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6 Chapter 6 “Desire“

He was actually drugged with aphrodisiac! Damn his own mother dare to did this to him!!

His mother wanted him to quickly marry someone but he refused. A few days ago her mother invited him to drink tea and after he drank the tea, his body felt hot and uncomfortable.

For a dragon, a mere kiss could already made them married legally. Just this thought alone made him shudder so he decided to escape from the upper realm!

He was forced to go down to this lowly realm so there will be no one who will find him and he will hide until the effect of the aphrodisiac gone.

But, he didn’t expect the drug effect to be that strong! He was already hiding in this forest for 2 days but the effect hasn’t gone yet.

He could just thrown himself into a cold river in this forest but his pride refused to do so. How could a mighty dragon prince thrown himself to a river at lower realm? He will be a laughing stock if someone from the upper realm know about it!

Just as he finally gave up and reluctantly going to drown himself inside a filthy river at this lower realm, his body flared up again!! He could felt that a fire was burning inside his body and his lower body unconsciously reacted. His "little brother" got tense!!

Aghhh this feeling... his throat felt so dry and he badly wanted something cool to extinguish the fire inside.

Just as he was struggling to kept his sanity and was about to quickly drowned himself inside the river, he smell a sweet fragant assulting his nose.

He couldn’t help to gulped down and his "little brother" got excited! Damn! Damn!

And surprisingly a cold sensation touched his burning cheek. This touch felt so good as it quench his desire.

He...couldn’t think straight anymore. His mind blanked and his eyes were blury. Unconsciously he grabbed to that cold sensation he just felt and hold it under his body.

The soft and cool sensation spread through his body when he grabbed the thing. It looked like someone wrist?

When he tried to focus his gaze, he faintly saw a woman with her hand gripped tightly by his.

The woman face was beautiful but she couldn’t be considered very beautiful either. Her white jade-like skin and her black hair made a great contrast which was pleasing to the eyes. Her face looked like a young one in her fifteen.

Her small round black eyes were staring right into his eyes.

Her black eyes were bright and clear. So pretty like a star in the night sky. He felt like the woman’s eyes were the prettiest eyes he ever seen.

The woman was struggling to break free from his tight grip.

Hmph! He won’t ever let her go! But damn woman! Her struggle made his body felt even hotter than before! Something stirred inside his body and he felt like a beast inside his body was going to get rampage.

He suddenly had the urge to push down the woman, bully her and made her beautiful eyes cried tears of pleasure.

Her pink small lips looked so enchanting to him. He wondered how does her lips taste like. That plump and moist pink lips lure him to unconsciously wanted to kiss and bit it.

At this moment, Li Shi Ying already sobered up from her mesmerized state and she felt like she was in a great danger!

But but she was hopeless! She was just a weak college student in a crippled maidservant with not a sliver of cultivation energy inside!

And suddenly the man face came closer to her face. His face came so close that she could even felt his hot breath on her cheek.

Li Shi Ying body shuddered at this thought. Her cheek blushed red when she realized the close distance between she and the man. Her heart was pounding rapidly and she felt dizzy.

S-she this was her first time in such a close distance with a man!

Just as she thought so, she felt a soft and wet sensation on her lips.


"Mmmphh!" Li Shi Ying wanted to talk in protest but her lips were shutted by the man’s lips.

The man kiss her in a domineering way and she felt like as if the man wanted to completely devoured her whole body.

At that time her mind went blank and she couldn’t think of anything. She could only felt a warm and hot lips were pressed against her.

She struggled to end this forced kiss but the more she struggle, the harsher the man kissed.

The man kissed her greedly like a wild beast and lightly bit her lips.

Li Shi Ying body shivered in pleasure and she couldn’t help to slipped out a sweet moan from her mouth. "Mnn..."

F*ck this body is too sensitive!

The man didn’t stop his rough kiss. He forced her lips to be opened slightly by his tongue and his tongue slowly caressed every inch of her tongue. She felt ticklish and couldn’t help but consciously resist his tongue.

She felt stuffed and she need air! She wanted to parted her lips but the man didn’t let her to do so.

He just slightly parted his lips but quickly pressed it again. Li Shi Ying could only gasp for air a second before her lips were stuffed by his lips. The man licked her lips gently and she shivered from the sensation it brought to her body.

She unconsciously moaned in a very sexy way while shooking her head "nn..mhh..."

This time the man right hand grabbed her chin and forced her to stay. She couldn’t even resist anymore. His finger stroke her chin gently but didn’t let it loose.

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