and looked at the giant Mario standing in the middle of the neon stage.

There was a bright smile on Mario’s face. He was prepared to speak again, but the middle-aged woman had already walked over to the 24th square. The two middle-aged men standing on the 22nd and 21st squares gave way to her. There was a hint of sympathy in their eyes, but they were more curious.

Once the middle-aged woman stood on the 24th square, the remaining six people, including Tang Mo, stared at them intently.

Then they heard—

“Ding dong! The ‘Who will share your joys and sorrows?’ effect has been triggered. Opening the level seven punishment square. The unparalleled Uncle Mario cuts turtles, steps on mushrooms, kills evil dragons and rescues beautiful princesses. Mario’s world doesn’t need companions. Because he is his own companion, he wants to share his joys and sorrows with you!”

Uncle Mario laughed. “I like the black tower praising me when this effect is triggered. You see, the black tower likes me so much and the children also respect me.”

No one listened to him.

The 24th square turned from a white light to a black light once the middle-aged woman stepped in it.

Tang Mo carefully looked at this scene.

The square would glow with a yellow light when it was a blank square.

Both the reward and punishment squares were a red light.

Triggering the effect was a black light.

The middle-aged woman and the old man stood face to face. Both stared at each other, neither one moving first. At that moment, the ground shook and everyone swayed. Tang Mo saw something black. He looked up and his eyes widened in horror.


A huge black Mario fell from the sky in front of everyone. He wore a black hat, black overalls, black gloves and black shoes. Everything was the same as the Mario on the stage, except that he was entirely black, including his dark eyes.

The young woman who activated the level four punishment was trapped in the square and couldn’t leave. She was nearly killed by the turtle. But with the level seven punishment, the old man and middle-aged woman weren’t restricted. Black Mario found them, his huge eyes staring at them before he gave a slap.

After the slap, the sound of broken bones was clearly heard in this white world. The two people were thrown 10 metres away due to this horrible slap, scaring the other players who moved to the side.

Black Mario used the running method often seen in the game to reach the old man and middle-aged woman.

The two people slapped by him fell to the ground, vomiting up blood.

Mario kindly reminded them. “Oh, the other children don’t have to be afraid. You haven’t triggered the ‘Who will share your joys and sorrows?’ effect. It won’t be a problem.” Once Black Mario ran out of the square, many players were terrified and tried to escape because they were afraid he would also hit them.

On the 150 squares Monopoly map, Black Mario chased after the old man and the middle-aged woman. His eyes glanced between the two of them before he smiled, suddenly reaching out and grabbing their necks.

After all, the old man was older. Even though his physical fitness had improved, he was inferior to the middle-aged woman.

When Black Mario’s giant hand reached over, the middle-aged woman pulled out a small knife, closed her eyes and quickly turned to the old man. “I’m sorry, I don’t want to, I don’t want to...die!”


The loud gunfire stopped everything.

From the perspective of Tang Mo, Black Mario used his huge body to block the old man and the woman, not allowing him to see their current situation. After the sound of the gunshot, Black Mario’s movements suddenly stopped. His hands had just touched the hair of the two people. He chuckled before his body suddenly disappeared.

The old man and middle-aged woman were near the red ‘START’ at the beginning.

The middle-aged woman held a knife in her right hand and madly pounced on the old man. The hideous expression on her face hadn’t disappeared, but her eyes were full of fear. Tears slowly spilled out as blood emerged from her mouth. There was a huge bloody hole in her chest and she slowly fell. Before she died, she stared at the old man, her trembling lips asking, “Why...why?”

The old man held a pistol in her hand and looked at the middle-aged woman on the ground. “I’m sorry, I don’t want to die.”

It was the exact same words but the result was completely different from what the middle-aged woman expected. Her body movements became stiff. Thick blood flowed from her body and dyed the ground red.

The old man walked back to the 24th square, holding his chest. Black Mario’s slap just now had broken three ribs. It wouldn’t heal for a while, even if he had a good body.

Everyone stared at the old man vigilantly.

