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The Earth is Online

Chapter 14

The Earth is Online Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Tang Mo took Luo Fengcheng’s credentials with an astonished expression.

It was a metallic silver card with no photo on it and an electronic chip in the upper right corner. The left side of the card was simply engraved with three lines of words.

[Name: Luo Fengcheng]

[Division: Shanghai Group A]

[Position: Team Leader]

Tang Mo read the card and handed it to the other people. All six people read it before it finally returned to Luo Fengcheng’s hands.

“Why did you lie to us and say you were a game designer?” Li Bin asked.

Luo Fengcheng put the card away and lightly said, “Everyone has their secrets. You hid your ability. For you, the ability is important and special. My identity is a bit special. I didn’t want it exposed at the beginning. Can’t you understand?”

Luo Fengcheng looked around at everyone and continued. “You don’t have to doubt the authenticity of my identity. As you all know, this attack tower game started very suddenly. There was only three minutes from the black tower’s announcement to our entry. I wouldn’t be able to prepare the card in advance in order to pose as a black tower researcher.”

Lin Qiao seemed to think of something. She was about to open her mouth when Luo Fengcheng looked at her and interrupted. “I don’t have an ability to make a card in a short amount of time either. If I really had this ability, why would I make the identity card of a black tower researcher instead of a game designer? Then there would be no doubts and you might even trust me a bit.”

Luo Fengcheng blocked the crowd’s arguments.

Finally, he looked at Tang Mo. Tang Mo’s face had no expression as he watched Luo Fengcheng calmly, but there was something in Tang Mo’s eyes.

Luo Fengcheng continued, “Don’t doubt that I am a black tower researcher. The black tower has been around for half a year. You should know that all tower researchers are protected and not allowed to contact the outside world. I have been studying the black tower in Shanghai during those three days and have no chance or need to kill someone. And...” Luo Fengcheng put his hands into his pockets. “If I really want to kill someone, as long as there is a legitimate reason, I don’t have to do it myself. Someone else will help me resolve it. In any case, I was protected by many people and couldn’t kill anyone.”

The crowd shuddered at the words while Tang Mo kept watching Luo Fengcheng. He understood what the other person meant. Before the earth came online, there was discussions on the Internet about the white coat researchers of the black tower. They were really powerful researchers who were protected by the government. They collected frontline data and conducted research in private.

Putting aside the deep mountains, old forests and vast oceans, as long as the black tower appeared in the city, it would be located in the city centre. The country establishing an institute next to the black tower was tantamount to making themselves a living target and announcing to the world where their base was.

This online discussion had never been officially confirmed but many people were convinced.

Tang Mo believed that Luo Fengcheng was a black tower researcher. He had quietly used his strength to try and break the card. He didn’t know what type of material it was made of but it didn’t break at all. Please note that Tang Mo was now strong enough to pick up a car by hand. The fact that he couldn’t break this card meant it was very special.

As Luo Fengcheng said, it was impossible to create such a card with an ability. The identity of a black tower researcher was too eye-catching. Right now, the stowaway would want to hide their identity and not grab attention.

The cook and the junior high student had blank faces but the other people no longer doubted Luo Fengcheng’s identity.

If such a person wanted to kill someone, he wouldn’t need to do it himself. It was very unlikely for Luo Fengcheng to be a stowaway.

Everyone needed to talk about what they did during those three days. Tang Mo and Li Bin were temporarily put to the side. Now it was Lin Qiao’s turn.

“I remember that when the black tower issued the ‘earth is online’ announcement, I was in class. What type of class was it? Oh yes, it was the 15th day, a Wednesday. The first two classes on Wednesday are advanced mathematics. The black tower suddenly spoke so our lesson wasn’t finished. All students returned to the dormitory while the school made an announcement for us to not panic and wait for further notice.”

Lin Chao carefully recalled, “Actually, I am the black tower optimist. I like to play survival games. I have played all the survival games on the market recently. I didn’t take the black tower seriously from the beginning. After returning to the dormitory, I chattered with my roommates for a long time about the black tower. Maybe we talked until evening? In any case, the school didn’t allow any classes in those three days. I stayed in the dormitory for a long time. The cafeteria was shut for those three days. I ate takeaway and stayed in the dormitory.”

Li Bin asked, “Is that all?”

