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The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator

9 Chapter 10 Mythological Beast Aura

9 Chapter 10 “Mythological Beast Aura“

Li Shi Ying already lost hope. She didn’t think she would come out as a virgin but then Mao Mao suddenly appeared in time.

"Shi Ying!!" Mao Mao didn’t think twice and immediately kicked the man straight to the river. The panda carefully lifted Li Shi Ying and gazed down with teary eyes.

"Are you okay?? What happened-" Mao Mao hasn’t finished his words when Li Shi Ying beat him to it.

"J-just go I-i will explain." The girl weakly tugged Mao Mao’s hand feeling her body became limp. The memory of the man touching her skin made her shudder.

Noticing this, Mao Mao didn’t ask anything anymore. He just nodded and turned away to bring Shi Ying to a save place.

Meanwhile, the man already climbed out from the river with his head sobered.

The cold chilling water of the river woke him from his lust state and any desire left in his body vanished into nothing.

The man-body was drenched in water from his head to his toe. His wet clothes stuck to his flesh revealing a very sexy body underneath. His dark green hair was wet with drop after drop of water, creating another sexy vibe around him.

Well, it is a pity that no one saw this scene.

The man dried up his body with his divine energy and slowly tried to remember his condition.

T-that...he...he, Long Ao Zhen, the most dignified prince of dragon clan...unexpectedly consumed by lust and..and...kiss a human girl!!

The man clenched his fist hard and a ruthless gaze flashes quickly on his golden eyes.

He felt angry, shame and furious at the same time. All of this happened because of her mother! Now he accidentally married a human girl! And if he didn’t remember it wrong, he couldn’t sense even a bit of cultivation energy inside her body which means that the trash who can’t even cultivate!

When he thought of that, his body subconsciously released a mighty dragon aura and the surrounding high-rank beast immediately run for their life. Some low-rank beast already faints and middle-rank beast bows down while shivering constantly.

He humphed and with a flick of his sleeve, he turned his body into his original form which was a mighty huge Chinese dragon. His scale was dark green and shining with a dark glow under the sunlight. His golden lizard-like eyes were burning in extreme anger. His big and long body shook slowly and flew toward the upper realm to demand an explanation to his mom!

At the other place, Mao Mao slightly senses a terrifying aura from the place where he and Shi Ying stopped by earlier and he burst in a cold sweat.

T-that aura was to frighten! He himself had to hold back the urge to bow down and kneel on the ground. If he wasn’t mistaken....that kind of aura could only be released by a mythological beast!

But why would there be a mythological beast here?? Weren’t there supposed to be at the upper realm?!

Mao Mao subconsciously hugged Shi Ying closer to his fluffy chest. His frail friend won’t be able to stand the aura! She might choke up blood and immediately die under the pressure of that mythological beast!

Li Shi Ying, who was resting on Mao Mao paw, also felt the mighty aura released not too long ago. Even though their distance was already far from that place, she could still sense the heavy pressure lingering on the air. It made her body felt heavy and her chest stuffy.

She gasped for air a few times as she found herself hard to breathe.

"What kind of aura is that!! I could even felt my body being crushed by it. If we were a little bit closer to the aura, I might already die from the pressure!" Li Shi Ying whispered faintly to Mao Mao.

Mao Mao kept increasing his speed as he answered "That was the aura of a mythological beast! In this lower realm, even 1 mythological beast could kill the strongest cultivator exist without waving its hand!"

When Li Shi Ying heard this, she subconsciously shivered from head to toe. If someone in God stage could be killed that easy by mythological beast then what would happen with her? Maybe she would die with its aura alone.

Well, Long Ao Zhen aura, when he was in his human form, was, when he was in his human form,n his dragon form. Coupled by his strength weakened by the drug, Li Shi Ying didn’t feel any mythological aura spread out from his body. But still, she was nearly raped by him!

Ehem Li Shi Ying didn’t know about this fact and she was only felt extremely happy to not meet that mythological beast.

Li Shi Ying was grateful to God in her heart as she was quick to leave the river. But she secretly pondered in her heart about the man in the river.

Even though she felt that the man strength was very very strong, she doubts his capability to resist a mythological beast might. He might even die in a second.

Hahaha, It was best for him to die!! That way she won’t ever meet him again and she could slowly forget that shameful action he did that shameful action

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