A gun was still the most terrifying weapon for most players. Tang Mo didn’t know how many official players and stowaways were present in this monopoly game, but it was certain that the reserve players were the majority. In the absence of preparedness, Tang Mo couldn’t escape the bullet. If he had been attacked just now, he certainly would’ve been shot. He wouldn’t necessarily die, but his condition wouldn’t be good.

Tang Mo looked at the corpse of the middle-aged woman and turned to the other six.

Out of all these people, at least one should be an official player.

Two hours ago, he was plunged into this game by the seven individuals. The old man’s acting was okay. Tang Mo really couldn’t confirm if he twisted his feet or not. But in this world, Tang Mo wasn’t in the mood to help a wounded old man. He didn’t come forward. The thing that let him know that was an act was the performance of the young man and woman.

They were too eager to immediately run for help. It was truly suspicious.

The problem was discovered early and Tang Mo immediately ran. His speed was faster than the seven people. If someone hadn’t suddenly displayed a strange wind ability, Tang Mo would be able to escape and not get involved in this game.

Therefore, at least one of these seven people had abilities. Looking at the appearance of the seven people, the possibility of a stowaway wasn’t high. The reserve players were less likely to have an ability and temporarily wouldn’t be considered.

Tang Mo looked carefully at the seven people before his eyes finally stopped on the bald man and the man with a beer belly.

The bald man was looking at the corpse of the middle-aged woman with a complicated expression. The beer belly man was silent without expressing his opinion. Together they turned to look at the old man. There wasn’t much worry or fear on their faces.

The person with an ability should be among these two.

The bald man began to roll the dice.

In the new few rounds of the game, no one triggered the effect. It was also a coincidence that the bald man rolled a 6 on several occasions and suddenly led the pack, standing on the 59th square. In addition to him, Tang Mo was also very ‘lucky’ and stood on the 53rd square.

The number of the young man and woman were very similar, as they stood on the 45th and 42nd square.

The man with the beer belly was standing on the 36th square. His face didn’t look very good. There were two more. One middle-aged man standing on the 47th square and the old man standing on the 39th square.

Once it was the old man’s turn to roll the dice, the young man and woman standing in front of him were very nervous. The young woman’s body had almost completely recovered. She was still injured but she was holding the fruit knife. If the old man landed in her square, she wouldn’t hesitate. She would certainly kill the old man before the other person fired at her. Her boyfriend was no exception as he stared at the old man’s every move.

The dice turned twice in the air.


It was a 1.

The young man and woman were relieved, while the sweating old man stepped on the 40th square.

“Ding dong! The free jump square has been triggered. You can choose to advance forward to any square (up to 30 squares) or backwards to any square (can’t be a square that you once stood on).”

Before the old man, the bald man had also stepped on a free jump square, which was the 29th square. Originally, he was behind Tang Mo and Tang Mo was in first place. The bald man jumped to the square Tang Mo had stood on previously, then threw a few sixes in a row to reach first place.

Now it was the old man’s turn to choose.

The old man’s voice was very steady. He pondered for a long time before looking up. “I choose to go back to the 29th square.”

“Ding dong! You have chosen to jump back to the 29th square. The 29th square is a free jump square. Consecutive skipping isn’t allowed and it won’t be activated.”

The old man nodded and didn’t reply.

On the stage, Mario looked at the old man and smiled thoughtfully.

The bald man standing in front of Tang Mo thought it was strange. “This old man is sick. He is the last one and will be left behind. He is far from us and won’t trigger the effect, but he will be killed by the wonderful Mario.”

Tang Mo glanced at him.

The old man’s plan wasn’t that simple.

He chose to retreat instead of moving forward. The first obvious purpose was to avoid a big gathering of people. The old man’s most powerful weapon was his gun. However, he had already revealed his own card. If the effect was triggered again, there was no guarantee that the pistol would win. It was safer to be far away from others.

Secondly, the old man had chosen a very good position. The 29th square was determined to be a free jump square. Regardless of whether he could jump again or not, this square was certainly very safe. In addition, this square was just 7 numbers away from the previously last place beer belly man.

The number 7 was very subtle. First of it, it ensured the old man had a very low chance of catching up with the beer belly man. He could be safe for a long time. In addition, this gap wasn’t large enough that he couldn’t catch up. As long as a few big numbers were rolled, the old man could catch up with the beer belly man and not be last.

