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The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator

3 Chapter 3 Why a Servant?!

3 Chapter 3 “Why a Servant?!“ seemed like she was transmigrated into another world! Moreover this world is the world inside the light novel she just read! The mainstream cultivation world in ancient china setting where the strong ìs respected by all.

But..but... she transmigrated into someone else body, not with her own body...

When Li Shi Ying noticed this fact, she didn’t know should she cry or laugh. Well its true that her wish is to experience transmigration but not like this!

She always wanted to be like those female lead with a lot of cheat or at least let her be a villainess. At worst became a cannon fodder was also alright.

BUT! SHE TRANSMIGRATED INTO A BODY OF A SERVANT! This servant didn’t even mentioned twice in the story as she already died killed by her own master, the female lead. This body couldn’t be counted as a cannon fodder! She was just a passerby!

Moreover she transmigrated when this body cultivation had already destroyed and now she was a cripple who couldn’t even cultivate.

Li Shi Ying nearly coughed out blood when she realized how terrible her situation is.

But as a modern people from 21’st century, she quickly calm herself. That’s right in a transmigration novel, the transmigrated person always have a cheat with them. Such as a spatial ring with ancient beast inside and a limitless super powerfull space? Or at least an expert soul sealed inside?

Li Shi Ying immediately checked her finger to found the so-called cheat. To her disappointment, she didn’t found any ring on her finger. Let alone a ring with an expert soul sealed in. Even she couldn’t find a spatial ring!

Her heart instanly turned cold. This...this...she was disappointed!!

But Li Shi Ying has always been a positive person and so she didn’t let herself feel down as she thought again.

If there isn’t a ring, then a jade waist with a cheat inside? a godly medical book? Or or a strange ancient artifact inside her body? Or maybe her physique is a super rare one?

Li Shi Ying checked her theory one by one from a jade waist with cheat, godly medical book, ancient artifact inside her body until her physique.

But once again the hard reality hit her innocent expectant little heart.

She didn’t have any of them. Her physique is also a very normal one. No not normal as her body already become a trash with broken meridian and dantian.

This...she was speechless as she looked up to the sky with a teary eyes.

Where is the damn cheat?! Hey God of transmigration! Come out!! I promise i won’t beat you to death!

"Mm Shi Ying? What’s wrong?" Mao Mao titled its head as he saw Li Shi Ying busy with her own actions. He also saw her face changed from excited, to disappointed till finally angry.

" its nothing" Li Shi Ying gritted her teeth as she spatted out those words.

The innocent Mao Mao didn’t notice her hidden anger at all.

Li Shi Ying sat down again and ponder for a while. She had to look closely to this body memories once more to calm herself.

This body name is not the same with her. Cih! She thought that in others light novel their names would be coincidentally the same.

This body’s name is Ling Xue. From her memories, Ling Xue should be a maidservant assigned by the female lead step mother as a spy. This Ling Xue even dare to poisoned the female lead with the step mother instruction. But sadly the female lead notice her scheme and instead crippled her and throwed her body to the grave forest. The most frightening and scary and dangerous forest in this country.

This world is a world a mainstream one in a chinese light novel about cultivation, alchemist, beast tamer, array master and spiritual beasts. The female lead of this light novel world is Meng Yue Ming the 22’nd top assassin who transmigrated into a body of a trash missy daughter of a general.

This world is separated into 2 parts, upper realm and lower realm. Upper realm is where the 7 mythological beast clans live whereas the lower realm is where humans and other spiritual beasts live.

Well the country where she lived in now is Qiu country, a small country. There are 7 big countries in this continent and there are 4 big continents in this world.

The continent she lived in, Sui Hu Continent is the smallest one out of those 4.

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