Lin Qiao continued thinking hard before shaking her head. “All four people in my dormitory are locals of Shanghai but my father died very early. My mother went to Nanjing on a business trip. After the black tower accident, all three of my roommates went home the next day. I was alone in my dormitory. That morning, I got up and brushed my teeth. I had that the black tower released another message. I didn’t know what happened until I turned on the computer to play games and found I had no Internet. Later on, I went to the dormitory next door to discover...everyone was gone.”

The female university student who was always acting brave now showed a bit of hidden fear. She gulped and tried to stay calm. “I was playing games in my dorm for those three days. I didn’t kill anyone. I’m really not a stowaway. After the accident I wanted to go to Nanjing to find my mother. I didn’t expect to be pulled here before even leaving Shanghai. Please believe me, I’m really not a stowaway!”

Li Bin nodded and looked at Tang Mo and Luo Fengcheng.

The two people didn’t disagree. Li Bin went to the next person.

The rich second generation Li Wen looked at Tang Mo and took a deep breath to ease his tension. He said, “On the first of those three days, I went to Nanjing to find a friend to play. The next day, we were still playing. That day was mainly spent at the club. The next night, my dad called and told me to go home. I was too drunk that night to go back, so I decided to sleep. The next day, I drove on the freeway. I got into an accident and saw Tang Mo when I woke up. I didn’t know anything about the blue tower. I was told by Tang Mo that I was rear-ended because the other drivers suddenly disappeared. I’m not a stowaway. I never killed anyone.”

Everyone looked at Tang Mo.

Tang Mo explained, “The first time I met him, his car was rear ended. But I don’t know what happened to him.”

Li Bin frowned and said, “How can you say such simple things? Speak in more detail.”

Li Wen made a bitter face as he thought for a moment. “I’m trying to think but I spend most of the three days playing with friends, drinking and not doing anything special. There is no need to talk about what we were playing. It is what we usually play. There is nothing to say other than...drinking? Playing? Well, my friends also brought a few female stars to play with...”

Everyone stopped listening to Li Wen’s words, while Lin Qiao looked at him with disgusted eyes.

Li Wen spoke in his innocent manner. “Hey, let me speak. The things we played...”

As Li Wen was speaking, Lin Qiao explained the current situation to the chef. The chef was particularly nervous after learning about the situation. He wiped the sweat on his head and stood straight. Once everyone’s eyes were on him, he immediately said, “I...I was a cook. However, my boss became afraid after the appearance of the black tower half a year ago and ran away. I became unemployed. After that, I made a living by selling takeaway. In those three days, I did deliveries as usual. But because many people weren’t a work, my list was less than usual. Also...nothing special happened. I just delivered food. I headed out for deliveries on the third morning and saw people disappearing on the streets. Then I was scared and headed home.”

Li Bin asked, “Can you speak more clearly?”

The cook anxiously wiped at his sweat. “I think...oh yes, I remember I was sent to two high-end communities. Jingan Temple was on one side and the guards didn’t allow any bikes to enter. I had to walk in to deliver food. There was another one near the People’s Square. The other...what am I supposed to say? What would you like me to say? I will definitely tell you. I really didn’t kill anyone! I’m not a stowaway!”

The cook looked anxiously at everyone. Tang Mo looked at him thoughtfully and walked in front of the young girl.

Peng Liwen was standing beside Lin Qiao, timidly watching the other people.

Lin Qiao reassured her. “Don’t be scared Wenwen. Just talk about what you did in those three days. The real stowaway won’t be able to hide their fox’s tail.” Lin Qiao’s eyes looked between Li Bin and Li Wen and said, “Just speak.”

The young girl nodded and said in a small voice, “I’m not a stowaway. I didn’t kill anyone. Like this sister, our school didn’t allow us to go to school. I was taken home by my parents and stayed there. My father had to go to work. My mother’s job said she didn’t need to go and she stayed with me at home. My mother was worried that I wouldn’t be able to study in class and urged me to study hard. My mother taught me at home. From 7 to 11 in the morning, I studied language and mathematics. I took a nap at noon and started to learn English from 2 p.m. At six in the evening, my mum helped me with homework. And then...”

The little girl’s eyes turned red. “Then my mother disappeared on the third day. I didn’t know anything. She just disappeared.”