Tang Mo looked calmly at the old man. The old man found his gaze and looked back.

The big dice floated leisurely through the air and Tang Mo caught it. He randomly tossed the dice in the air.

It was a 1.

Tang Mo moved forward one square to the 54th square.

There were now eight rounds of no one triggering the ‘Who will share your joys and sorrows?’ effect. Everybody’s mood was relaxed. Soon it was another round of dice rolling. Everyone moved forward and it was still peaceful.

The bald man was standing on the 60th square. Once Tang Mo was going to roll the dice, the bald man glanced back and said, “Is it going to be a 6? It can’t be.”

The big dice rolled on the ground.


The number 6 was facing upwards.

The bald man’s smile froze on his face and Tang Mo frowned.

The two men looked at each other across six squares. No one moved first. The bald man put his hand in his clothes, like he was planning to grab a weapon. But he didn’t take out his hand, leaving it in his clothes. Tang Mo didn’t dare relax his vigilance. His right hand touched the match tattoo on his left wrist. Then he raised his feet and walked towards the 60th square.

The five people in the back all looked at them.

“Ding dong! The ‘Who will share your joys and sorrows?’ effect is triggered...”

Tang Mo stepped onto the 60th square and the voice couldn’t even finish speaking. The bald man suddenly took out a sharp knife and directly stabbed at Tang Mo. Tang Mo was already prepared. He swiftly sidestepped, raising his left leg and moving it downwards. His legs cut through the air and hit the man’s elbow. The man cried out and the knife slipped from his hand.

The moment his left foot landed on the ground, Tang Mo took advantage of the force to move his body in a half circle through the air. His right left swept past and kicked the bald man into the distance.

These series of movements were flowing. The people behind him and the old man were shocked as they carefully looked at Tang Mo.

In fact, Tang Mo didn’t think defeating the bald man would be so simple.

Tang Mo rarely fought and didn’t learn any fighting techniques. While dealing with the stowaway with the poisonous flowers, Tang Mo might’ve had the big match and be stronger than the other person (the other person had one less arm at the time), Tang Mo was beaten by the opponent and could only rely on his physical qualities to win. He could now make such smooth blows purely with his physical strength.

The bald man was too weak. At least, he was a lot weaker than Tang Mo.

The bald man coughed out blood when he was kicked.

At this time, the black tower spoke the last sentence.

“... Because he is his own companion, he wants to share his joys and sorrows with you!”


Black Mario fell from the sky and struck the earth violently. Tang Mo’s eyes narrowed and he didn’t hesitate to take out the big match.

The beer belly man exclaimed in the distance. “An ability!”

The bald man was kicked away from Tang Mo and the Black Mario saw Tang Mo. He looked at the big match in Tang Mo’s hand and his eyes lit up. He trotted over and kicked Tang Mo’s right leg. Tang Mo’s reaction speed was extremely fast. His legs jumped over the blow while Mario’s right hand aimed at Tang Mo’s head at a terrifying speed.

The speed almost surpassed Tang Mo’s vision.

As a note, Tang Mo could now see the track of an ordinary bullet and swing his hand faster than a bullet! There was no time for Tang Mo to swing the big match beside his head. He responded quickly. His head moved to the back while he returned the big match to his wrist. Then he took out the big match at an angle just to the right side of his face.


Mario’s fist bumped into the big match. The match head rubbed against Tang Mo’s cheek, taking a piece of skin with it. The first slammed down on it and the big match wasn’t broken. However, Tang Mo was hit by the force of the match and his jaw was injured.

Tang Mo flew away. Then Black Mario turned and looked at the bald man on the ground.

The bald man got up in horror and ran quickly. He didn’t dare run to Tang Mo. Tang Mo’s actions just now frightened him and he knew he couldn’t beat the young man. Running rashly over might mean his death instead. He could only keep running. However, Black Mario ran much faster than nhim.

Mario punched the bald man, who didn’t have Tang Mo’s strength and luck. Blood and pieces of internal organs spewed out. He flew and fell not far from Tang Mo.

