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The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator

7 Chapter 7 Want to Touch

7 Chapter 7 “Want to Touch“


Her mind instanly blurred and her body frozed. The moment the man finger caressed her skin, she felt her stomach was on fire and an electric sensation spread through her body.

Her lower body felt warm but itchy at the same time.

The man right hand didn"t stop at her chin. He gently stroke her cheek and then go down to her neck.

His lips were slowly parted from her lips but now he landed his lips on her neck.

He sucked her neck hard and bit it lightly. A slight pain mixed with pleasure spread from her neck and Li Shi Ying couldn"t stop her self to let out a faint moan. "Ahnnn~!"

The moment the man bit her neck, a faint golden seal in the shape of bleeding heart flower appeared on Li Shi Ying neck.

A bleeding heart flower is pink flower with a shape of heart. The symbol of eternal love. The golden seal penetrated into Li Shi Ying skin and her body felt hot. Like a fire was inserted into her body. A surging of foreign energy rushed in to her body but nothing changed. Only her temperature rapidly rose.

She felt like her body was going to melt from the warmth spread by the man. Her body began to felt slightly uncomfortable but a faint pleasure also merged in.

Her mind was still blank and her body subsconsciously surrendered to the pleasure she felt. She didn"t know why but her heart skipped a beat and she didn"t have any energy left to break free.

At this moment the man felt undescriable pleasure in his body. His mind already goes blank and his body was controlled fully by lust and desire.

Her soft lips greatly increased his desire to shallow up this woman. He couldn"t even remembered his disgust toward human anymore.

All he wanted to do right now was slowly enjoying every part of this woman"s body.

The woman under his body resisted his lips but he forced her to kept still. He bit her lips lightly and the woman let out a sweet moan. Her voice was very enchanting and it greatly aroused his desire. His "little brother" harden the moment he heard her sweet faint moan.

He let go of the woman"s lips for a while before pressed it again with force. He didn"t care that the woman"s lips began to swell under his "great care".

He placed his finger over the woman"s chin and began to kiss her again. He licked her lips and the woman moaned again which made him nearly cum hard on spot.

He wanted to touch her body right there and right now.

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