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The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator

5 Chapter 5 Fated Encounter

5 Chapter 5 “Fated Encounter“

Sigh...well first of all she needed to get out of this dangerous forest as soon as possible! At least after she managed to escape, she would then thought about how to survive later.

"Mao Mao i have finished~" Li Shi Ying scretched her sore body and walked up to the still sitting Mao Mao.

"Mm! That’s good!" Just as Mao Mao said so, his stomach growl with a loud sound. "Growwwllll"

Mao Mao cheek blushed with shame as he flustered to cover up his huge belly.

Li Shi Ying witnessed these cute action of Mao Mao couldn’t help but giggle softly.

"If you want to eat than lets go to a river. You can catch some fish there and i will take a quick bath" Li Shi Ying patted Mao Mao back and signaled him to took her up to his shoulder. She was quite tired to walk on her own.

Mao Mao grinned and took Shi Ying on his paw, then he placed her on his broad fluffy shoulder. Li Shi Ying hugged Mao Mao neck to prevent her fell from his shoulder.

After Mao Mao was certain that Shi Ying was safe, he stood up and walked slowly toward the nearest river.

10 minutes later.

Mao Mao brought Shi Ying to a nearest river. The river was a clean and beautiful one. You could saw many small fishes were swimming happily there. Li Shi Ying searched for a rather secluded spot to take a quick bath. Shortly after she found a spot behind a big rock. Li Shi Ying told Mao Mao to catched fishes for himself and also for her. She was hungry too you know!

Li Shi Ying walked unhurriedly toward the river behind a big rock. She was ready to stepped into the river but she saw something lying on the grass not far from her place.

That...seemed like a human?

Li Shi Ying saw a man lying on his belly with a rather sorry figure. She didn’t see any wound on the man’s body but he seemed to be in pain.

Li Shi Ying pondered for a moment before decided to take a quick look over the man.

When Shi Ying approached the man, she could saw that the man was wearing a black chinese robe with a golden cloud pattern on it. There was a golden hairclip on his dark green long hair. She couldn’t see his face because his face was currently facing the grass.

The man was clutching his chest and was panting heavily. His face was flushed red and he was sweating a lot.

Li Shi Ying thought that the man must have a fever so she slowly squatted down beside the man and she touched the man cheek with her palm.

Hot! Li Shi Ying inmediately retracted her hand when she touched the man’s cheek.

This man was burning hot! He must have a high fever!

Out of kindness, Li Shi Ying tried to woke up the man before treating his fever. Well she wasn’t a doctor but at least she could compress the man’s forehead with wet cloth or something.

Li Shi Ying poke the man shoulder a few times but the man only groaned in response. She was quite impatient and she tried to shook the man’s body or she could flip his body over to gave him a compress.

But, unexpectedly when she touched the man shoulder to flip him over, the man hand grabbed her wrist tightly and in a very short time, he pulled her over and trapped her under his body.


Li Shi Ying two hand were grabbed tightly by the man above her head. She was surprised and of course she struggled to free her tied hand while cursing "Damn! Release me!! I only try to help you!!"

But no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t break free from his grip. Her wrist started to get hurt because the man gripped her wrist too tight!

At that moment, she finally could saw the man appearance. The man’s white skin was turning red and he was still panting with a heavy breath. His eyes were hazy and blur like he was unconscious. He kept gulping and his eyes darkened.

This...what a beautiful eyes!

That is what Li Shi Ying thought at the moment. The man’s eyes were golden. His eyes were so beautiful it made her slightly dizzy. His eyes were deep and you couldn’t read anything in it. that moment felt like her body was sucking into his eyes. His almond shaped eyes were sharp and cold. His gaze unconsciously made her shudder in cold sweat.

Wh-what kind of eyes are these?? S-she she felt scared but also charmed by it.

The man face was as handsome as hell! His sharp and tight jaw, his stunning eyes, his sexy lips, straight nose and fine brows everything made this man the most handsome man Li Shi Ying ever seen in her life. Even her favorite idol Cai XX YYY, wasn’t as handsome as this man.

When Li Shi Ying was mesmerized by the man pair of golden lizard-like eyes, the man was also struggling to kept his sanity.

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