Black Mario saw that the two people were together again. He smiled and no longer played with the bald man, heading for Tang Mo instead. Tang Mo fought hard to avoid the attacks, occasionally using the large match to block Mario’s attack. But although the big match could block the attacks, it couldn’t counterattack at all. Tang Mo’s body eventually became covered with wounds.

The intense and frequent offensive gave Tang Mo no breathing room at all. He naturally wanted to use his only attacking ability, but Mario didn’t give him the time to put his hands on his hips and shout ‘Return my grandfather.’

At this moment, Mario kicked again. Tang Mo clearly felt that his right arm was broken and a severe pain was coming from it. This arm wouldn’t recover for 10 minutes.

On the stage, Mario smiled with glee. He kindly reminded, “Poor child, did you forget? As long as there is only one player remaining on the square, this effect will stop.”

As if echoing Mario’s words, the Black Mario smiled and his palm slammed into Tang Mo’s abdomen.


Tang Mo was blown back, spitting out a large amount of blood. He sensed that he had internal bleeding. If he was struck again, his physical recovery wouldn’t be able to catch up and he would die.

Mario smiled and reminded again, “Lovely child, there are two players on the square now.”

Black Mario slowed down and walked over to Tang Mo. Tang Mo stared at him coldly, as if thinking about something. Three seconds later, he held the big match in his left hand and ran towards the bald man who lost consciousness not far away. The big match moved in a parabola through the air. The match head was only half a metre away from the bald man’s chest.

Suddenly, the footsteps behind him stopped.

Tang Mo stopped his movements and looked back.

Black Mario’s body was frozen.

On the stage, Mario said regretfully, “Poor child, why couldn’t you hold on for a few more seconds? It is a pity.”

Tang Mo looked at the bald man on the ground and examined his nose.

He was dead.

Tang Mo used the big match as a crutch and limped back to the 60th square. His body rested on the big match and his right arm was drooping because it was broken. Blood flowed down his fingers and onto the ground.

Behind him, the five players held their breaths and looked at him in astonishment, as if they had seen a monster.

Tang Mo looked blankly at the Mario on the stage and seemed to remember something. Then he suddenly squatted down and with his right hand stained with blood, he drew a neat red circle on the ground.

Mario looked at him curiously and asked, “Cute child, congratulations on living. What are you doing?”

Tang Mo looked up and spoke in a cold voice. “I am drawing a circle to wish you a long life.”

“Oh, you are such a lovely child!”

Tang Mo didn’t answer.

The game continued and Tang Mo stood at the forefront of everyone. His whole body was leaning against the match and he looked very weak, but nobody underestimated him. The five people behind him stared at him in horror, praying that they wouldn’t enter the same square as the man.

Tang Mo closed his eyes and felt his wounds healing. The healing rate was slow but he certainly wouldn’t die.

However, Mario’s malice didn’t end there.

Tang Mo seemed to be isolated by others. As they rolled the dice, he stood on the square and closed his eyes. He seemed to be resting and thinking about something.

The old fortunate enough to be at the very end and he didn’t trigger the ‘Who will share your joys and sorrows?’ effect or any punishment squares. However, the other four people encountered a penalty. The most unknown middle-aged man met a level five punishment. Once he stepped on the square, countless winged flying fish emerged from the ground and flew at him.

The middle-aged man cried out in pain and didn’t have time to resist. The flesh on his body was eaten by the flying fish, not even the bone residue being left behind.

Tang Mo stepped on the 80th square. Behind him was the young man on the 70th square and the young woman on the 64th square.

It was the young woman’s turn to roll the dice. At first, she was still talking to her boyfriend. Once the dice landed on a 6, both of them fell silent at the same time.

The young woman looked at the man and the young man looked back at her.


The young man gulped. “Don’t be afraid Mei Mei. Come over here. We will work together to fight Black Mario.”

“That man couldn’t even beat Mario. How can we possibly beat it?” The woman cried out as her finger pointed to Tang Mo.

The man gritted his teeth and said, “If we can’t live together, we can die together! I’ll die with you Mei Mei!”

“Yes!” The young woman was moved to tears. She nodded and quickly ran to her boyfriend.

“Ding dong! The Who will...”

The black tower’s game cue abruptly stopped.

Tang Mo turned and looked away.

