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The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator

Chapter 1401 - 88 Xi Xue Love Story

Chapter 1401 - 88 Xi Xue Love Story

Long Ye Sí bombarded Xi Xue with questions. The emperor looked at the vampire with curious eyes. At this moment, he didn’t look like a cold, tyrant emperor anymore.

He’s just someone with high curiosity, just like his thirst for knowledge and power.

" happened like this..." X Xue slowly explained the story to Ye Sí while Bíng Huo witnessed it. Speaking from the involved person’s point of view, listening to your romance story being told to another person...

And the person was a dragon race’s emperor...

It was a bit embarrassing.

Bíng Huo couldn’t help but lower her head in shame. The girl endured every detail that Xi Xue told to Ye Sí.

15 minutes later.

"So that’s the story.* Ye Sí nodded in understanding. The emperor slowly smiled at Xi Xue’s story.

He looked genuinely happy for Xi Xue.

"Yes, your majesty, that’s the story. That’s how I get a wife, but still, I can’t expect any excuses from my behaviour, running away from the kingdom." Xi Xue lowered his head.

He was ashamed of his reckless behaviour, leaving the kingdom without the emperor’s permission.

"Hm. I know. You still have to be punished. But I, for now, you should celebrate with the others."

Ye Sí casually waved his hand. He wanted to punish Xi Xue, but he knew that it would be too cruel to do that to newlyweds.

"You should take a rest. I think you have gone through a tiring journey. Go, take your wife to your resident." Ye Sí wisely let Xi Xue go after hearing his story.

It turned out that his cute vampire uncle was just bored having to stay in the kingdom. In the first place, he was a scouting agent.

His nature demanded him to travel everywhere, but for the past few months, there were no missions yet.

"Ah, yes, your majesty. Thank you for the grace." Xi Xue hurriedly lowered his head for the second time. He might look calm outside, but he was excited inside.

Ahhhh, this brat didn’t humiliate me! It’s good, it’s good! He said that the punishment would be carried late, but so what? As long as it is not in front of his wife...

But Xi Xue couldn’t be happy for long because Mian Xiang, the captain of their nine guardians title suddenly spoke.

"Excuse me, your majesty, actually, Xi Xue comes back because of an urgent matter." Mian Xiang indirectly reminded Xi Xue of his mission.

Xi Xue snapped out of his excitement. The man nodded at Mian Xiang’s words and started to speak.

"Your majesty, I come back here because there’s a weird phenomenon in the lower realm. I believe it will reach the higher realm in no time."

Ye Sí paused at Xi Xue’s words. The young emperor closed his eyes before slowly showing his deep, unfathomable golden irises.

"Is it the typhoon?"


Xi Xue was stunned. He knew that the higher realm already knew about the typhoon, but he didn’t believe it at first. is real!

Xi Xue couldn’t help but gulp nervously.

"Yes, your majesty, it’s the typhoon. I heard from the 9 guardians that the typhoon wipes away all the westernised beasts..."

"Indeed. I am the one who gives them the information." Ye Sí didn’t deny that he was the source of information. The reason why he quickly told the nine guardians about it was so that they could inform Xi Xue if they met him.

Xi Xue was one of the westernised beasts among the nine guardians, after all.

"Then...your majesty, do you know the source of the typhoon? I heard that God of another world is the one making it, but..." Xi Xue asked straight to the point. He didn’t want to waste even a second to deal with the matter.

Long Ye Sí didn’t immediately answer. The young man only took a deep breath before slowly furrowing his handsome eyebrows.

"God of this world allows the typhoon to happen. God of another world is the one making the typhoon for a purpose."


Indeed, the hypothesis matches!

" it true that God abandons us? If not, why does he allow the typhoon to exist? We don’t even know where the beasts are being sent to." Xi Xue carefully asked as he kept his back straight when he was standing.

Depending on the answer, the people here might be relieved or feel despair instead.

Ye Sí knew about it. That’s why he has to choose his words carefully.

"God didn’t abandon us. I talk to him, and...he said it’s because of fate. It’s time for the western beasts to go to where they belong." Ye Sí let out a long sigh as he pursed his lips.

Indeed, it’s fate. But Xi Xue didn’t understand. Why would the western beasts need to go? Place where they belong?

"Your majesty, I don’t understand...* Xi Xue expressed his confusion. "Why should the western beasts go? And where are they going? The place we belong to? Don’t we belong here?"

The other beasts nodded at Zi Xue’s words. Indeed, it’s weird to say that the beasts don’t belong here.

Ye Sí knew this as well, and he prepared to explain. The young man squeezed his eyes tightly before speaking solemnly.

"God said that the western-type beasts don’t belong to this world. They were borrowed from another world."


Xi Xue and the sacred beasts froze on the spot. The group looked like a dumb carp thanks to the emperor’s words.

The western beasts come from another world? It’s not the original residence of this world?


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