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The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator

30 Chapter 31 Second Kiss

30 Chapter 31 “Second Kiss“

Long Ao Zhen knew that only his pill blood could save Li Shi Ying life.

Long Ao Zhen then didn’t wait to quickly bite his finger lightly and before a drop of his blood dripped to the floor, he used his divine energy to condense his blood into a perfect round shape of pill.

The pill was red in colour and you could see a faint golden glow around it. The pill size wasn’t big, it was as big as a choco ball.

After creating the pill, Long Ao Zhen immediately ordered Jiu Wei to bring him a glass of water.

Jiu Wei nodded his head and he was gone in a high speed to take a glass of water.

A second later, Jiu Wei presented the water to Long Ao Zhen in a polite manner.

Long Ao Zhen nodded and woke Li Shi Ying up. He grabbed her back and pull her closer so that he could help her drink the pill.

Unfortunately Li Shi Ying remained silent like a lifeless doll on Long Ao Zhen arm.

Long Ao Zhen patiently stuffed the pill inside Li Shi Ying mouth but her lips remained shutted. She couldn’t drink the pill.

Long Ao Zhen was anxious because he knew that Li Shi Ying body couldn’t hold on any longer.

Long Ao Zhen mind began to thought about every other ways to feed Shi Ying the pill.

Untill he came upon a solution.

Long Ao Zhen eyes flashed with a strange glint and he took a deep breath.

Calm down Ao Zhen this is to save her! It’s not like you want it too!

After Long Ao Zhen calmed his chaotic mind, he took the pill into his mouth, drank the water and....

He placed his left hand on the back of Shi Ying’s head while his right hand gripped her chin.

Long Ao Zhen face came forward to met his ’wife’ face. He then forcefully placed his lips above Li Shi Ying lips and pried open her mouth with his mouth.

A streak of water flowed out from his mouth but he didn’t care. The moment the pill entered Shi Ying mouth, Li Shi Ying body subsconsciously reject Long Ao Zhen!

Li Shi Ying frown and unconsciously blocked the way to her throat with her tongue.

It was fishy! It reeks of blood! And so Li Shi Ying subsconsciously tried to spit out that thing.

Long Ao Zhen was quite furious with Shi Ying reaction. He tried to pried open Shi Ying tongue with his tongue and he made sure the pill flow down to her throat together with the water.

Li Shi Ying who was in a half-dead state let out a soft moan when her tongue was pried open with Ao Zhen tongue.


That faint moan was heard by Long Ao Zhen and his hand which was holding Shi Ying head froze stiff.

But Long Ao Zhen quickly cleared his mind and continue the process of ’feeding’ Li Shi Ying with the pill.

The process was quite long, about a minute until Li Shi Ying throat moved up and down with a ’gulp’ sound.

Only then Long Ao Zhen slowly released Li Shi Ying small lips. Long Ao Zhen was already out of breath so he inhale a mouthful of air before his breath turned normal again.

Long Ao Zhen face didn’t even blushed in shame when he do that to Shi Ying. He convince himself that this is necessary to save Li Shi Ying life and it didn’t contain any impure thoughts.

Long Ao Zhen slowly placed Li Shi Ying back to her bed and tucked her messy blanket to safely cover her body.

What he didn’t know was that when he first ’kiss’ Li Shi Ying in order to feed her the pill, Jiu Wei and Mao Mao jaw fell down to the floor with a big ’o’

Mao Mao cheek turned red as he blushed in shame. Mao Mao then quickly covered his eyes with his big paw but he left a little hole on it to ’peek’ over Li Shi Ying and Long Ao Zhen ’intimate action’

Whereas Jiu Wei rubbed his eyes a few times to check wether his eyes gone blind or what. He...truly saw that arrogant dragon prince, lowered his own pride a human girl!!

Well even though the girl was his wife but but still....

Jiu Wei remembered his parents teaching when he was young. His parents said that mythological beast especially dragon was an arrogant and pridefull creature.

They won’t bowed down to anyone and toward human, they looked down on them as if they were ants.

So it was completely ilogical for someone as honourable as Long Ao Zhen to sacrifice his pride and...kiss a human girl in order to save her life!!

Mythological beast looked down upon human a lot! Humans tiny life was nothing in their eyes, moreover the one such as a crippled human girl!

Jiu Wei world view was distorted with Long Ao Zhen action as he began to ponder wether his parents teaching was true or wrong.

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