The woman’s fruit knife stabbed the man’s chest. The man also held a kitchen knife that was stabbed into the woman’s abdomen. Both of them looked at each other, blood dripping from their mouths.

“You are like this...woman, you are this cheap...”

The woman was even more mad. She cried while smiling, “Men are all liars, cheats...”

Their voices stopped and the two people fell down together. They really fulfilled their promise to die together.

At this point, only Tang Mo, the beer belly man and the old man were on this game map.

Tang Mo stood on the 80th square, the beer belly man on the 62nd square and the old man on the 55th square.

Next, it was Tang Mo’s turn to roll the dice. He looked at the dice in his hands and didn’t hesitate to throw it.

It was a 3.

Tang Mo walked forward three steps and went to the 83rd square.

“Ding dong! A free jump square has been triggered. You can select...”

Mario was already sitting on the ground in a bored man, his right hand holding up his chin as he watched the remaining three players.

Tang Mo leaned on the big match and asked, “Dear Uncle Mario, I have a few questions that I am very curious about. Can you answer me? They are very simple questions. I don’t think Uncle Mario will refuse.”

Mario was interested and stood up. “Lovely child, what problems do you have? The kind-hearted Uncle Mario never refuses the problem of good children. Say it.”

Tang Mo said lightly, “The 6456 people, they all died here right?”

Mario laughed. “They didn’t die. They wanted to stay here forever and play the game with Uncle Mario.”

Tang Mo nodded and asked, “If there is only one player left in the game, assuming he reaches the finish line, is he the last one?”

“Of course not. If there is only one person left, they will be a lonely and poor child. He is as lonely as Uncle Mario. How can they be the last one?”

Tang Mo’s eyes focused on Mario’s body. He was silent for a long time after hearing the answer and didn’t ask again. A long time passed before he spoke. “The black tower announced the rules but I would like to confirm it again. Uncle Mario, do you really have the king’s squares and prisoner squares?”

So far, the furthest square that the eight players reached was the 80th square. 80 squares passed but no one triggered the king’s squares or prisoners squares. There were only the blank squares, the reward squares, the penalty squares and the free jump squares.

Mario raised his thumb and smiled brightly. “Of course there is. This cute Uncle Mario will never tell lies.”

“Is that so?” Tang Mo raised his head, his dark eyes fixed on Mario’s body. “My last question...Uncle Mario, is there really a clearance square?”

Mario narrowed his eyes at these words, staring at Tang Mo. After a long time, he laughed. “Uncle Mario never lies. Child, of course there is a clearance square. Okay, now choose what square you want to jump to!”

Tang Mo replied, “Yes, I know.” As he spoke, he pulled out a white egg from his pocket.

Mario looked at the turkey egg and touched his chin. “What is this? It looks a bit familiar.”

Tang Mo stretched out his right finger and drew a ‘S’ on the white turkey egg.

The next moment, the sound of water filled Tang Mo’s eyes. He frowned and listened to the sound, asking in his mind, “Mr. Fu?”

Thousands of miles away in Beijing, a deserted residential building.

Fu Wenduo suddenly stopped the hand that was washing his head and turned off the tap.

Tang Mo asked again, “Mr. Fu?”

The soap-covered Fu Wenduo, “...”

White light shone from the ceiling of the bathroom, illuminated the tall and strong body. He had smooth and beautiful muscle lines, and long and straight thighs. Small droplets of water fell down the beautiful abdominal curve, slipping into a secret place.

After a moment of silence, Fu Wenduo said, “...Yes, I am here.”

Tang Mo didn’t notice the strangeness on the other side. He whispered, “I want to trouble you to help me open the archiver.”

The author has something to say:

Fuwa (Author): Didn’t you say you would never shout ‘Return my grandfather’ in your life? [doge]

Tang Tang: Shut up!!! [Angry and shamed face]

Major Fu: Fortunately, this Momo doesn’t have a video function.

TL: For those wondering about the 7 day restriction on the turkey egg, remember that there are two eggs, each with their own save function. Fu Wenduo used the save function with his own egg, but that doesn’t mean that Tang Mo used it. Hence, him being able to use it when 7 days hasn’t passed yet.

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