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The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator

Chapter 1400 - 87 Xi Xue Love story

Chapter 1400 - 87 Xi Xue Love story

The young man’s long silver hair glistened under the fireball lamps all around the throne.

’So handsome...’

Bíng Huo was mesmerised by the appearance of the young man. The young man looked like he’s still in his early teens, yet the black-golden robe he wore had a dragon symbol on it.

The golden Chinese crown nestled on top of his head as the young man crossed his legs and prompted his chin. His golden eyes looked deep and unfathomable, sending goosebumps to Bíng Huo.

This... indeed this isn’t the rumoured half-dragon emperor, right?

Bíng Huo couldn’t believe her eyes.

He’s way too young! He looks like one of the students studying at the academy just from how young he looks.

Do dragons have a youthful look or this young man is indeed young?

While Bíng Huo was secretly observing the young man, Mian Xiang came forward and bowed politely.

"Your majesty, this subject is back."

Silence filled the hall for a few seconds before the young man slowly opened his mouth with a cold face.

"Where is he?"

The young man’s voice was so cold and deep that Bíng Huo couldn’t help but flinch. The dragon aura inside the vote was enough to make her pee herself.

"He’s behind us, your majesty." Mian Xiang slowly turned her head around and beckoned the guards to bring Xi Xue.

"Greetings, the sun of the kingdom!" The five guards kowtowed to the young man as they shoved Xi Xue to the front. Now, Xi Xue was right in front of his friends and wife.


Xi Xue couldn’t look at the golden eyes watching him like a hawk in the sky. Those lizard-like eyes were too much for him.

The pressure is absurd!

The silver-haired young man didn’t do anything nor say a word, but Xi Xue broke in a cold sweat.

This brat is mad.

The people in the hall could feel their body slowly turned cold since the surroundings’ temperature dropped by a few degrees.

Indeed, the emperor of the dragon race!

Bíng Huo’s face was already pale. She was the weakest among the others and being exposed to dragon auras was too much for her.

The girl almost fainted if not for Mian Xiang holding her hand, sending power to support the girl.

’Hold on. This will be quick! His majesty won’t be mad as long as your husband apologises.’

Which Xi Xue never did.

But right now, he was in the presence of his wife! He glanced back and saw Bíng Huo sway. She couldn’t bear the aura of the emperor.

Not good. I have to finish this quickly!

Xi Xue didn’t allow the silence to continue further. He hurriedly opened his mouth as he fell on his knees.

"Your majesty, this subject is wrong. I seek mercy from the benevolent ruler." Xi Xue honeyed his tongue, smoothly praising the young man, Long Ye Sí.

Ye Sí raised an eyebrow at Zi Xue’s unusual remarks. The proud vampire was a tsundere and a yandere. He never wanted to admit his fault. He was stubborn.

Yet now he suddenly apologised?

Ye Sí couldn’t help but snort. He noticed a new face among his guardians, and his brilliant mind instantly deducted something.

That girl should be someone important to Jiu Wei, but she’s weak. So, he wants this to be over as soon as possible. Is she a human? Then, is she Xi Xue’s lover?

As someone who had a human mother, Ye Sí had subtle affection to the human race. He silently suppressed his dragon aura and hid his power so that he wouldn’t harm the human girl.

"Very well. It’s the first time you apologise. I see it’s because of that girl." Long Ye Sí looked at Bíng Huo with a pair of cold eyes. He might look intimidating, but deep inside, he felt a sense of longing for the humans.

Humans reminded him of his mother.

"That, your majesty..." Xi Xue was aware of Ye Sí’s emotion. He felt grateful that the emperor accepted his wife even when he hadn’t introduced her yet.

This deepened the guilt he felt when he ran away from the kingdom. If only he weren’t naughty. His Majesty wouldn’t be disturbed.

Xi Xue knew that the twins, his majesty and the princess treasured the 9 guardians a lot. It could be said that the 9 guardians were their family apart from their grandparents.

Since dragons had a possessive tendency just like beasts, these twins were paranoid if one of the 9 guardians left the kingdom without them knowing.

There was a case where Baihu Sei, the princess’ close aide, went to another kingdom for a short errand. She didn’t tell the princess and only left for a few hours. Sei couldn’t be contacted for a while due to the nature of the surrounding kingdom.

The princess deployed her elite knights to find Baihu Sei.

It was such an uproar. His majesty also did the same when his right-hand man, Mao Mao, went to the middle realm without telling him.

The siblings surely inherited the possessive nature of their father, the late emperor.

"Your majesty, as you see...I went to the lower realm to find a spouse, and this girl..." Xi Xue hurriedly explained the situation. He felt that if he gave a good reason for his departure, Long Ye Sí wouldn’t be mad anymore.

After all, the emperor was crazy enough to say that Xi Xue was a traitor just because of this!

Xi Xue’s words shocked the emperor. Long Ye Sí widened his eyes in shock.

"Mm. Your wife? How come I don’t know you’re married? When was it? Why didn’t you invite me?"

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