Lin Qiao grabbed the little girl’s hand and comforted her.

The little girl sobbed for a moment. Her face was pale and her voice was hoarse. “Before my mother disappeared, she told me the night before that I shouldn’t be afraid. As long as I am good, she will be fine. My mother is gone.”

She could no longer hold back her tears.

The two girls among the seven people, Lin Qiao hugged the young girl and kept comforting her.

Li Bin looked at the two girls and frowned. He opened his mouth but didn’t say anything. Tang Mo spoke up, “Li Bin, it is your turn.”

Li Bin nodded and talked about his own experience. “I work in a PR company, responsible for marketing and planning. After the black tower incident, my company didn’t take a holiday and continued to work. I personally opposed the black tower and wanted to ask for leave. But this time, there was a big project and my boss didn’t agree. I could only continue working. I was pulled into a black tower game the next day. The black tower game was called...” Li Bin paused for a long time before speaking with a strange expression, “It is called ‘The sheep is so cute. Why do you want to eat it?’”

Everyone, “...”

Li Bin looked up at Tang Mo. “You should understand it. I was suddenly pulled into a strange place. I didn’t do anything at all. The black tower announced the start of the game and told us a few bizarre rules. I was dragged into the game with three strangers. After the four of us entered, we ended up dressed in a sheep costume. The black tower said that we were playing hide-and-seek in a maze with a wolf. If caught, we would be eaten. We needed to find the egg at the exist of the maze before we were eaten. That was the only way to beat the wolf and win the game.”

This game seemed too childish. Li Bin reluctantly bowed his head. “The four of us decided to separate when we entered the maze. Since there was only one wolf, we would have a greater chance of surviving. Later on, I heard the screams of two people and estimated that they were eaten by the wolf. I ran quickly. But I couldn’t find the maze’s exit. I also felt that the wolf was very close to me. It quickly caught up to me. Then the black tower suddenly announced that the game was over. My other companion had found the egg. I didn’t know what was going on. I won and went back to the company... I always wanted to tell other people about it but I don’t know why, I couldn’t say anything about the game. People in the company thought I was late because I slept in. But I couldn’t explain. I was too scared to go back to work. I planned to drive back to my hometown the next day. I didn’t have time to go home before everyone disappeared.”

Li Bin looked up at Tang Mo. “Was it also like this with you? I couldn’t tell anyone else. I really couldn’t say anything!”

Tang Mo shook his head. “I just finished the game when everyone disappeared.”

Li Bin urged, “I really am an official player.”

Luo Fengcheng’s indifferent voice was heard at this time. “In fact, there was something missing from the words I previously said. It isn’t only accidental killers who react when their crimes are exposed. Any killer, even one who conspired to kill another person, would have a special reaction when their killing is talked about.”

Li Bin’s face changed at Luo Fengcheng’s interruption. “What do you mean? I really am an official player, not a stowaway. The stowaway is obviously...”

“He doesn’t mean you.” The person who interrupted was Tang Mo.

Luo Fengcheng looked at Tang Mo and said, “Any killer will have subtle changes in their expression when the big mole talked about the definition of a stowaway. Only two types of murderers will remain indifferent. The first is anti-social murderers. They don’t think that murder is wrong or abnormal. The second type is naive murderers. They might be too young or ignorant and don’t know what they did. Therefore, even if they are exposed, they won’t have too big of a psychological burden.”

Tang Mo nodded slightly. “In fact, before you said the first sentence, I doubted you. However, my heart didn’t want it to be you.”

The tall and handsome young man walked in front of the two girls and leaned down to look at the younger one.

“The first sentence you said exposed your identity. But you are only 15 years old. Who did you kill? Why did you kill someone?”

Li Bin shouted, “Yes, she is the stowaway! I just discovered it.”

Lin Qiao released the hand of the young girl and quickly moved far away from her.

The young girl’s eyes were full of tears. She stepped back in fear and whimpered. “I didn’t. I wasn’t...I didn’t kill...I...I...”

“You are the stowaway.” Tang Mo declared calmly.

The author has something to say:

Tang Tang (Sugar Sugar): There is only one truth—You are the wolf! Everybody, vote with me! She is the winner!

Fu Wenduo: ...【 I want to appear, I want to appear, I want to appear. 】

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