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8 Chapter 8 “Pleasure“


He gently stroked her chin and her skin was soft. When he stroked her, he could felt the woman"s body shivered in pleasure.

He go down and caressed her white neck with a great care. The woman was panting softly and her body seemed limp. She didn"t resisted him anymore.

With this thought, the man slowly spread his palm to touched the woman"s breast.

But when the man"s warm hand slowly go down and touched her breast, instanly Li Shi Ying"s mind was cleared and she began to struggle hard.

The man was pissed of with her resistance and he inserted a divine energy into her body which made her paralyzed.

Li Shi Ying went panicked and she beg the man to released her. She realized that the man in front of her was a really strong man. With just a single movement he could completely paralyze her body.

"P-please let go..." Li Shi Ying whispered in a faint voice because her body was paralyzed and she lost all her energy. Even to speak she had to gathered a lot of energy.

The man directly ignored her plea and he ripped of Li Shi Ying dress.

Her chest was instanly exposed under the sunlight and her upper body was naked.

Li Shi Ying blushed and she was angry but she couldn"t even move her body.

She felt scared and hopeless but deep down in her heart, she felt excitement.

When the man saw Li Shi Ying two proud peak bounced slightly, his throat felt dry.

Li Shi Ying white skin was exposed and under the sunlight it was glowing with a beautiful light.

The two pale pink nipple on her chest was sticking out in a very alluring way.

The man touched Li Shi Ying pink buds and rubbed it gently.

The rough skin of the man swiped her sensitive spot and Li Shi Ying body jolted in response. Her mouth once again spitted out words of pleasure.

"Ah! A...ah...s-stop.." Li Shi Ying eyes were closed and opened simultaneously.

The man loved to hear her lovely voice and so he pinched her nipple with his right hand while his left hand was groping her left proud peak.

Being stimulated like that, the still virgin Li Shi Ying felt a burst of pleasure filled her body.

Her leg unconsciously rubbed each other and her nipple stiffened.

She kept letting out a sweet moan and unclear words to express her feeling. She felt scared and good at the same time.

"Hnn...s-stop...please...ah! Ehn...plea-se stop...i-i feel weird..." Li Shi Ying was half crying as she pleaded the man but her body wasn"t saying so.

Her lower half began to feel wet and an unknown liquid flowed out.

The man whispered on her ears and she could felt his warm breath tickling her earlobe. "Is it good?"

Li Shi Ying spontaniously said "em..g-good...ah!"

The man licked her nipple and bit it lightly before sucking it with his mouth.

Li Shi Ying only felt pleasure after pleasure spread out to the every part of her body. Her waist was jolted up and she moaned in pleasure "U-uhhn...a-aah..ahhh~"

The man sucked her nipple hard until he was satisfied and began to do the same with her left part.

After series of stimulation, her lower area had already been wet with her love fluid.

The man then slipped his hand under her dress to rubbed her thigh with his right hand. He stroke her skin from her leg to her thigh until finally stopped at her her inner thigh.

"A-ah~ p-please!" Li Shi Ying felt good and she kept moaning. Her hand gripped the man sleeve unconsciously.

She felt like she was in heaven.

Naturally Li Shi Ying was still a virgin an so she was sensitive to a man"s touch. Moreover this man was good in his action.

The man"s finger lingered at the entrance of her most sensitive area. His middle finger stroke the entrance of her cave and rubbed it gently a few times.

That action alone increased the love fluid which flowed out from her secret area and Li Shi Ying legs were unconsciously opened a little. Her lower body was already drenched in her love fluid which was flooding out.

The man teared the hem of her dress and he forcefully pried open her legs wide.

Li Shi Ying was embarassed and scared. She tried to beg him again to leave her alone because she was afraid with what the man will do to her.

She was in the middle of being raped by a stranger in a forest!

"Please..please senior...release me..." Li Shi Ying sobbed in tears. She really felt afraid as she herself never touched her secret area in her whole life.

Well this body wasn"t her real body but still she felt everything that the body felt. This body already became her body!

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